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Players that have worn the Spurs shirt leading the singing. (videos)

Posted on February 02, 2014 by Scraggs

Over the years manySpurs players and ex-players have appeared on TV singing, many have been involved with the entire team along with Chas and Dave the most famous of all probably being “Ossies Dream”. Others have taken it a step further and released singles like the duo Hoddle and Waddle and then Gazza with “Fog on the Tyne”. One of our current players Sandro is always happy to post his work singing and playing the guitar and we can remember him leading the Brazilian squad on an impromptu sing-a- long during the Olympics a couple of years back.

Not many will remember that one of the best players the world has ever seen, quite possibly the best, once pulled on the Tottenham shirt, though unfortunately only in a testimonial. This catchy little tune always  was quite addictive and remains so to this day.

Next up is “The Beast”, ¬†Sandro with one of his regular renditions that frequently ends up on Youtube or some other social media outlet.

This little rendition from Andros Townsend and some of the Tottenham youngsters was only recently brought to my attention, Tom Carroll is prominent more for his strange headgear than his voice but one of the group seemed to have a far better vocals than most, can anybody identify him to us as he might just need an agent.

Can anybody tell us of any other videos featuring Spurs players, past or present, that have been happy to sing in front of the cameras?

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  1. don says:

    Love the Maradona video can’t stop playing it.

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