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Redknapp still has far too much Tottenham influence!

Posted on January 06, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Eighteen months after being sacked from his post at Tottenham the Redknapp bandwagon is still rolling, his pals in the media and his son Jamie all turned their wrath against anything Tottenham. Suddenly Modric, rather than stay loyal to Tottenham during Redknapps time as coach, really had to leave to achieve his ambitions as did Gareth Bale a year later, strangely as of now while both have had the opportunity to play in the Champions League, mostly against whipping boys, still no trophies and only third in a two team league, but I digress, both Redknapps have treated us to articles about the players Tottenham need to maintain a challenge at the top of the league and have championed the cause of playing two strikers including Adebayor. Eventually the pressure and what seems to have been the coaching staff Redknapp left behind managing to chip away at AVB’s authority led to his demise and while the consensus of opinion in the media is that he was sacked I think many are beginning to think he resigned and that is the reason Levy had no backup plan.

As mentioned in previous articles Harry Redknapp is still the main source of information about Tottenham with recent comments on him believing that Tottenham want Tom Carroll back, don’t want Assou-Ekotto, won’t be prepared to release Harry Kane and implying Jermain Defoe will be off soon. As a couple of those players are on loan to QPR and presumably he has enquired about Harry Kane he might well know about their circumstances but it is no longer within his his remit to discuss his ex-employers or any of their players.

At the moment most Tottenham supporters would probably consider that Jan Vertonghen is the clubs standout player and so Redknapp in his column in the Sun talking him up as the perfect transfer target for Manchester City is in my opinion disrespectful to every Tottenham supporter and the club that once employed him, he even suggests a fee of some £40m. Reading between the lines he appears to be trying to take some of the credit for bringing Vertonghen to the club as he states talks were ongoing before he was sacked. Who will he suggest to other clubs next?  Paulinho? Dembele? Lloris? Walker?

In The Sun on Sunday, Redknapp comments that the Belgian would be the ideal player to fill a gap at Manchester City.”The defence is not so solid and the guy who could put that right at a stroke is Jan Vertonghen.”The deal to take him to Spurs was just being finalised when I left, and I think he’s one of the best defenders in world football.

 “The way he brings the ball out of defence makes him perfect for City. He would probably cost around £40 million, but an all-Belgian central defensive duo of Vertonghen and Vincent Kompany could prove priceless.”

With Sherwood, Ferdinand and Ramsay at the hub of things at Tottenham at the moment, all brought to the club by Redknapp, there is concern that the Redknapps knows far too much about the goings on at the club and we also know that Sherwood firmly follows the Redknapp football philosophy, so much so that Tim seems to have one of his mentors habits of having favourites and plays them come what may. We all know that several players abandoned the club because Redknapp failed to use the squad and they were left on the outside looking in. Does anybody see the same thing happening in the case of Capoue, Lamela and Holtby already?

Let’s be clear Redknapp did a good job for Tottenham but after taking us to fourth and on that great journey in the Champions League, he failed to go on, he failed to win a trophy, in fact he didn’t even bother trying to as he was solely focused on the holy grail of the top four, not unlike Tim Sherwood judging from two cup games and two defeats.

By now we should not be hearing the name Redknapp mentioned in relation to anything Tottenham other than his relative success in that one year or so, if I hear anything about the comings or goings of our players it should come from the club and it is high time Daniel Levy invoked any confidentiality agreement, or insist Redknapp cease discussing Tottenham or their players, he has enough problems of his own at QPR as true to form his team are beginning to flounder as the second half of the season begins, he continues to seek the loan of a striker to fire them back into contention for promotion when he has one of the best loaned to Newcastle, why not recall Loic Remy? you paid £8m for him just a year ago.

Redknapp is in danger of ruining any feelgood emotions over his time at the club as both him and his son only talk negatively in respect of all things Tottenham and putting Vertonghen in the frame for Manchester City is perhaps a step too far.



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  1. Eric says:

    Thought this would be some crazy conspiracy theory but must say u stuck with facts making it a good read.Once a manager goes so should the ppl he got letting the next man to get his own ppl.He’s within limits to talk about us but how he knows about our players dealings even before a spurs official is annoying and crossing the line.
    Since Tim took over we both our cup games just like under harry who played kids in the cups but y Tim when he had the best spurs squad ever.Why Bentaleb when capoue on the bench? I will support every spurs manager and player but as long as Harrys shadow looms over us we will continue to struggle to be a regular Cl club

  2. Spurs were an exciting team to watch under Redknapp. Shame that Levy sacked him.

    • Tony says:

      He had some great players with which to work but still won nothing and only made CL once. When you consider he only pkayed for top 4with those players it really wasnt good enough. Look at his QPR 26 goals in 24 games perhaps he isnt what all the media keep telling us he is afterall.

  3. BigH says:

    Credit to Redknapp for some of the things he did. but he did have bale, modric, van de vaart. However he was niave tactically, remember the humiliation against chelski scum at semi final 5-1? He also had his favourites and clearly it became a boys club. Sherwood smacks of the same arrogance. Redknapp can ckoff he is bitter and twisted but forgets he has only won one trophy in 34 years of management and that he couldn’t wait to dump us for the england job, which he didn’t get. Sherwood is a cloned copy. We will lose the quality of Holtby, Capoue and Lamela and others who aren’t in his boys club. Like Redknapp he is also tactically ignorant. If he doesn’t change his attitude soon, our season will be over by March

    • Tony says:

      As you say credit due, credit given, but the 1 journey to the CL was not followed up with anything tangible, Spurs never challenged for anything and I for one cannot accept that we rolled over in every competition including the semi of the fa cup to chelsea. He had those 3 great players and Ledley King don’t forget when fit and simply ran them ragged, his system never changed and he was eventually found out just as he has been now with QPR, the great exponent of thrills spills and exciting football has brought his QPR team 26 goals in 24 games, what’s that all about?
      Sherwood is showing no signs of changing his views and seems reluctant to change his ideas just like AVB who was pilloried for it. Levy needs to take control of this situation now because if he allows this squad to be decimated and sherwood is replaced by a true innovator in the summer it will mean yet another change and even more personnel.

  4. Eric says:

    Let’s get things into perspective here.Harry hasn’t done anything significant in his 3 decade long managerial career so I don’t get the constant laurels he receives from the media.He only has 1 cup

  5. Jide says:

    Please let’s stop giving Harry Redknapp the credit he is not due. He is no longer at our club, he is allowed like every other ‘pundit’ to have his say. Vertongen to City, I don’t see that happening. Mr Levy will not be that desperate. Good points made though. Nice read.

    • Eric says:

      U never know with levy.If he gets a crazy 40-50 million he will take it and invest it in getting someone like chiriches-young and cheap.He’s a money man and theres a reason y we have had a net profit for the last 3 windows

      • Tony says:

        Yeah know what you mean everybody has his price though he does stand up for himself against prem. clubs if he thinks we can challenge them with utd dropping away you would really expect us to take their place but the battles on with the scouse clubs and probably united still. Not sure Levy has got total control of things as he would like AVB resignation and alternatives wanting WC involvement left him very few options and weakened him. If the Sherwood appt.goes wrong he has Baldini as the fall guy with bad buys in summer. This DOF situation at Spurs has never worked and it will probably see anothet 2coaches fall in a season.

  6. jay hickman says:

    at the end of the day sherwood is scum… not only is he an ardent arsenal fan (could be purposefully sabotagin spurs to aid arsenal) but hes also a very devious overly cocky dickhead who conspired with redknapp’s mockney cockey henchmen i.e ferdinand etc ect to get AVB out and undermine his authority by playin off the players against his management style/formation style, its also been reported that sherwood and ferdinand regularly spoke to the players about 4 4 2 bein played instead of avb’s 4 5 1 which goes to show that sherwood was a drivin force in causin dressin room issues… the bigger issue ofthem all tho has got to be levy who i cannot stand and never have, he wanted jol then juande then redknapp then avb and now sherwood… a mix of attackin and defensive managers, he wants us playin one style then another… i just dont get it and i reckon that if it wasnt for him bein joe lewis’s nephew then he would’ve been sacked years ago…

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