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Rooney,Suarez and Bale transfer tactics.

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

With less than four weeks remaining of the summer transfer window three of the Premierships highest profile players futures are still to be decided. Many differing reports appear but most seem to suggest that all three players are angling for a transfer away from their existing clubs.

Each case seems to be following an almost identical pattern, rumour of interest from another club, primarily Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively, then the media frenzy begins and is continuously stoked up with the occasional remark or players and coaches of the interested clubs talking up the merits of the player involved. In each case their current clubs have been quite categoric and informed the press that none of the players are available for transfer, still the stories continue most of them without any substantial proof.

We have been informed of two bids for each player but apart from the £40m and a pound bid by Arsenal for Suarez which has been confirmed by Liverpool, bids for the other two have an enormous range and have not been acknowledged. We have already reached the stage of the mystery injury and less involvement with the squad, none of the players are now taking part in preseason fixtures and very little, if any, training with the group as a whole.

There have been articles written in relation to each player stating that they have enormous respect for the club and their supporters BUT, there is always a but, they must “escape the British media”, ” play in the Champions League”, live a”boyhood dream”, not miss out on a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, they have”outgrown the club”,a “short career and take the opportunity when it arises”. have I forgotten anything? whichever one or more reason these players are using their respect prevents them from handing in a transfer request. Rooney and Bale have been thinking of doing so but have refrained so far while Suarez continues to threaten legal action as well.

Lots of supporters still cling to the idea that because the player has not handed in a request or publicly stated that they wish to leave that it is entirely papertalk, almost certainly much of it is, or regurtitated mush, but there must be some truth to each situation, each club is going through a situation that is unsettling for the entire group and causing difficulties in relation to transfer activity and in each case it would all stop if the player or his agent stated that the player was happy, staying and discussing a new contract. Have no doubt they all want out, a lack of comment by the players or their paid stooges says it loud and clear.

Reluctantly we must all get used to the idea that all three want out if possible, it might not happen in each case as United and Liverpool will not wish to strengthen Chelsea and Arsenal who are both direct competitors , while Tottenham have strengthened the squad to the point of believing a title challenge was possible with Bale still in the team.

All three cases will probably go right to the end of the month before any final decision is made and almost certainly none of the players will ever feel it necessary to hand in a transfer request no matter how hard done by they feel they are treated.

Welcome to the devious world of professional football,a world in danger of being ruined by the ridiculous amounts of money involved and the greed of players and agents.




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  1. tom says:

    And just to prove your point all three players have made themselves unavailable due to injury for this weeks training and friendlies.and they claim to respect clubs so much .force the written request then watch them all whine.Bale is no better than modric, campbell or berbatov in my eyes and I do not wish him successand wil never buy his products or welcome him back.selfish just like the rest of them.

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