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Perhaps Sherwood and Ferdinand saw the benefit of defensive midfielders tonight?

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Scraggs

Only last week Les Ferdinand, one of the Tottenham coaches went on record to voice his dislike of defensive midfielders, he was quite honest when he told the media that at Tottenham it is not just him though, the three first team coaches responsible for setting the team up and picking the side on match days all apparently have a total disregard for that type of player. The defensive midfielder were once referred to as the water carriers but in some teams absolutely have always been absolutely vital.

“Tottenham coach Les Ferdinand has revealed he’s not a fan of holding midfielders – and believes Claude Makelele was the worst thing to have happened to the Premier League.”

Former Spurs and England striker Ferdinand insists it’s a policy he, Sherwood and fellow coach Chris Ramsey are all agreed on.

‘I know there’s a lot of talk about holding midfield players, and I’m always arguing with Tim and Chris about this and they agree,’ Ferdinand told the Tottenham Journal.

Words of wisdom from a vital member of the Tottenham coaching staff who are responsible for overseeing the clubs attempts to finish the season in the top four and, lest we forget, hopefully at least try to win the Europa cup.

When you consider the esteem in which Makelele was held, the teams he played for and the trophies he won with them any sort of adverse comment is insulting and naive.

the defensive midfield player has been essential within all the great teams past, who can forget Dave Mackay in the Tottenham double team, Viera and Petit in the Arsenal double team, Souness Liverpool, Keane or Scholes for United, all the great teams through the years have had them.

Tonight Mourinho, who some say is the best coach in the world, played with two defensive midfielders, Luis and Matic bought for well in excess of £20m each, they played the team of the moment, a team scoring goals for fun, a team that has scored in more than 60 consecutive home games and more than 100 this season alone, the result was a comfortable win and no goals for City. In his first successful spell at Chelsea he had Makelele and Essien to do the job and always in a 4 3 3 or 4 5 1 system.

So with the likes of Capoue and Sandro to choose from the Tottenham brains trust seem to know something Mourinho doesn’t and leave them out against City at home, we are thumped 5-1 while Chelsea go into their backyard and almost play them off the park with two defensive midfielders and admittedly a couple of great attacking players like Hazard and Ramires.

Obviously Sherwood has to play to the strengths of the squad but a lack of defensive midfield players is not one of them.

7 to “Perhaps Sherwood and Ferdinand saw the benefit of defensive midfielders tonight?”

  1. Jide says:

    I’ve called it ‘Kamikaze’ football since the very first game Sherwood and his mob used that tactics. It is such a ridiculous statement that I’m still surprised Les Ferdinand made it. So we should just play 4-5 offensive midfielders and get sliced open every time they lose the ball and the opponent counter attacks?

    The problem is they played in that fashion at Old Trafford and got away with it, and that was why they did so again. If we have any hope of ever playing in the CL again, we have to play the likes of Capoue, Paulinho and Sandro playing. If we play based on the Ferdinand philosophy, we will end up in only one position, a mid table team. We will also end up losing those good players to teams that really understand their value and true worth.

  2. classic says:

    the use of a dm is very important. especially if hes tall and strong, look at matic yesterday he was a beast.

  3. Fdfredo says:

    That shows how shitty sherwood can be.hope he’ll watch the game and see how the dms neutralized city’s looked extremely ordinary,lets not take anything away from them but last night showed that city dont have that much squad depth pundits think.their bench when compaired with chelsea’s was mediocre.if toure gets injured then its over for them.teams like arsenal,liverpool(esp arsenal) has been playing with most of thier key players injured yet they are still in just cant.

  4. lou says:

    Would like to see a midfield three of Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele and allow a free role ahead of them for 3 offensive players.

  5. davidkk2 says:

    I agree that you require dm,but it takes more than that to beat city.
    let us remmember that your spanked at etihad ,when you played sandro&paulino.don’t forget chesea had hazad and willian who tomented city defence.cfc is the bride of london that is true my dear brothers.

    • Tony says:

      We all know that was a bad day and 4 mistakes led to goals especially the 1st after just seconds, for a period we were well on top and in it before more mistakes.Lets see what you win this season before the bragging starts.

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