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Player of the Year,Only winners can take part!

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Eddie S

More moronic comments eminating from the column attributed to Martin Keown from the”Premier League ¬†bootroom” suggests that only players that win a trophy should be considered when choosing the Player of the Year! Based on that idea the the nominations should not take place until the end of the season as the timing of the presentation currently only allows for a player that has won the League Cup taking part. By the time votes had been submitted even United had not yet clinched the title( many years if not most the title is not decided until May at the earliest) both European Cups and the FA Cup are still only at the semi-final stages.

To be honest his whole article was not very complimentary to professional footballers implying that the foreign imports are not bothered by an important award in the country where they work and are extremely well paid. It seems the higher up the food chain many footballers are the more pampered many become. To admit that he completed the forms for many of the Arsenal player and just had them sign it is more than a little embarrassing.

Keown also goes on to suggest that only Premiership footballers should vote and it not be left to other divisions, perhaps he is of the opinion that only first team regulars should vote or perhaps only players of International quality.

You can bet your bottom dollar that last season Keown was championing the cause of Van Persie and was almost certainly his choice when it came to the writers vote. Maybe I overlooked something but if memory serves me Arsenal won nothing last season.

Martin Keown really wanted anybody other than a Tottenham player to win, if there is a link to Arsenal so much the better, unfortunately this season Tottenham have in their ranks an exceptional talent in the form of Gareth Bale who looks destined to go on to become one of the greats of World football.

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