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Reality check needed as AVB attracts more adverse reaction.

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Tony

Yesterdays defeat at home against Newcastle was not the result expected or needed as it offered Tottenham another opportunity to close the gap to the top and climb the table. The reaction in the media and from many so called Tottenham supporters does though seem particularly unfair, yesterdays performance was not one of the best but nor was it as dire as reporting and comment seems to suggest, a few players did not perform to their potential but can we really blame AVB or the players themselves as surely much credit should go to a good collective performance from every Newcastle player.

Was the performance actually poor? not when you consider that Tottenham camped in the Newcastle half for most of the second half and a good percentage of the first, thirty-one shots at goal with fourteen on target and a Man of the Match and self confessed best ever performance from the Newcastle keeper Tim Krul. One of my biggest concerns is the fact that possibly AVB is occasionally pandering to the press following particular pressure, a few weeks back he chose Defoe over Soldado before the International break and whilst it might not have made a difference to the result it was still the wrong move as Defoe is no longer the answer in big games unless played in a 4 4 2 alongside a big target man, yesterday he seemed to have bowed to the pressure of last weeks Lloris incident and prejudiced the Tottenham defence by playing Friedel. There were two similar incidents yesterday when Vidic and the Arsenal keeper were both concussed, Vidic was unable to continue following checks made during the half-time break but he was visibly far worse than Lloris, in the other incident a few minutes earlier Szczesny was poleaxed and yet there has not once been the same condemnation of Arsenal or Wenger and the spokesman for Headway had this to say;

¬†Headway spokesman Luke Griggs said: “I don’t want to get involved in judging the decision of Szczesny – every situation is unique and different and the medical team have made a call.

contrast this to last week;

“We are hugely concerned that a professional football club should take such an irresponsible and cavalier attitude to a player’s health,” said Luke Griggs, spokesperson for Headway.

Is this simply a case of double standards, is Luke Griggs an Arsenal supporter or is there a real agenda against Tottenham and AVB? it all smells a bit odd.

On the football side of things Tottenham lost their third game of the season in all competitions, that against Arsenal at tthe Emirates probably now doesn’t seem so bad bearing in mind they are still the league leaders and were the home team. The second defeat was at home to West Ham, a shock but as was the case yesterday the opposition was in the main totally outplayed for the majority of the game. Perhaps Tottenham supporters and pundits should take a look at the bigger picture, the better teams that set themselves up to defend are all doing remarkably well, take Newcastle they defeated Chelsea last week on their own turf and yet Chelsea enjoyed 61% possession and matched the home team for shots, Saturday against WBA they enjoyed 68% possession and had seventeen shots and yet only a fortuitous late penalty earned them a draw. Manchester City one of the favourites to land the title they have lost four games and in every one of them have been the vastly more dominant team, take yesterday away at Sunderland, 63% possession and twenty-four shots to only five and the same defeat as Tottenham by a single goal.

This season is littered with this type of result and every club has been on the receiving end, with the possible exception of Arsenal, and yet AVB and Tottenham still seem to be the focal point of all the bad press. Let’s get this straight here and now, Tottenham and AVB have yet again had to contend with the loss of their star world class player before the season has started, Modric and then Bale left for Madrid in successive seasons, the club has had to buy and integrate players in order to try to deal with the loss of extremely influential players and yet AVB and his players have still managed to improve their points total. For two seasons Tottenham have had to deal with a similar situation to Arsenal who have also lost a few of their stars, they started from a position of being in the top two and have declined, they have managed to retain a top four position but have won nothing for eight years, Tottenham started from fifth place and still are but unlike Arsenal they are managing to close the gap to the top while dealing with the loss of their stars.

As of today Tottenham are seventh in the table level on points with two teams above them and they are just three points behind second placed Liverpool and five behind the leaders, AVB has led them to the next stage of the Europa League and the quarter finals of the Capital One Cup and still his head seems to be on the block and he is being questioned by some fans.

There have been a few disappointing results and there will be a few more before the season is over but there has yet to be a performance this season that has not seen Tottenham dominate the opposition, that domination will eventually turn into wins as the team learn to create and take the goalscoring opportunities needed.

Just to concentrate the minds a little more think back to the season of the “Invincibles”, not something that we care to remember too much but to make the point that teams are not built in just eleven games, that Arsenal team had been together for the best part of three years or more and had already won trophies, Lehmann was purchased in that year and Gilberto Silva a year earlier, the others prior to that. Why should we think that AVB can wave a magic wand and create an unbeatable team overnight it just cannot happen, be thankful that we have a competitive team capable of beating anybody on their day, they will improve as they have a young hungry squad and if we remain patient and stand full square behind the team this could turn into an outstanding season.

The media are being unrealistically harsh on Tottenham and AVB and as supporters we must see past that and give him and the players the time needed, think what it must be like to be a City, United or Chelsea supporter, they believe that their teams should be several points ahead of even Arsenal when they are at the same level as an underperforming Tottenham.

We know from past experience that AVB has the coaching know how to correct what is wrong just give him the time and support to do so.

9 to “Reality check needed as AVB attracts more adverse reaction.”

  1. steve says:

    Ridiculous criticism, have just watched the game back and how Spurs did not score is unbelievable. On Newcastle sites they are not conned and admit that but for Krul a drubbing should have happened. Time to stop moaning and back AVB and his players. Things will only

  2. Eric says:

    Enough of chopping n changing.This guy deserves another season I mean its not as if only we are struggling.He’s obviously a talented coach who needs to sort out few things n we need stability too

  3. tom says:

    Still no criticism of Arsenal over their keeper. Wenger stood by his medical staff as did. AVB his stwff had saved the life of a player ladt yearbut their ability wad called into question. Double standards why is that?

  4. Jeremy says:

    At first i thought it was my imagination that all of our losses were pegged as the beginning of our end and all our victories were dissected to conclude that eventually we are not good enough, now it really feels most journalists had already written 2 articles at the start of the season are eager as hell to get them published, “same old spurs doesnt cut it again” and “avb sacked” i hate that so many supporters are getting sucked into this bandwagon. We really need to show our young team that we are behind them and believe in them.

    • Tony says:

      Copy and paste. It is the same story.Avb is criticised for not playing english players e.g.Defoe same for Lloris injury but no condemnation of others who are as much if not more culpqble.. Spurs supporters will deserve all they get if avb and a few players walk unless they back them 100%. I want to see and hear the supporters committedand for these hacks forced to change their tune. Cant believe some supporters are falling for it after 11games and best ever points haul despite losing the best playet in the league in summer and best midfielder year earlier. Supporters must start thinking with their brain and not be led by the tabloid rags.

  5. Eric says:

    For me he has to be ruthless and fearless.Shouldn’t care what the media n pick players based on performances.Also he should offload players like Ade Defoe Bae Lennon n get in players who would get us that top 4.Also Dawson should be playing cups n kaboul in the league.We need a proper GK back up too

  6. Spursfan4life says:

    Tonys just a deluded idiot who points the blame at the manager because soldado paulinho and chadli lamela coupe are worldclass players according to tony its the managers fault spurs have only scored 9 goals in 11 games thats a prem league record. We are going to win the title too

    • Tony says:

      Prem.league record? what are you on? Palace and Sunderland have scored less. Perhaps you ought to stick to computer games or fantasy football and let real supporters talk about the important stuff.

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