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Pochettino turned it around.

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Though there was much more urgency about last nights performance from the off there was insufficient creative ability within the team and far too many simple mistakes made, clearly nerves are getting to some Tottenham players, a worrying sign when that happens at home which is so reminiscent of the period leading up to the exit of AVB last season, that’s not going to happen this year but it will take a couple more decent results and performances to cure the problem.

Stamboui had a mixed sort of performance as he continues to  come to terms with the English game, sloppy with his passing at times, trying to do too much on occasions but always attempting to drive the team forward, I like him and believe that he will become a success given a little more time to acclimatise, alongside him young Bentaleb showed his naievity at times, another giving the ball away far too often and making some poor decisions, to his credit he never hid and always went hunting for and demanding the ball eventually turning his game around.

Andros Townsend was a constant threat  and even though he often causes moments of despair and disbelief you can never take away the fact that he believes that he will at some point turn the game, last night he did and threatened to do so on many occasions, with him your always left wishing that he possessed more quality with his final ball and shooting accuracy, if he manages to find a way to do that we might still find we have a player on our hands.

For much of the game you had to feel for Roberto Soldado, he worked hard but rarely did the players around him supply the type of opportunity that he thrives upon and when it did it was almost accidental. I am still a firm believer that he needs the likes of Lamela and Eriksen around him before we see just what he is capable of.

The introduction of Mason and Kane stepped performance levels up another notch or two as the team was forced to going looking for redemption after falling behind, both produced a goal and the type of performance that suggests they will get further opportunities this season. Mason has that sort of goal in his locker having scored one very similar last week making his comeback from injury, as for Harry Kane, he has his detractors but it’s becoming very hard to ignore his impact in recent times in terms of goals and assists.

Pochettino certainly made the right changes when needed but I can’t help feeling that our supporters are major contributors to the confusion and poor performances of the players, last year AVB was the target and that eventually ended with him walking away, now in Russia he is breaking records with Zenit and proving himself all over again, this year Pochettino is safe from criticism having only just joined instead some players, Levy and ENIC are the ones in the firing line! wouldn’t it be nice just to give the club as a whole unconditional support for a decent period of time to see where it might take us.

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  1. Tony says:

    What a day for spurs!!! Proposed takeover was withdrawn(over prized and lack of financial benefites) and vertonghen rejected the new deal. That means he will move . I cant see him playing ouf his contract! So enjoy!!

    • Tony says:

      If that was meant to upset us then you couldn’t be more wrong, take a look back on this site and you will see that we actually believe Levy and ENIC to have done a great job considering where we were when they took over, we believed Cain hoy were just seeking recognition. As for Vertonghen if he goes he goes since his 1st season he has been poor by his standards and nobody of any consequence went after him in the summer, he is NOT even Belgian 1st choice central defender. Would like to see him at his best for us again but right now no great loss. In the meantime Ozil is well overpriced, Sanchez is no striker and Wilshere will never be world class so enjoy.

  2. BigH says:

    We were pants for 70 minutes and played well for 20. I’ll take that, considering that team had not played together before. Pleased for Andros who gets too much pathetic stick from ‘so called’ supporters. Yes he is frustrating, but that boy gives a shit, wants to do well for Spurs and will come good, with patience and a good run. Also pleased for Harry. Again, he tries, gives a shit about Spurs and is getting better and better. If only others had such an attitude. Pleased for Ponch too! I accept this will be a long season and no doubt a frustrating one. I really hope we give a good account on sat against Woolwich and not just capitulate and at least salvage some self respect. Ps heard Verts has thrown massive tantrum and thats why he’s been in the second tier team!

    • Tony says:

      H yet again we are on same wavelength , also heard same about JV, if he goes it will be for profit and to be honest he has been disappointing for more than a year now, perhaps he is trouble?

  3. Tony says:

    Lol !! Frustration !! How can you relax by just saying bullshit?? How many times you guys said vertonghen is the soul of your club and wanted a new ownership like that. How ridiculous!! What kind of a argument is this?

    • Tony says:

      where do you get these ideas, Vertonghen was held up as a shining example in his 1st season but not last when he came in for criticism, As for ownership it is a minority that don’t know their arse from their elbow and talk bullshit, in reality the sensible supporter realises what has been achieved by ENIC. This site has always supported the owners and chairman and that won’t change, Arsenal have been in the CL for 16yrs more than us and that alone has earned them more than £500m more than us and yet we are close behind you, that is what our owners have achieved against all the odds. It’s no argument it’s fact. Vertonghen the soul of our club are you mad.

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