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Players that are not coming to Tottenham.

Posted on June 08, 2013 by Eddie S

There are certain players obviously looking for a big payday and a move to a bigger club, Leandro Damiao was once a player that every Tottenham fan would have loved to have seen in their clubs shirt, now though he seems to be a bit of a fun figure. The club President of Internacional has for the past few transfer windows been talking up the availabilty of Damiao for the right fee, Tottenham seemed to be the obvious destination as they have been in need of a top quality striker for a while. Now it seems that his agent is trying his luck in trying to find a European club for his client, again Tottenham have been strongly linked, in an attempt to push the deal it seems that veiled threats that Dortmund, Napoli, one of the Milan clubs and now Marseille are viable options unless they move quickly. I am now convinced more than ever that he has never really been such a huge target for Tottenham and certainly not at the price or wages that might have been demanded.

Another player following a similar route is Aubameyang who is angling for a move just about anywhere it seems, he has continuously warned his supposed Premiership suitors, Tottenham and Arsenal as well as the French foreign legion Newcastle, that he is a wanted man and that PSG are very keen as are the Milan clubs, now it seems that Germany might be his likely destination with Dortmund or Leverkusen keen, wherever he does end up it seems that it is all part of the plan which will eventually result in a move to one of the 2 Spanish giants! All these interested parties but absolutely no actual offers as yet, no bids and no discussions. He has probably talked himself into a move from his current employer but it is doubtful that he will become a Tottenham player in my opinion.

Jonas Olsson of WBA has been a player that Tottenham have been linked to in the past, today he has been spoken of as a replacement for Benoit Assou-Ekotto, just why a centre half who has turned 30 would be considered as a replacement for a left back is beyond me, perhaps he is there to take the place of Vertonghen who will shift to left back! absolutely no chance.

The return of  Jose Mourinho has shifted massive speculation onto Chelsea and their transfer targets, it seems that they might be about to embark on buying all the forwards out there after last seasons pursuit of all the creative midfielders. Tottenham and the rest will just have to see whats left after they have finished!

Every day we shall see links to players that Tottenham are interested in, there might well be some truth to some of the stories, we can equate some of the interest in players to what we feel that the squad lacks and will be excited or disappointed with the prospect based on what we know of the player. Now that most of the International fixtures are over we might start to see and hear some real revelations and maybe even a signing sometime soon, on the other hand it is even more likely that wild speculation will continue right until the very end of August, after all it wouldn’t be a transfer window without it.

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