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Rooney and Ronaldo going nowhere.It’s the 2yrs to go contract shenanigans.

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Tony

It is never always the case, but generally when a player is about to renegotiate his contract with just 2 years of the old one remaining there is invariably reports of a falling out, some unhappiness and interest from all the other big players in the market or at least near competitors. The last Rooney upset coincided with Manchester City coming into enormous amounts of money and throwing it about like confetti, they had Tevez, were in direct competition with United and might well have been keen on the player at the time given the chance that he might become available. the end result a shiny new contract for Rooney with a massive pay rise and his picture taken with a smiling Fergie.

Fast forward to now and Rooney again has 2 years left on his contract and again he is not a happy bunny, only this time his star is not shining so brightly, he is no longer a guaranteed starter in the team, City don’t seem to want or need him and he is probably just desperate to get an extended contract, there is unlikely to be a wage increase this time around but still the threats continue, this time Arsenal and Chelsea want him, again direct competitors to United, even PSG and Barcelona are in the frame and before long Bayern Munich will be desperate for his services. He will almost certainly stay unless United really wish to finally cash in on him, then it will be to the likes of PSG, the only club likely to pay him what he will be looking for, Arsenal and Chelsea certainly will not. I am still trying to imagine Rooney speaking Spanish, German or French, I can barely understand his English.

Ronaldo is another playing the game and it is a game he started months ago, he seemed to fall out with Mourinho and so he was sacked, he has failed to jump ahead of Messi in the world ratings, is paid less than him and is aiming to address that situation by becoming the world’s highest paid footballer, Madrid are being pushed into a corner and will eventually be forced to submit to his demands, he will get that shiny new contract with an enormous wage increase and he can then get back to trying, without success, to catch Barcelona.

Let us hope that Daniel Levy manages to extend Gareth Bales contract this year, while we probably expect that he will leave without Champions League football and Tottenham progression this season,  irrespective of what happens with only 2 years on his contract his advisors will lead Levy a merry dance.

Since the Berbatov and Carrick fiascos Daniel Levy has always played it just right and we trust him to do the same again.

27 to “Rooney and Ronaldo going nowhere.It’s the 2yrs to go contract shenanigans.”

  1. Lillywhite Princess says:

    Bale wont leave yet, he will stay another season, lose some form, RM interest will wane and Spurs will be stuck holding an asset they feel is worth 100 million whilst the market price will drop to closer to 25-30 million. Paulinho will sign elsewhere and David Villa isnt coming. We keep thinking we can overtake Arsenal but with their likely signings (Higuain and Fellaini) I dont think we will ever catch hurts to know that most of the league just waits for us to bottle the run in and it hurts to think that Sol Campbell chose them on a free while we have to pay for their rejects (ade)- we really arent that great a club

    • Tony says:

      This must be a wind up because it is way off reality.the name of the player to join the gooners was Judas so that was another clue. Bale is set tobecome one of the greats and nothing is likely to get in his way, he really does have it all in his locker, pace,power, technical ability, aerial power, knows where the goalisand an excellent creator of chances. Even if Arsenal sign the players you mention( not guaranteed) they will still not have any players other than Wilshere and at a pinch Cazorla good enough for the Spurs squad. Tell me the last North London teaqm to win a trophy again, Spurs of course.

  2. Lillywhite Princess says:

    not a wind up at all- I dont believe we are good enough and Bale is great but we are ragged in many spots.good in GK spot, shaky across back (except vertonghen) midfield is loaded with talent (lennon and sandro) but average to good talent, not world class like Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere from our “neighbours” strike force is shambolic and we set our goal each year to be above arsenal, not to win trophy’s, just to compete for 4th….

    • Tony says:

      spurs have won a trophy since Arsenal last did don’t forget and I disagree about being shaky at the back, Walker, Kaboul and Vertonghen are better than anything Arsenal have, Benni had a bad year and must step up or be replaced. Arsenal do not have ANY world class players but the 2 you mention are the best they have by far. Tottenham have Sandro, Dembele , Bale, Lloris, Vertonghen, Walker, Kaboul and Vertonghen most of whom would be first choice for them and certainly squad players. Tottenham are certainly good enough but lack the experience to see it through , that will come.

  3. Lillywhite says:

    Tony, appreciate the optimism, but…Arsenal had 2nd best defence in league last season( stat wise)they have world class players (2 elite) we have only 1 in Bale, dembele, vertonghen etc are top class but Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski, Gervinho, Walcott, Oxlade, Ramsey, Rosicky, Gibbs, Monreal, Koscielny and many more ALL play for national teams whilst Kaboul, Walker are crap, dembele is underwhelming and on top, we have MANY players who arent even involved at national team set up. FFS, even the deadwood arsenal are loaning out are better than many of our squad. Glad you are optimistic but reality is, we won A trophy, we havent gone undefeated, we hardly qualify for UCL and we CANNOT top them in the league, let alone challenge City, UTD, Chelsea….soon LFC will be ahead of us again.

    • Tony says:

      haha now I know this is a windup,Ramsey, chamberlain, Walcott, Gervinho and Gibbs top class!!!!!!!!!!! Lloris French captain, Kaboul French regular CH when fit, Vertonghen, Dembele, Dempsey Assou-Ekotto, Adebayor another national captain, Sandro Brazil regular, Siggi star national player. Arsenal undefeated years ago, if you want to go that route, Spurs first double winners, first British winners of European trophy, only amateur club to win FA Cup, don’t make me laugh. even the deadwood arsenal loan outs are better, good one. the optimism is warranted and before the season is out Spurs will be out of sight of Arsenal make no mistake, this time it will happen.

      • amitosh says:

        Wake up, Kaboul regular? Ade good? Sandro regular? Siggi star? Now lets compare with Arsenal players you listed. Gervinho was best player of African Nations last year, Walcott is regular in ENG, Ramsey is Wales captain, Gibbs feature behind one player for England. Even Rosisky was a national hero a year back. And mind it, you are comparing top Spurs with average Arsenal players here.

        • Tony says:

          “Average Arsenal players” you said it.

        • craig says:

          Walcott is a regular disaster for England, Gibbs features behind Cole, Baines and Lescott for England and Vermaalen and the new £10m Spanish fullback at Arsenal, by the way he looked good against Townsend for QPR “taxi”. If Gervinho is so good why buy Giroud, Higuain and hope to loan him out. Deluded gooner goners, keep believing as Spurs smoke you this season.

  4. Lillywhite says:

    Kaboul…when fit and not suspended is good but not quite top class, Lloris is very good. Vertonghen and Sandro are quite good- the rest listed are mediocre at best, if you have to add Dempsey as your star or point out Ade is captain (sort of) of Togo you are grasping at dreams- we are decent, but not looking remotely like a top 4 team. Yes I mentioned Ramsey, he was amazing before his Shawcrossing and is showing signs of greatness (im Welsh so im allowed to admire 1 Arse player)…have a long look and compare player for player and you will see Arsenal are stronger and deeper, dont fool yourself for your love of the club, truth is we will be lucky to be 7th this year.

    • Tony says:

      definite gooner windup,Ramsey better than Bale! Vertonghen “quite good” not looking like top 4 team when did so twice in 4 years. When you say “we” I now realise that you are referring to Arsenal. I concur Arsenal will be lucky to finish 7th.

  5. Thierry says:

    Arsenal will be lucky to finish 7th? are you mad? Without bale, spurs are a very average side, whereas arsenal without wilshere or cazorla or walcott even are still a good side, not amazing but a good side. Adebayor good? dont make me laugh he is toilet the geeza, vertonghen is quality, dembele is good and bale is world class, thats it! Arseanl are a better outfit than the spurs, the table doesnt lie…EVER! For years and years arsenal have been ahead of the spuds and recently the spuds have caught them a bit as theyve had to pay for the best stadium in england. Now they are coming out of that period they will push right on and become a force again, what will spurs do? Build a new stadium? if they do they will be in a financial position as arsenal have been in for the last 6 or 7 years, all the while arsenal push on and on and on. Sorry spurs fans, but arsenal are moving into another league from the spuds, try and keep up if you can.

    • Tony says:

      Try and keep up! do we have to keep reminding you it is one point difference. Why do you think you have now decided to splash the cash again, £50m last year, £50m the year before and another £70m quoted this year, it is because you are trying to keep up with the rest and stay ahead of Spurs. Wengers day has gone, eight years since he won anything, that will turn into nine, no better than 5th place and he will be driven out by all your whining fans. After Spurs beat you at the Lane most wanted him out then when knocked out of all the cups you accept total concentration on 4th spot competition.Saddos.

  6. Thierry says:

    So when weve been knocked out of the comps, what are we supposed to do? other than concentrate on getting top four? Spurs fans are very bitter indeed. It doesnt matter mate if its a point or ten points, the table doesnt lie. We were better than you last season, maybe not by alot but we were better and you cannot argue with that, and we have been for a long long long time now. Granted, yes you lot have caught up and you have a decent outfit but like i said, without bale(who is an absolute worldbeater) you havent got much to shout about. Now that weve got our debt down to a ridiculously small amount, and were bringing in a ridiculous amount of revenue, we will be able to compete at the top of the market. Wengers day has gone lol, honestly mate its laughable, hes one of the best managers in the world, you dont win double after double and go 49 games unbeaten just by luck, and you certainly dont just lose that talent as a manager. Like i said, now hes got freedom to compete in the market, and we will really push on. I find it funny that you lot on here are discussing arsenal, whereas on our site were talking about signings and the future. Juat shows the difference in the clubs.

    • Tony says:

      He was one of the best but not any more or wouldn’t be trophyless for 8 years. that last final was against Birmingham i think and your world beaters lost.He has spent over a £105m in last 2 seasons, hardly restricted spending is it, meantime Spurs spent only £70m, still Spurs catching up fast. don’t you think paying your players £60m more a season deserves more than scrambling for champs league on last game. You really are missing the point that if your team were so good they would still be in competitions until later, maybe even get to a final or win one, thats what Spurs tried to do, further in their one champions League outing than Arsenal, semifinal FA cup year before last losing to winners Chelsea and quarters and longer run in Europe than you last year.Admit it there have been some awful buys in recent years and Wilshere and Cazorla apart none of your players hold a candle to those at Tottenham.

  7. Thierry says:

    Your deluded my friend. Since we bought our new stadium we have spent a total of 9 million pounds. And we still finish above you lot every season. None of our players could hold a candle to those at tottenham? Really mate? Then why do we finish above you constantly? Please tell me. Wenger has had his hands tied in the transfer market and has worked wonders, yes hes bought some bad players but EVERY manager does, FACT! Your literally saying that spurs are better than us because youve gone further in SOME competitions than us, what a ridiculous statement to make. You summed it up when you said “further in their ONE champions league outing” weve been in the CL for 16 years running now, what have you lot done? Won the league cup 5 years ago was it? When did you last win the league, 52 years ago was it? hahahaha. None of your arguements are valid im afraid.

    • tom says:

      For the last 2 seasons Tottenham have been far better than Arsenal, I admit Arsenal finish the season strongly but only because that is all they have had left to play for and Spurs have shown their inexperience in seeing it out, that won’t keep happening as the standard of player at Tottenham continues to improve substantially. £9m spent do not talk rubbish they spent £52.3m last year and £53.15 the year before. Check if you like but Arsenal have been out of everything by the first week in March for 7 of the last 8 seasons. Tottenham have been in Europe longer in CL before losing to Madrid and last season, the season in the middle they played the semi final of the FA Cup to Chelsea.His arguments seem very valid and you seem to be one of the Arsenal supporters fooled by the garbage the club feed you about no money to spend.

  8. Thierry says:

    its not about having no money to spend, are you that naive? net spend over 8 years is 9 million,FACT! Tell me another manager to of done that and kept at the top of the best league in the world? Spending 50 million in two transfer windows is absolutley nothing these days dont you understand that, man city, chelsea and man united were all spending well over 50 million in each window and that is why we couldnt keep up, its so simple. Now watch us climb, mark my words, you lot will be eating your words in 6 months.

    • Tony says:

      At the top of the best league is a little farfetched don’t you think, top 4 and nothing else from a position of champions and undefeated season is nothing to brag about. Poor Arsenal couldn’t keep up with the big guns, well Spurs have had to do it and they beat moneybags City, “sky four” Liverpool, and even Chelsea the year before last and now they have caught poor Arsenal. Not content with that the Manchester clubs are next. By the time this transfer window is closed Spurs will have a squad to beat Arsenal by 10points. and you can “mark my words”

  9. Thierry says:

    Mate, individual results mean nothing unless your winning someting. We beat city aswell you dont hear us shouting about it because it means nothing. An undefeated season is nothing to brag about? i think you will find it is hahaha, in the past yes but its a fantastic achievment and wont ever be repeated. No we couldnt keep up with the big guns spending at all, you say spurs did it,how? how have you kept up with them and we havent and weve finished above you every season for 20 years it makes no sense mate. Your talking like you lot are gonna spend 150 million and blow both manchester clubs out the water, i like your optimism mate but it wont happen, not for a couple seasons yet anyway. Yes spurs are on the up, but you will soon see how hard it is to build a stadium and keep up with the top clubs spending. Do you honestly think that spending 450 million pound on a stadium has no effect on your finances? it wouldnt if you had an oil baron as an owner but we havent, so we did it the hard way. Unless levy has been saving 400 million over the last 5 years(which he could of done i dont know)then i think spurs will have to do what we did, do you not agree?

    • Tony says:

      What are you on, i have never knocked the undefeated season it was sensational no argument. You probably know then how it felt when Spurs were the first double winners when it was considered impossible(FIRST) the first British team to win a European trophy(FIRST). Tottenham are not able to spend £150m but they have gone with building a great team. Bale didn’t cost the £80m he is worth he cost £10m. Modric £16.5 and sold for £32m. Dembele only £15m but quoted by most pundits as £30m player. Vertonghen £10m and already worth far more. Spurs don’t need to spend £150m on players because the squad is already worth far more than that. I don’t disagree that Arsenal have done everything the hard way and the correct way like Spurs and they should both be applauded for it.
      Let us both be honest if it wasn’t for our mutual dislike would you not rather both of us going for the title rather than the 3 above us, hard to accept I know but chelsea and city are false top teams and united are simply the worlds richest club(nearly always) and have unfair advantage. Having said that I still want Spurs to finish above Arsenal and always will.

  10. Thierry says:

    i agree mate, would love to see the london clubs fightin it out for the title, i couldnt agree more, chelsea were nothing until abramovich came in and same as city, they were nothing until their oil baron owner came in. Course your gonna want spurs to finish above us its the same for me, thats just the rivalry between the clubs and if were honest football wouldnt be the same without it. I think spurs have got a very good team, in my opinion i would learn from arsenals mistake, and break the bank to keep bale and build a team around him, whether that will haappen or not is another question. What would you rather them do? I just think alot of people underestimate arsenal becasue we were winning titles and then we have dropped our standards and now compete for fourth. I genuinley believe if both arsenal and spurs add top top players this summer then it could well be a fight between the london clubs. How good would that be.

    • Tony says:

      I have no doubt that Levy has learnt from the Berbatov situation and will never buckle again. He stuck to his guns with Modric and held firm, probably agreeing that without champions League football he could go abroad for proper money. Maybe he might have to do that with Bale so the pressure is on, that is why he will spend the money needed to go for nothing less than the title as to aim lower is dangerous. Look I really don’t care if Arsenal finish the season in 2nd place but I am always going to want Spurs to finish higher and you the opposite. What is not sinking in with you or all the Liverpool loving pundits is that Spurs finished the season 1 pt behind Arsenal, 2 Chelsea and only 6 pts behind 2nd placed City. United were never good enough to finish so far in front and Spurs outplayed them in 3 halves of the 4 played. Spurs are strengthening, Villa will score more than Adebayor standing on his head, Paulinho is a top player and is ahead of the £30m city new boy Fernandinho in the Brazilian team and they will add more very good players, perhaps Soldado as well. Why can nobody see and acknowledge that Spurs have caught you all up and continue to add fantastic players in an effort to go higher, that is what is happening and AVB whatever you might think knows how to win because he has done it with Porto, unbeaten in league and Europe. To put into a little more perspective Spurs won 11 points from the top four teams, arsenal just 5 from the same teams and Spurs, and that is why Spurs need to be taken seriously.

  11. Thierry says:

    mate, i take spurs very seriously, im not for one minute doubting that they will be big competition. I agree paulinho is a very good player and for 17 mill you cant go wrong, man city paid well well well over the top for fernandinho and hes nearly 29 lol. Yes arsenal didnt do enough in terms of beating the top teams last year and thats something that needs to be addressed, whereas spurs did very well against all of them, we just finished the season very strongly, mainly due to the fact that beating bayern in their own backyard gave us unbelieveable amount of confidence(just my opinion). Spurs will strengthen yes, but so will the other top clubs and most of them can blow spurs and arsenal out the water with wages and fees, all im saying is, its going to be a very difficult season for everyone and very interesting. Do you honestly reckon that when you mob start building your stadium, you will still be able to compete financially with the rest of us(at least for a while anyway)? Because building a top stadium takes alot of money, and i cant see spurs plunging the club into crippling debt just to stay near the top. So in my opinion it could be a difficult time for you.

    • Tony says:

      At last with a bit of mutual respect we start to get a bit of valid appreciation. Regarding the funding and stadium how does it make much differenc eto spurs their wage bill is £53m less than yours at £90m, Spurs have not been able to compete financially with the top 4 and Liverpool for about 20years but still managed to now create a team good enough to worry them all. So to answer your question what you never had you won’t miss.

  12. Thierry says:

    and tony, i agree completley that spurs have caught up, BUT, with your best squad you have ever had you still didnt manage to take over any of us, i think chelsea and arsenal had a particularly poor season last season and spurs had a blinder and you still didnt catch us.

    • Tony says:

      Why must there always be a “but”.Spurs also had a poor season and an especially bad start with six losses in their first 16 matches and only 2 defeats in the last 22 matches. Once the new players settled and the squad got the hang of AVB tactics only United won more points from december onwards. touche.

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