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Preview and lineup Tottenham v Liverpool.

Posted on December 15, 2013 by Eddie S

After four wins and a draw since the indignity of that City defeat Tottenham have almost completed their rehabiltation, a win today over a Liverpool team that many are betting on achieving a top four finish or even better would go close to completing the job and propel Tottenham right up amongst the top teams.

Liverpool have not particularly excelled on their travels and it is their home form which has been so impressive, but with Luis Suarez in such fine form Tottenham cannot afford to take anything for granted and they face one of their hardest fixtures in a period when they keep coming thick and fast. The absence of Gerrard and Sturridge and possibly Henderson does not help Liverpool’s cause but their striker supreme is a great leveler and he will be a constant menace.

v liverpoolAVB has some big decisions to make with one of his most important being whether to bring back the hat trick man Soldado for Defoe, for me it is a no brainer as now the chances are being created Soldado is the more clinical finisher with five goals in two European starts an even better return than Defoe. It’s not just about the two strikers either as he has to consider whether to bring in Sandro or Townsend on the left or right, Chadli, Lamela or Lennon, in midfield, up front and in wide positions Tottenham now have an abundance of options to choose from and he must use them wisely. With a huge goal difference deficit to make up on the top teams points are vital and a win today will bring them level with today’s opposition, just a point away from fourth and only five points behind the league leaders.

Today Tottenham can make a huge statement of intent and this is the team that we believe AVB will go for to do the job.

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  1. Alee says:

    I think I’d prefer sandro on for paulinho.

  2. Eric says:

    Why are u all against chadli? he’s been decent if not better than townsend.Also chiriches is fit to start in defence

  3. Jide says:

    Well, those of us who keep telling me that AVB is the manager to move us forward, I await your excuses for him today. Injuries and sending offs? He has no idea what he is doing. He does not inspire the team. To rigid to change. No plan B. I will say it again, I do not have any confidence in the man.

    We just made a an ordinary team (take away Suarez) look like world beaters.

    Oh, it’s 4-0 down now by the way.

  4. joseph says:

    lose 0-5 at home.100 mill for this bs few weeks after 6-0 at city -avb out
    never been more ashamed

  5. Jide says:

    5-0 down at WHL. I hope Daniel Levy thinks deep and seriously about this one. This should not be happening.

  6. Boobaspur says:

    Another miserable gutless no-show performance from a make-shift static Spurs side.

    Nothing looked right today 10 minutes in, only the most naive of fans could have imagined we would have taken anything from this dreary appearance.

    Despite a possibly undeserved straight red, the writing was on the wall almost from the first half kick-off.

    Liverpool looked easily much sharper and more up for it. Spurs passing, inter-play, defense and attempted attacks all left gaping holes in the imagination of what we think this team is capable of.

    From the 50 minute I personally hoped that a 0-2 defeat would be as good as it would get for Spurs, but once again our goal difference takes a total hammering.

    0-5 and lets not forget ‘pool hit the post and the crossbar. A -6 goal difference is our tally after today. 0 shots on target.

    Spurs didn’t have far to travel today, but it looks like the supporters in the ground easily made better preparations than the disgrace that was our players, tactics, lack of dynamism or ability to adapt or change with the game that had Liverpool’s name all over it from the first few touches.

    Yes, we need time, but if AVB couldn’t see early on today, what was as clear as the nose on his face – that we had no grip on the game, then maybe our confidence in him is mis-guided.

    I thought we would learn from 6-0. We clearly have much more of this shambles to endure.

    Appalling and pathetic…

  7. Jide says:

    He has been sacked. Personally, i hurt that we are back to zero again regarding getting the right manager. But I am not sad to see AVB leave. He was slowly but surely squeezing life out of the club. It had to be done and I salute Mr Levy for his decisive action. There was no point puzzy footing about.

    The question is, who do we appoint? I hope that we appoint Glen Hoddle at least until the end of the season. He has grown as a manager. Alternatively, I will not mind Capello if we can get him.

    We have to get it right this time. Someone who is tactically sensible, but will also include the Spurs way of playing football – with som flair. We have the players, we just need a manager who knows what he is doing.

  8. Eric says:

    With levy at the helm I don’t ever see us being a top club.Why would any sensible manager come to us ? we sack ppl for having the highest wins record In the past century.M not a avb fanboy and if firing him can help then m all for it but I just don’t think we have the patience to see the reality.We are just 8 points of 1st place,city won the title with that difference with few games to go.We will regret this,just my opinion

    • Caleb says:

      He may have the best win ratio but he has probably had the best team and he has only managed like 50 games, redknapp has the second best over 150 games the fact he got sacked was the bad one for spurs

    • Tony says:

      I think we will regret the timing of this action as so few options right now with the WC coming up.Not only did we want AVB to succeed we needed him to and unless somebody can step up this will be another season ending in nothing.

  9. Jide says:

    Im sorry Eric and Tony, its a matter of opinion, but I do nto agree with you. Let us for a moment forget about the 5-0 loss and just focus on the tactics used last night. the high line that make shift defence played stifiled whatever midfield we thought we had. All the Scouser players had to do was just one pass to a runner on either flank or one ball over the top and they were in. It was painful to look at. The point was, AVB did not even have the common sense to even change it (or too stubborn). Even when we were one man down. It was a horrible system. Any league one manager would have asked himself, what is wrong here? Everyone can see it, why can’t he?

    Maybe we will regret it, I do not know. But I want a manager who is flexible and is willling to change the way a team is player if it is not working.

    Also, may I ask, te backroom staff, why are they always writing? they all seem to have their heads in notepads jutting things dowm!

    • Tony says:

      Of course it’s a matter of opinion but as i said the timing is awful with no obvious alternatives at this time. Do you honestly think that he has had time to build a team especially with all the new additions? If United had reacted Fergie wouldn’t have made it through four seasons and become the greatest manager there has been. We don’t know what went on in the background but AVB has been accused of chopping and changing the team too regularly but if that wasn’t supposed to be a part of his remit for this season why buy so many players? it does look a bit odd doesn’t it. If you build a squad with 2 players for every position you can’t just sit them on the sidelines and bring them out for cup games, where is the incentive and it is self defeating.
      He might not have been the right man but my opinion is still that he has not been given enough time and that this has been a knee jerk reaction. Having said all of that yesterday was about as bad as it could get but to be missing Rose, Vertonghen and Chiriches from the back line was more than unfortunate and the writing was on the wall if Liverpool and the best striker in the league exploited the situation and they did that and some. For me I am disgusted with the likes of BAE and Adebayor and I am sick of the likes of Defoe whining and moaning about his England spot and want them gone. Defoe can go with England but he is nothing more than a mascot these days.
      It’s happened now, I think he has not been given enough time in the circumstances but whoever comes in next will get our full support as it’s Tottenham the club we all support, players and coaches are just passing by.

      • Jide says:

        The only reason why he deserves to go as far as I am concerned was the inflexible tactics. He was not willing to change. Simply too rigid.f

        • Tony says:

          I fully respect your opinion and hope that the next coach takes us to the promised land of the CL. We are both ardent supporters and only time will tell if it works out well. The fear is that we end up with another Gross or Ramos and all momentum is lost. This is a big job now for a big coach and it should be our time we deserve it.

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