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Pochettino is for evolution not revolution.

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Scraggs

Tottenham bought 6 players during the summer transfer window though only 5 are currently with the squad as Deandre Yedlin continues his education in the MLS until the end of their season. All of the players purchased were acquired for their defensive qualities as Pochettino clearly recognised that this was the part of Tottenham’s game most in need of overhaul and he was right. Interestingly despite adding all this defensive quality to the squad he has so far resisited making wholesale changes to the team.

Only Eric Dier has managed to establish himself within the team and even then at right back because of continuing injury problems for Kyle Walker and that ridiculous sending off at the Boleyn for Kyle Naughton. All the others are being given the opportunity to settle in either the country, the Premier League or the squad, in some cases all three.

Fazio and Stambouli might both eventually be given a starting role in the strongest lineup but quite rightly in my opinion they are having to earn the right, in fact every player is having to do so while existing members of the squad are being given the opportunity to improve upon last seasons form. Few would have expected Danny Rose to be ahead of Ben Davies, correctly and by right based upon performance so far, Capoue is keeping out Stambouli and has seen off Sandro and Dembele has had to fight for his place in the team as have all the others.

Because of involvement in three competitions before the FA Cup begins in the New Year, the entire squad will get the opportunity to show what they can do but it seems that they will have to produce consistently and earn the right rather than it be handed to them on reputation. there will be occasions when particular qualities some players offer will be required against specific opposition, up against Peter Crouch it would madness not to use the aerial ability of Fazio to combat the threat he offers, a more mobile midfield might probably need the attributes that Stambouli brings.

Last season AVB seemed to have a problem with introducing players into the team or maybe it was just the media on his back, he took incredible stick for not playing Lloris from the off and he was also pressurised into changing his formation and selections at times, I still sense a little of that from some of our own support and the press will soon pick up on that and turn it against us and Pochettino given any encouragement.

I like what our new coach is doing and he must be given the time to do what he thinks fit, Levy and our Owners are not placing any pressure upon him as we supporters asked, let’s not be guilty of doing so ourselves.

Pochettino has made a good solid start in the first couple of months of a 5 year contract, evolution and patience are the key words as his era begins.

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