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Points make prizes.

Posted on November 04, 2013 by Scraggs

Before too many start to lose faith with AVB, the squad, team and some individual players perhaps a few facts might concentrate the minds of any would be doubters or those threatening to waiver. Below are listed some relevant points for consideration, these points might just clarify the reality of the situation and the reason why we at JTN believe that Tottenham are on schedule to surpass anything that they have previously achieved during the entire Premiership era:

1.After ten premier league fixtures Tottenham have averaged exactly 2 points per game, take a look at the final table from last season and you will realise that only the Manchester clubs achieved that feat over the course of the thirty-eight game season. AVB is on an upward spiral in relation to average points per game and even allowing for a poor return of goals so far the reality is that if they maintain that average then they will almost certainly guarantee themselves Champions League football at the very least.

2.It took until the 25/11 and fixture thirteen before Tottenham hit 20 points last season and so they are already well ahead of the game. With a three game cushion still to play who knows yet how far they can go, it is certainly not the time to doubt the coach and players, let’s face it it’s not as if Tottenham have won too many trophies in the last twenty years, there is no great recent history which the supporters are comparing this squad to

3.Tottenham have played seventeen games so far this season and have lost just the two fixtures, a difficult away game early in the season to the league leaders and a home defeat to West Ham who were in reality fortunate to get the breaks and the first couple of goals to set them on their way. Only Southampton with one defeat and Everton with the same two defeats have a comparable record but have played six games less. The leaders Arsenal have lost three in cups and the league as have Chelsea, Liverpool and United while City have already lost four.

4.When you consider that AVB has had to contend with the loss of two world class talents in the two summer transfer windows he has been in charge it is a minor miracle that he has still managed to achieve a record points haul for the club, he has clearly done remarkably well, the fact that he is on course to do so again after integrating what amounts to fourteen new players into the squad  in little over a year warrants every Tottenham supporters unquestioned support.

5.There have been many instances of teams winning titles and trophies built on the back of a rock solid defence, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are testament to that. We all know that Tottenham are renowned as a club that plays with flair and style but we don’t need reminding that since 1961 that has been limited to cup wins and at a decreasing rate. The teams that usually succeed more often than not do so with a strong defence and now we have one of the best, 17 games played and only four teams have breached the defence is testament to a good team, the fact that in almost every game Tottenham have also easily been the more offensive team, that combination is generally associated with a very good team.

6.Just this week Steve Bruce and Roberto Martinez have suggested that Tottenham are genuine title contenders, before them Mourinho, Houghton and most other opposition managers have said the same, nothing so far suggests that they are wrong, performances have all been tremendous with the one exception being too few goals scored and that was ultimately the reason for the W.Ham defeat. I firmly believe that even that issue will be addressed and soon, there is far too much quality within the squad for it to be more than a matter of work on the training ground.

A reality check is now in order from all the doubters within the ranks, Tottenham sit fourth in the table level on points with the two teams ahead of them and only behind Arsenal who are about to embark on a more difficult period in terms of fixtures, for any Tottenham supporter to have any concern whatsoever whilst in that position is not at all helpful or warranted, any previous comparison this century would see a lower position and points total, some years far worse than others.

Time for sense to prevail and to stop all the negativity, it’s all good until AVB says otherwise.

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  1. Eric says:

    Hey Scraags this has to be ur best article so far

  2. Scraggs says:

    Thanks Eric.

  3. eddie says:

    I just wonder if avb /levy have a trick up their sleeve for January.Neither can be blind to what amounts to common criticism of tactics and substitutions.
    I would like to think that come mid January we will really kick on and our offense/defense performances will secure CL qualification.

    • Tony says:

      Only another left back it might surprise many what difference the return of Danny Rose and an offensive left footed specialist will make, with inverted wingers/midfielders like Townsend, Lamela, Chadli or Sigurdsson the adventurous fullback is essential to move into the space created, Walker does it on other flank but since Rose injury nobody has been able to do the job adequately.

  4. Collin says:

    Hey, I just can’t believe that there indeed are any doubters at the moment. They really need to have their head checked. We are doing better than any other time I can remember.

    That’s not to say that I don’t also think that there are some weaknesses. My opinion is that Lennon isn’t good enough, he must be one of the most predictable players in the league. I also found Holtby unsatisfying at times – yesterday his service was poor I thought. Lamela is an interesting one – I have very high expectations for him, but so far he seems a bit clueless at times. The defense is great, that’s for sure. I also think Ade should get a chance – apart from last season, he has always been great no matter where he played. Perhaps this is a lack of my football knowledge, but why won’t AVB play Ade with Soldado? Seems like a good option. But then again, I am no manager:)

    • Tony says:

      Some interesting and valid points, Ade must surely get a chance soon and his travelling to Europe last week must be a good sign. Everton have only lost away to City in the league and so the team had to be solid first and foremost. Lamela is the one that interests me more than most as he is rated so highly by every expert, needs to learn the lingo, settle and get to grips with a new league then we shall see a special player.

  5. eddie says:

    Lamela is an interesting one.As pointed out many experts consider him the real deal.Obviously learning the language is important and settling in with the family,but probably the steepest learning curve is the pace of the Premiership.I think most top imports have found that.
    I don’t think it is the physicality,because having seen Argentine league matches in the past,they’re hard.
    You can’t help wonder if,with Roma’s great start to the season,he feels he made the right move.
    I guess the money is good though.

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