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Rather a great team than one great player.

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Guest Writer

Like everybody else my first, second and third reaction to losing the services of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid was one of doom, gloom and disappointment, I would never have thought it possible that he would leave Tottenham just yet as he seemed to believe that he had unfinished business. If what we are reading is anything like the truth then he has shown himself to be just like most other footballers and we should not cling to any hope of him remaining, talk of not wishing to hand in a transfer request for fear of upsetting his faithful fans translates to, if i do i will lose bonuses due from Tottenham written into contract and a cut of the fee.

There remains the hope that he will stay but if so then it seems obvious that it will only for another season before he moves on, by choosing Madrid, as seems the case, he will be swapping a team, hoping and expecting to break onto the scene and win silverware, for a team with an enormous reputation as one of the most successful in Europe but a reputation that does not actually live up to scrutiny. The reality is one league title in five years and one Copa del Rey , that is not much return for a club that has spent hundreds of millions almost every year.

As seems obvious if Bale does leave the fee will range from £85m up to whatever the latest ridiculous amount being reported, knowing the way Daniel Levy seems to operate £100m certainly has a great ring to it. I have to admit that I am coming round to the possibility of Bale leaving, not entirely happy but starting to see more positives. Whenever Bale was injured last season, and there were a number of occasions including two incidents when the fear was that his season might be over, options were few, often AVB found a way but his absence probably cost the team in European competition, Already the work done in the transfer market is very encouraging and there appears significant improvement, once Soldado signs, as we all expect, Bale’s goals will be covered and then some.

Tottenham already have a significant budget this season and Soldado will push spending to £50m or so, some of this will be recouped with player sales of course but with the extra £60m TV money Tottenham  have a decent fund to spend, add another £100m to that and some of the best up and coming talent and one or two stars might be attainable, that sort of money triggers quite a few release clauses in players contracts.

Losing Bale will set the club back a little commercially as he was on the brink of becoming a fully fledged superstar and was the face of brand Tottenham across the world, but rather than having one great player Tottenham need a great team and one capable of winning trophies and lots of them. We have had great players many times before and we will have again but we cannot escape the fact that the league title has eluded us for fifty-two years and counting, Tottenham will have the opportunity with the Bale money to build the strongest squad that they have ever assembled, one with lots of experienced players and a sprinkling of the pick of the best up and coming youngsters gaining experience and ready to take their permanent place in the team in the future.

If Bale does go let us see it as an opportunity and seize the chance to create a team and a squad to challenge the best for years to come rather until Gareth Bale deems it time to move on.

4 to “Rather a great team than one great player.”

  1. lol says:

    Who here really thought Bale is going to stay? I did, at least for a year. But from history, Levy buckles when huge bids come in, and rightly so to invest in a mid-table team to make it world class. So forget all the pride and shit in holding onto Bale, sell for 90M+ and reinvest every penny of it

    • Tony says:

      still not sure I believe much of this crap and still think Levy will hold fast. would be nice to see what the next season brings with new players and Bale in the side. Can still win the league with good buys but the commercial side of things would have been great for the clubs coffers with Bale.

  2. whlspur says:

    felt like I had lost the will to live with all this crap flying about. Levy will do what is best and Spurs will challenge top and win cup this season.

  3. tom says:

    £100m and Contreao and good to go. it’s all about the team for me and have lost respect for Bale at moment. Make him put request in writing, loss of millions will make a difference not upsetting spurs fans.

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