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Premiership prediction City v Chelsea

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Eddie S

Tonight the teams immediately behind the currently league leaders Arsenal meet at the Etihad, most everybody but the most ardent of Arsenal and Chelsea supporters make City the firm favourites for the title probably because they are so fluent and are outscoring the opposition so dramatically. A win for City will see them lead the table by the end of the game and will ensure a gap to Mourinho’s Chelsea for the top two.

To the surprise of many Chelsea have become a difficult team to overcome, they are defensively organised and amazingly resolute despite having so many “pretty” players, the type that some might have said were a luxury like Hazard and Oscar are remarkably strong and have been to work extremely hard for the team.

Tonight they will be tested just as much as during that Supercup game against Bayern Munich before the season got underway, on that occasion a tremendous rearguard action and quality finishing almost won them the day, tonight promises to be another similar game with a defensive performance likely from visitors set up to strike on the break, it seems certain that in the absence of Aguero to injury Negrdo and Dzeko will be the strikers chosen to score the goals.

Grudgingly, but not admiringly, I have to admit that if anybody is going to blunt this City team then it will be Chelsea, a team that is set up to defend first and foremost and reliant upon the individual brilliance of two or three of their expensive recruits. Mourinho has derided the recent efforts of West Ham describing them as playing 19th century football, before now others have been accused of parking the bus and yet Chelsea have done the very same when the need suits.

Will Mourinho have the nerve to sit back, defend and soak up pressure before trying to hit City on the break after saying otherwise, would Mourinho have the gall to deride others and then use the same tactics? we all know the answer to that, of course he would and will. surprisingly I am going for Away win 1-2.

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  1. grant says:

    didn’t see that one coming, good call Eddie but it was a better than rearguard action. Hazard was amazing and willian put in a shift. Could have been a good hiding for City with Chavs hitting woodwork 3 times.

  2. classic says:

    chelsea parked the buss today if not we would have destroy them.

  3. Jide says:

    ‘City is the best team in the world.’ Shows how pathetic that statement is and how stupid and small manager has been made to look by Mourinho and his team. If you don’t have anything sensible to say, it will be a good idea to jeep the trap shut!

    Chelski is not a team that I will ever warm to, but they did a job tonight and shows how much they believe in their manager. They were given specific instructions, and they followed it to the fullest with complete focus and a lot of character. It’s really a shame because those gooners remain on top still. I was so wishing the smug smile of their faces. A team that will sign a crocked player do not deserve to be on top of the league!

    We lost to the same team, it shows exactly what can be done when you have a manager who can instill in his players the self believe that they are capable of winning and defending that goal.

    Spurs need to have that same believe when it comes to the crunch games that no matter what, we will not lose. But a strong manager is required to achieve that. It hurts to say that Chelsea shows what can be done when it really matters.

    • Tony says:

      If you saw Neville show position of Spurs central midfielders( not defensive midfield specialists) as against chelsea defensive midfield duo Luis and Matic(specialists) when defending against City, the positional differences were immense. Perhaps we don’t need two against all teams but all the top teams need at least the one specialist and use them. Time for Capoue or Sandro to step up before it’s too late.City made to look special by inept team choices and terrible decisions from officials. Ditch 4 4 2 and let’s get back to a fluid five in midfield with a strong base.

  4. classic says:

    have you forgotten we trashed you home and away? so just shut the fuck up. chelsea are just a shit team that does nothing than sit back and defend. they cant even attack to save there life. if not for poor finishing we would have scored atleast 3goals. come to ethad and play the same tactics as chelsea and the scored would 4 5 6 – 0 you are the worst team in epl. mancity for life

    • Tony says:

      So mancity are like the other team up there in manc land, poor losers. Chelsea played you off the park tonight and hit the woodwork 3 times as well. Show a bit of dignity and accept you were well beaten by the better team on the night or perhaps wenger and mourinho are right in saying without the benefit of lucky decisions you are just not good enough. Despite spending £500m on players compare the 2 benches tonight and you were second best in that department by a mile and lets not hear about injuries that happens to all teams even those that can’t afford the quality of player you can.

      • classic says:

        so you telling me chelsea were the best team ? when we had almost 65% possesion with at least 20 shots ? they might have hit the post but we had at least 6 clear chance to score at least 3.

      • classic says:

        lol u lots have spend close to the same amount while chelsea have spend more and united too.

    • Jide says:

      C’mon Classic. You are better than that. It’s only an opinion, which thankfully we all have. You lot were not at your best tonight. You will still win the league in my opinion. Don’t behave like the Woolwich gooners! They have no class or dignity when they lose and have been banned from this forum for saying less.

  5. classic says:

    we are winning the league this season we gonna beat arsenal at emirate and every other team. man united cant beat us nither can liverpool and everton so. if we beat arsenal at the emirate we gonna win the league. apart from arsenal,everton and liverpool we dnt have anybig team again and yes united aint a big team against manchester city.

    • Tony says:

      don’t forget you have to face a Villa team aiming to do the double over you. did you know Pellegrini did the same thing and scored goals for fun when he coached real madrid and they ended up 2nd. don’t count your chickens Chelsea have done more than taken 3 points and made you look average, they have also showed others how to do it.

  6. classic says:

    @tony so its the officials that have been scoring goals for us and we have scored 10pk in the league right? quit saying shit we still gonna beat you 5-0 with 7dm not even 2 just say you team is shit and we trashed them home and away. yes chelsea beat us i know but they were lucky.

    • Tony says:

      We have no love for the chavs but they were not lucky they made city look average. as far as decisions go you got 3 against us, 1 against newcastle and a fair few others. they might not have made the difference but in both cases the scores should have been 1-1 and game on.

      • classic says:

        ok one against new castle 3 against you but the scored would have still been 2-1 against new castle and 5-4 against you lots lol

        • Stantheman says:

          you scored 4 against us when down to 10 men so it’s fair to say without the pen and sending off it might have been a lot different. you were 1 up last year and we trashed you 3-1 in last 15 mins.

  7. classic says:

    lol both you and arsenal fans are just delustional. arsenal fan thinking they can win the league and you lots thinking you will be in the top 4 how delustional

    • Stantheman says:

      well as the table stands we have every chance as do arsenal of finishing ahead of you as do Chelsea I might add. If and when Spurs do make it back to the top at least we will have done it the hard way and not with oil money. By the way just why is it that with all your great players and massive wage bill until this season you couldn’t get to the knockout stages of the CL? don’t tell me it was a learning curve cos Spurs did it with just the one attempt. You can’t buy class it just comes naturally to THFC

  8. classic says:

    and We’re just two points behind Arsenal.

  9. classic says:

    lol sorry everyone for the stupid comments i made earlier. i was a dick, am sorry. and yea chelsea deserves the win they were the better team. dnt know why i was just so angry lol.

  10. Fdfredo says:

    Classic is a f**k shitty.people tink city has loads of squad depth but they dont.their bench last night was a shame.only fernandinho,aguero and nasri was out and they looked like mid table team and lost(should have been 0-3)what of arsenal that lost theo,ramsey,arteta,ox,poldi for large periods and are still on top.hopefully THFC wil make top 4 and shity will go back 2 where they belong(b4 cracy oil money)

  11. davidkk2 says:

    like it or not cfc is tje bride of london.

    • Tony says:

      Until the russian leaves and as we all know until he arrived you were miles behind the 2 North london giants and on a par with QPR and Fulham. Only money has made the difference and now City have the edge your done.

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