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Real Madrid the “Adios” club.

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Tony

With the Tottenham strategic partnership with Real Madrid under review it is clearly time to sever any tie up with this devious club, by doing so there can surely be no change in the order of things or lack of benefits when there were none, this association has brought nothing to the table for either club. the only benefit that Tottenham have derived from their dealings with Madrid in the last year has been the best part of £120m.

The PR and worldwide recognition that Tottenham Hotspur attracted during this transfer window came free and courtesy of the bargaining powers of Daniel Levy, not a day passed when each of eitherTottenham, Daniel Levy, their then player Gareth Bale or AVB were not at the forefront of every newspaper article or media story, all priceless advertising.

An article today had this to report: “according to sources in Spain, Real give little credence to the partnership other than president Florentino Perez referring to Spurs as an ‘amigo’ club.”Another source said: “Real Madrid have not respected the spirit of the agreement with Tottenham and have not showed any intent to do so. They also clearly have a relationship with Arsenal.”

If it is not enough that the heart and soul of Tottenham, the supporters, want to put an end to this farcical situation then that reference to Arsenal should finally clinch it for Tottenham and Daniel Levy. If Tottenham have to associate themselves with any club let’s look at someone like Ajax or if it must also be Spain then why not Barcelona, both have a far better and more famous youth setups that could be of mutual benefit. these are the sort of clubs that look after and teach their youngsters the right ways, perhaps a period at either club for some of the young players at Tottenham would benefit them.

This Partnership, whether it carries on or not, means absolutely nothing, but in the minds of Tottenham supporters it will mean everything.

So it’s Adios to Perez and Real Madrid and perhaps Hola to Barcelona and/or Groeten to Ajax.




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  1. 6YardsOut says:

    I have to disagree here. You can’t just approach ajax and Barcelona straight up because everybody would have a partnership with them if that was the case.

    Keep things going with Madrid and you will have first choice on their players.

    How would it benefit Ajax or Barcelona to just strike up this partnership?

    • Tony says:

      keep things going with madrid! keep what going exactly? out them and approach the likes of ajax and barca they can only say no or they can come to some mutual agreement on coaching and players would work both ways as Spurs have arguably the best facilities in the Uk, ajax can and do play youngsters, with barca it would be exchange of ideas and pre season friendly perhaps. it has got to be simple to agree some mutually beneficial ideas.

      • 6YardsOut says:

        If it was so simple don’t you think every single club in the world would be approaching the likes of Ajax and Barcelona?

        Club partnerships like this only come around because of an agreement in a transfer deal or if there is massive benefit for both teams.

        • Tony says:

          we have bought vertonghen and now eriksen from ajax ideal opportunity really.don’t entirely agree with you on the need to involve transfer deal as other opportunities arise. where was the benefit for spurs in the madrid deal?

  2. Eric says:

    would love a partnership with ajax.Imagine getting fischer for a similar price.They have an excellent coaching staff n we can use that since we already a high class youth academy infrastructure.Also we can loan our youngsters who they improve n may be give Cl experience.Worth thinking over

  3. Eric says:

    what’s ur opinion of kane? don’t know much abt him.With ade not likely to feature would prefer him to play cup n Europa group stage matches

    • Tony says:

      i actually think he is going to be a very decent player, no lone striker but able to play off of or around a target man.probably able to play in a similar role to sigi against norwich.

  4. Toppy says:

    tottenhan has the best facilities in london. Really?if you compare and contrast tottenhams facilities with other london clubs then i could believe your claim.

    • Tony says:

      Please it is generally acknowledged that the new facility is one of the best in the world let alone London. Next you will be telling us that wenger is right and that wiltshire will become as good as Zidane, haha. you carry on believing everything gooner is wonderful while spurs get on with challenging for silverware.The future is in Spurs shadow, believe.

    • grant says:

      if you get a chance see if you can find some videos about the new Spurs training complez, Amazing.

  5. Tony says:

    Old enough to know a fair bit more than you on football and the history of football.

  6. Tony says:

    Very sure, so sure in fact that I don’t even care if arsenal finish 4th.

  7. Tony says:

    that’s pretty much as we see arsenal, has beens with no ambition. when this season is over and your all weeping over spurs success and your continuing decline, and when sods off to PSG for CL football just remember you were warned.

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