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Repurcussions from Walcott’s actions continue as Police seek 3.

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

The Metropolitan Police have issued pictures of three men that they are seeking in connection with the coin throwing incident following the Walcott wind up that should really have been punished with an FA charge. The fall out has begun as predicted with the three now the subject of a manhunt, though we cannot in any way condone such actions the catalyst was Walcott’s childish attempt to extract a laugh from a winning situation at the expense of the travelling Tottenham support.

Many had jumped to defend the actions of Walcott with Wenger , Wright and the Arsenal fans firmly laying the blame at the Tottenham supporters by declaring the coin throwing incident occurred while the player was laying on the floor injured, today’s announcement by the Police obviously puts that accusation firmly to bed:-

“During the match, an Arsenal player on a stretcher, medical staff carrying him and stewards were struck by coins and other missiles thrown at them from a section of the crowd occupied by Tottenham fans,” a police spokesman said.

 That statement makes it abundantly clear that supporters only responded to a mocking Walcott who clearly incited a reaction, though that reaction was ridiculous and wrong it was nevertheless only in response to provocation.

The ongoing Police action is not simply limited to Tottenham supporters as Arsenal supporters then responded on Twitter and other social networking sites with anti-Semitic reaction to the events of the day.

There is absolutely no doubt that both Tottenham and Arsenal supporters responded in the wrong way,  most of the media also felt compelled to blame Tottenham supporters with the majority wrongly reporting that the coin throwing began while the player was lying injured, yet I can recall only the one reporter at the game speaking up in their defence on that point and none retracting their accusations at the time now that the Police have made their statement regarding the events.

It seems as we said at the time that some supporters of both clubs will probably find themselves banned for a very long time, perhaps even for life, yet the real perpetrator of the incident got off scott free, the season ending injury was unfortunate,sad and by-the-by and so a ban and fine should have followed for Walcott so as to send out a message to all professional footballers to act responsibly and not to incite opposition supporters and provoke the reactions that developed as a result.

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