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Real refuse to pay more than £43m for Bale. You couldn’t make it up.

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Eddie S

Plenty of crackpot theories and stories in the papers today as all the tabloids make up the “Breaking News” and “Exclusives” to sell papers and magazines. the Daily Star are reporting that Real Madrid want Gareth Bale now and are prepared to match anything Tottenham are prepared to offer in wages BUT they insist that they will pay no more than £43m for him. A bit like the £24m maximum for Luka Modric then, how did that work out? Perhaps they should first get a new coach and then read up the definition of “a contract for 3 more years” before making more comments on a Tottenham player.

The Mail are plumping for Bale going to United to play on the left wing in place of Giggs, forgive me but did he not knock on AVB’s door asking for a different role in the team as he had grown tired of being just a left winger.

Not all of the silly stories revolve around Gareth Bale as Stoke are making a play to bring Rafa Benitez to Stoke to replace Tony Pullis, now I am not knocking Rafa as I believe that he has done a good job under difficult circumstances and was a good possibility to replace Redknapp at one point, but Stoke is not his type of challenge and it would be highly unlikely that he would consider the position, he would certainly consider himself far more high profile after winning a trophy rather than “beggars can’t be choosers”.

Theo Walcott now believes that Arsenal should set their sights on winning the title next season, now they did manage to finish 4th by the skin of their teeth but it is generally regarded that Arsenal are a club/team in decline, they have lost most of their exceptional players and have not managed to replace like for like, in truth unless Arsenal manage to acquire 3 or 4 top players this summer they will remain nothing but a top 6 club fighting for 4th. The problem that they face is that the very best players that could elevate them to contenders are very expensive, they have the money but seem unwilling to use it, in addition those really exceptional players will also be wanted by the likes of City, United and Chelsea as well as Bayern, Madrid and Barcelona, Arsenal were once as big in European terms based on ability and playing staff  but not any longer,  any player worth his salt would choose Bale, Vertonghen and Lloris over Walcott, Vermaalen and Szczesny.

As the days go on and the transfer season hots up there will be hundreds of crazy stories hitting the headlines and much to have a chuckle over and we shall try to bring you some of the best.

3 to “Real refuse to pay more than £43m for Bale. You couldn’t make it up.”

  1. Mike says:

    Is this the new approach to post-CL failure trauma? Drawing idiotic comparison between your squad and Arsenal’s and trying to convince yourselves that the table somehow lies? Here’s a small bit of truth for you: Arsenal have consistently finished above Spurs for 16 consecutive seasons and have consistently made the CL. The fact Arsenal is a CL team explains why none of our players wants to leave. On tne other hand, Bale is a CL player in Europa league team, which is why nothing you do can stop him from leaving.

    • yidarmy says:

      Does the table lie when 6 years ago you were more than 40points ahead and now it’s just a point again. Arsenal are not a Champions League team any more they are just there to make up the numbers like Celtic. Time to stop kidding yourselves, Spurs got further than you in their only try and with a full season coached by AVB they will finish well clear of you. To all you WORRIED GOONERS it’s the changing of the guard in North London get used to it.

  2. wandering yid says:

    16 Years is true and an achievement to be proud of. BUT your not reading the article !!! It clearly states facts aint the team you once was. You may be in CL again but times are changing and unless you change (location would be good) you’re not going to be as lucky next season

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