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Premierships top 7 squads.

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Guest Writer

I keep reading and hearing how the clubs above and around Tottenham have improved, not just their squads but their team, Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson for example talk as though it’s a five horse race for the top four and the title with both Tottenham and Everton fighting for 6th place.  the massive investment and improvements made giving the obvious five a huge advantage. Have they all actually improved by that much? let’s take a look in reverse order:-

Manchester United- Well they have purchased 19 year old Luke Shaw and the Spaniard Herrera for a combined fee of about £60m but have also lost a good many players and immense experience, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra though ageing will be huge losses, in van Gaals seemingly preferred 3 5 2 formation you have to actually question the purchase of Shaw already criticised by the coach as being overweight. Though they will continue to buy it is clear that they are no longer able to sign their first or even second choices and they are still lacking enormously in central midfield and defence. Currently their squad is weaker than even last season.

Tottenham- Even with the best will in the world it is difficult not to acknowledge that Tottenham have some fantastic players and lots of them, their problem last season was too many new additions none of which had the faintest idea of what to expect in the EPL and were unprepared for it. Hopefully most if not all are now ready to produce what they were purchased for. the club needed a decent coach to replace Sherwood who really wasn’t up to the task, a fact borne out by the fact he is still looking for any type of job. Even Harry shied away and hired Hoddle. We needed cover at left back and so brought in Davies, we have added Dier to the mix and a couple more of our young players are also showing good signs. slightly stronger with the potential of being much stronger if they now all gel.

Everton- Well they have broken their transfer record with the signing of Lukaku which say much about their ambition and also signed Barry, no change there as they were loanees last season anyway. Another loan and what appears another decent acquisition, no major losses and probably now a little stronger.

Arsenal- Debuchy to replace the superior Sagna who chose City, 19yr old Chambers to cover in central defence and rightback despite on 23 appearances to his credit is no gamechanger, a keeper to challenge tfor number 1 spot and of course another player they are pinning their hopes on Alexis Sanchez. An improvement on Walcott who gives them other options but i would argue that like most experts and many more honest Arsenal supporters not as essential as a defensive midfield general or two and more experienced cover in central defence. Slight improvement.

Chelsea- Listening to the experts you might as well give the title to them this season, Fabregas, Costa and a new left back from Atletico seems to have them all drooling and Mourinho declaring Chelsea domination for the next 10 years which is a bit rich from a coach that has won next to nothing in the last 4 seasons despite being in charge of two of the most expensively assembled squads in the world. Is the signing of Fabregas an admission of a mistake in selling Mata last January? Ba has gone Eto’o has gone but Torres is still there and Costa now takes on most of their goalscoring hopes especially now Lampard has departed. Terry is a year older and slower and you have to challenge whether there is any improvement on this time last year. Improvement only if Costa fires.

Liverpool- You might think that having finished last season in second place and effectively giving the title away that a couple of carefully chosen stars would have been sufficient to move forward with confidence but instead they have lost their shining star Suarez and brought in eight players so far. Try looking amongst those new additions for the fifty plus goals they have now lost, I can see some but a long way short of what is needed. Liverpool did have a dilemma in that they have an important extra competition to play in while trying to stay in the top four, unfortunately despite what all the biased pundits might have us believe  they are well short of what it takes and are considerably weaker.

Manchester City- Top goalscores last season, free flowing when on song but often vulnerable in defence when Kompany was not available so they have strengthened in central defence and brought in cover for Zabelata. when Hart went through a poor spell his replacement was not up to the job so a new keeper has come in to provide the challenge. the depth of their squad has improved in quality in many positions and that makes them stronger.

Of course I am a biased Tottenham supporter giving my opinion but I believe that these are fair assessments of the situations as they currently stand, I have not tried to place the teams in any sort of order for the coming campaign though from the remarks made it seems pretty clear that City and Chelsea will be the strongest teams in my opinion, beyond that it’s perm any two from five with United my weakest link just now.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very very biased article

    • Tony says:

      I’ve read it and don’t actually agree, it is complementary to City, says that it’s unknown for arsenal and is accurate for the others. Perhaps you would tell us your thoughts other than arsenal winning the lot with weeks to spare.

      • Anonymous says:

        I never at any stage said arsenal would win the league with weeks to spare stop acting as though in one of the deluded fans like that. I am an arsenal fan and i think Chelsea will win the league not arsenal with weeks to spare. I dislike you giving me my own opinions.

        • Tony says:

          the article didn’t say they wouldn’t either or that spurs would finished higher so hardly biased was it.

          • Anonymous says:

            No i was replying to your comment implying that i would be thinking arsenal would win the league with weeks to spare, the comment i put in reply to yours was to your comment not the article

    • 4everspurs says:

      you say it’s biased but no explanation why, it doesn’t say Spurs are going to achieve anything but says on current squads City are stronger and United are not and will finish at opposite ends of the top 7.Spurs players take time to settle yet we are led to believe that those at arsenal and Chelsea will win them the title.
      explain what exactly you disagree with you are entitled and might be valid and come true but please don’t just dismiss some valid points.

      • Anonymous says:

        i see it as biased because for spurs it looks in a really positive way at signings and players previously at the club but then for the others bar man city it looks very badly at them. Im sorry Chelsea have signed an amazing striker, amazing creative midfielder who can score and a very good left back who was probably one of the best left backs last season. The way it looks at teams os very differently.manchester united are not weaker than last year they have a much better manager and set up and have added a great talented left back and a very good central midfield player. Manchester city have added a cb which they needed and a cdm for cover and have done good business also having jovetic fit is huge for them as he is a class player. Everton as you say have improved as they have a young squad and have kept a good bunch of players but for me, like you said havent improved enough to keep pace with any of the other 6. Liverpool have lost their best player, but they still have a 20+ goal a season striker in sturridge, have invested in their defence and squad and i feel are still a force for next season maybe not the title but top four is a likelihood. Then Tottenham, a lot of very good players who failed to perform but they have bought a decent young lb and a decent young cb to go with a back up keeper. Spurs will be stronger next year i believe but they are not quite at the level of the top top teams. Although some players like eriksen and vertonghen are extremely good players and i feel will have great seasons.then to my team arsenal(just to clear up who i support) replaced fabianski with ospina which was decent. The debichy one is weird if given the choice of sagna staying or buying debuchy i would have chosen sagna to stay but debuchy is a decent replacement. Then we bought calum chambers a versatile young player who has impressed so far in arsenal colours. He was expensive ill say that but he will get opportunities and would have expected to not necessarily get loads and loads of game time. Then Sanchez, any player can come in and do terribly i know that that but he is a world class player and when you look at it he is a big improvement especially if he operates as a striker where Wenger has said he can play. So for me spurs, Everton, arsenal, city and Chelsea mainly have improved, united are still in transition but i see them doing big business soon and Liverpool have improved their squad but not their team imo. There.

        • mick says:

          Chelsea have signed POTENTIALLY good players, Fab should be a no brainer but why did Barca let him go? has to be a doubt.LB they weren’t terrible and Costa still has to prove himself, poor in WC. Spurs bought well we thought last summer and if they have now settled and know the league have to have better chance than newly introduced. Utd have lost all their ex world class players and have just RVP and WR other than them who of the rest would get in top 6 team let alone top 4?
          Everton stick it’s virtually the same players now on contract.

          • Anonymous says:

            Potentially signed good players. Fabregas is world class and barca may have let him go as they have a new coach who probably wanted money for Suarez pr fancies other players to fit his system. Felipe Luis was top top draw last season and was part of one of the best defences and had now joined another top defence and costa didn’t have a great world cup but was short of fitness and was in a Spain team who all under performed, doesn’t make him a poor player due to a poor world cup, Ronaldo had a bad world cup. Costa was great last season.

          • Tony says:

            in fairness mick hasn’t said they are poor players but 2 have still to acclimatise to EPL. Luis is a fullback and with Cole and the other fella they preferred it was hardly a struggle before. Fabregas WAS world class of course but the signs are that he has to regain form, as was said before Barca don’t get rid of the best but they do players that can’t quite cut it with them, maybe fabregas and sanchez fall into that not quite category? we shall see.

  2. Mastein Gunner says:

    budd, debuchy is the man who replaced sagna in france setup. He comes with invaluable top level premiee league experience.. Well chelsea is the team to beat only because of fabregas and costa. Remember cesc ?? I m still sad to imagine cesc as a chsea player. However arsenal are well stocked in midfield. We need a cb. Then we are stong contenders for title. For all those who say arsenal will struggle without cdm, just take a look at arteta ‘s stats. I would love to add a powerhouse midfielder but still we are very very strong squad.. Remember last season we were just 7 points off title!! The squad is obiviously stronger. Well in the case of chambers , just watch his soton matches & so far at arsenal. He looks classy and comfortable on the pitch.. He has a cool head. I

    • Tony says:

      but you have to ask why Barca let him go , same for sanchez. the had Mata voted best player at the club for 2 seasons and let him go that’s the point the writer was making.Please explain why you were only 7 points off title and capable of finishing 1st yet when we finish behind you by a point we aren’t ? strange that, double standards or what. even last season had we won the games against you rather than unluckily lose them things would have been different. 73 pts you 75 us. thats how close we are.
      Chambers will be a good player but is he ready to be so heavily relied upon. Dzeko left him for dead and he’s a slouch.
      As usual you try and convince yourselves that this is your time but it isn’t.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just like to say you use the point that if spurs beat arsenal in both games they would have finished above them. Yes that’s true but spurs didn’t, the point really isn’t very good because arsenal won both games. No matter how they won them they did.

    • mick says:

      pal don’t you think if city believed Debuchy was better than Sagna they would have gone for him and probably got him ahead of you, that’s normally what happens afterall.
      If fabregas returns and is still as influential as when he left then you will obviously be disappointed he preferred Chelsea to the arsenal.
      Chambers looks good but lacks a bit of pace, didn’t stop Terry though so in time he will be quality.

      • Mastein Gunner says:

        Mick budd dont talk bullshit. We never tried to sign back cesc. If so he would definitely join us . Have you watched debuchy at newcastle?? Well with sagna we could have definitely one more top season. but we would definetly gone for a new rb next season. Thats obivious..What was city’s intention is to provide cover for zabaleta. Thats all. If sagna wasnt a free agent they wouldnt have come for him. City is still no barca and real.

        • mick says:

          you had first choice with fabregas but he didn’t fancy it, and don’t kid yourself on sagna being on his last legs nor that Debuchy is up to his level, you will soon see.
          City are no Real or Barca but they might as well be as far as arsenal are concerned, they take who they want from you.

  3. Mastein Gunner says:

    Well the harsh truth is there is still a gap between gunners and spurs interms of success and consistency. Diaby,wilshere,ramsey,gibbs,eduardo missd mor than a full season, chamberlain,sagna, theo,rosicky ,cazorla etc missd about 6mnths. A lot of dreadful injuries over the seasons which cost us dearly. You can argue for the sake of it. But last season we definitely up there. Look at our home record!! All those teams who beat us on their turf couldnt won. We did beat lfc twice . Nobody rembers that. Magnitude of two away losses were devastating. But the team has a whole new atmsp is there which will carry to this season. You will have to eat your words. I do think chelsea are favourites. But arsenal will be very strong contenders. Even bettwr than last season

    • Tony says:

      why is it that only arsenal suffer harsh injuries? give us all a break. you can talk down to us all you want but we are on your tail and are not going away. I think chelsea and city will finish ahead of arsenal but admit it could change by the time the window closes, right now I doubt it.

    • mick says:

      the harsh truth is that there is very little between the two teams and it’s about time you accepted it.
      we too will be even better but for some reason you just don’t think that is possible, but it is.

  4. Aaaaarsenalist says:

    Hehe hehe hehe we need predictions already

  5. Anonymous says:

    These comments always go the same way haha arsenal fans saying spurs are way are still behind them and spurs fans saying they are catching and then arsenal fans picking positives with arsenal and negatives with spurs and vise versa then a big disagreement or spiteful comment

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