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Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid due to lack of silverware!

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Tony

As is often the case there are no sources or quotes to substantiate this article, but it has been arrived at simply because of the obsession shown by Real Madrid, Perez, Zidane and many of the players to in trying tosecure the signing of Gareth Bale. Real Madrid are still being mentioned as possible destinations for the likes of Suarez, who seems almost certain to arrive, Cavani and Isco and to acquire these players would cost probably £40m, £50m and £30m respectively, so there is the likelihood of an enormous outlay already. Gareth Bale is now being quoted at a fee of £85m so in these days of Financial Fair Play regulation just how might Real Madrid fund those purchases and the enormous wages to go with them, selling Higuain won’t bring in much more than the cost of half a Suarez and so it must involve the sale of Ronaldo their prized asset.

PSG or United must be the likely destination, if it is just money that interest Ronaldo it will be PSG, if it is to try to become the worlds best player, win trophies and have a real shot at the Champions League, after four years of failure at Madrid, then it will be United. It is clear that Ronaldo has not been happy in Madrid for most of the past year with strops and tantrums at regular intervals, Madrid have made Jose Mourinho the focal point of all his angst resulting in his sacking. It might possibly go far deeper than that, Christiano Ronaldo is a massively wealthy individual and so surely money is no longer his main driving force. Lionel Messi still surpasses him as the best player in the world and that is almost certainly brought about by his Barcelona team winning all the competitions involving Real Madrid, their goalscoring  and statistical exploits are similar but he just cannot get past Messi and win the best player award that he craves.

Unless Real Madrid can make that major signing like Bale then the loss of Ronaldo will be a major blow and seriously affect their hopes of continuing to challenge Barcelona. Luis Suarez whilst an exciting prospect for them is no Ronaldo nor even a Bale, if they then find themselves unable to sign the likes of Isco or Cavani, two other primary targets, then things might become seriously difficult for them in the eyes of their supporters.

Another pressing issue for Madrid is the appointment of a new coach and it almost seems that they have no other options beyond Ancelotti and if he is unable or ultimately unwilling to leave PSG then they might have a serious problem.

Perhaps it is time for Real Madrid to priorities and stabilise the club rather than mouth off at every opportunity who they want to buy, will buy and what they will win, that has not been a success for them for over ten years now as they have for the most part been in the shadow of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.




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