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Real Madrid are just not good enough for Bale.

Posted on June 02, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

As desperation kicks in the rumours supposedly emanating from Madrid take on ever more ridiculous levels, the price has risen from £40m at the outset and apparently a world record bid of £85m is just around the corner, an amazing sum and it probably won’t stop until it hits £100m. Just how the people in Spain are taking these insane and obscene offers for a footballer, to which must be added another £60m or more in wages, we can only guess, as a quarter of their working population are looking for work and austerity is ensuring difficult times for most.

An endless line of ex-players come out with the same inane line extolling the virtues of a club that were successful in their era conveniently forgetting that since then the club have gone into decline. Much is made of the fact that Gareth Bale plays for Wales and so there is little likelihood of his appearing in a World or European tournament for his country, which in itself is a little presumptuous, so he must look to a big club in order to win trophies and enjoy success. I am sure that eventually nobody, including supporters and management at Tottenham, will have any problem with that but now is not that time as his current club are close to success themselves and are very much capable with just a couple of new additions.

In Spain it is all about Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two biggest clubs challenge for everything while the rest try to pick up the scraps, with that being the case and with just the League and the Copa del Rey to play for domestically as well as the Champions League, to which they are guaranteed entry effortlessly, both clubs have been involved in thirty competitions in the last 10 years, Real have 3 league titles and 1 copa del Rey and ZERO Champions League titles or appearances in the final. During the same period Barcelona have picked up 6 league titles, 2 copa del Rey and 3 Champions League titles.

Real Madrid have a huge problem as Barcelona do not look like giving up their domestic crown any time soon and both clubs have been surpassed in Europe by a number of others. Madrid have always been the biggest spenders in world football but they are more than matched now by several others as their reputation continues to diminish.

Real Madrid was the team that created the football mercenary but clubs like Ajax, Manchester United and Barcelona have proven that there is a better way and continued success is better served by building a team, incorporating some of their own homegrown talent and adding a sprinkling of stars when the need arises. There is little stability at Madrid but simply a collection of mercenaries from all over the world attracted to the name and the money but ignoring the fact that they are the second best team in a league of 2 teams.

If Gareth Bale is unable to expect the level of success he craves at Tottenham then there is plenty of time yet for him to move on, right now though Real Madrid is not the best option for him or for any player wishing to win tournaments, there are far better options out there, in a years time one of them could easily be his own club Tottenham.

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  1. danny says:

    this article is as useless as the writer, how can u say bale is too good for madrid. Lol typical spur fans. So its totteham thats good for him. Pointless article

    • Tony says:

      It says Bale is too good for Madrid because if it’s winning trophies that he craves there are many better options. Madrid is not even the best option in spain let alone the rest of Europe. Tottenham are obviously good for him because he has achieved everything whilst playing for them, he has the backing and opportunity to produce his best and the trust of consecutive coaches. the only thing missing is top four and trophies and Tottenham will add that next season. Can you honestly tell me that Berbatov, Keane and Modric improved as players when they left Tottenham, NO, in fact only Berbatov won a trophy but he did that by sitting on the bench for most of his time at United. The facts speak for themselves, Madrid have assembled the most expensive squad in history and have won just 2 domestic trophies in 5 years, why do you think Ronaldo has been sad? it’s lack of success for one of the 2 best players in world football and a poor return following success with United.Think about it!

    • grant says:

      If Bale is considered to be one of the best now, with the potential to be a great player in the near future then yes he is far too good for Madrid and should be looking to Barcelona or Bayern if he wants lots of success and to actually stand a chance of winning the Champions League.
      Madrid will win nothing in the near future and Bale knows it.

  2. Master says:

    Hhahahaha…Spurs c*nts make me laugh.Spurs a better option?
    Yes,i forgot,spurs will offer him more chances of winning the ucl or the league…Looser be realistic..buhahahahahaha…grow up choking cockrels..

    • Craig says:

      You have got to be a gooner, don’t worry about Bale and Spurs you have enough to worry about as a team in greater decline than Madrid. Next season it will be you missing out and Wilshire on his way, maybe he might even want to join the mighty Spurs. BEWARE the Lillywhites, they’re coming for you.

  3. whlspur says:

    Totally agree, Real are not even the best team in Madrid at the moment.

  4. mick says:

    Bale has never been leaving Spurs especially for Madrid, he has just signed a 3 year BT deal to showcase Premier fixtures he would hardly go to Spain having just done that.
    Staying with Spurs but this will be important season and they must make the breakthrough to top 3/4 or better.

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