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Redknapp effectively admits he was leaving Spurs for England

Posted on April 04, 2013 by Tony

If anybody still had any sympathy for Harry Redknapp following his sacking at Tottenham last summer his latest comments should finally put an end to any thought that he was badly treated. He has effectively confirmed that it was his one and only opportunity to be given the job, would have taken it and even had the audacity to blame Tottenham and the terms of his contract for his failure to be offered or considered for the job.

What has been confirmed is the fact that Tottenham rated his services very highly, hence the buyout clause, and the fact that Daniel Levy had been talking to him offering a further 4 year contract. Had Redknapp shown any interest in signing a new contract clearly a deal could have been done, instead, Redknapp openly courted the England position and that was almost certainly one of the reasons that a poor run of results followed.

Nobody can begrudge him his wish to manage the England team but that is not the point in question, he took his eye off the ball and left Tottenham in the lurch and only once the job had been given to Roy Hodgson did he again begin talking of a new contract and his wish to create a dynasty at Tottenham.

Had the England job been offered to him he was off so what was Daniel Levy to do, everything said by Redknapp suggested that he was off and so Levy began the process of replacing him and did not look back even when things changed, rightly so.  Redknapp showed no loyalty and had to go,  had he committed to Tottenham with a 4 year contract he would still be leading the club forward and his assistants would be alongside him.

Time now to draw a line under the Redknapp era if he lets us, Harry, you were relieved of your Tottenham duties due to your intention to take the England job and abandon the club, and for dereliction of duty, results were disastrous until Hodgson had been appointed as England manager and only then did results improve as you attempted to save your job.

We are now firmly established in the AVB era and he is doing a fantastic job, not only is the team better coached but he is tactically very astute and players are actually improving both individually and collectively, not only that but the much loved Stefan Freund is his trusty number two and the Tottenham faithful will always be more accepting of one of our own favourites rather than the likes of Jordan and Bond.


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  1. rolspur says:

    Redknapp never hid the fact he would take the England job and as for the return to form last year, simply down to the players reaction to Hodgson getting the job and thinking Harry would be staying. The F.A used the media clamour for Redknapp to ease Hodgson into the job without upsetting WBA. As for this tactically astute new manager, I’ll admit he’s done better than I expected but it is certainly no improvement, and I’ve seen no evidence of astute tactics changing a game for the better. The football is, for the most part, much less exciting, the results are similar to last year and having just watched the Basle game I think AVBs attempt to priorotise the Europa league has backfired massively. Injuries all over the place. Due to fatigue do you think? Whoever you prefer as manager,the blame is Levys. We make Champions League under Redknapp and were promised big signings (as is the case now) we sign a cut price Van der Vaart at the very very last minute. what happened to the 30 million pound striker we were promised? Then last year when actually challenging for the title at Xmas we get 2 free transfers! this season we’re told we missed out so unluckily on Moutinho in the summer and Leandro in January. Do you really think Levy is that stupid, to let it happen once let alone twice? The only thing that’s improved over the last year is ENICs bank balance.

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