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Rumours of done deal for new Tottenham coach way off the mark.

Posted on February 16, 2014 by Guest Writer

Reports from Italy seem to suggest that the current coach of Italy Cesare Prandelli has agreed a deal to become the new man at the Lane immediately after the World Cup, the report in the Italian press from La Repubblica is probably simply yet more paper talk that has arisen from the Franco Baldini connection as Director of Football. Take a look at Prandelli’s achievements as a coach and you will see that he has a lesser success rate than Redknapp and Martin Jol in terms of silverware, in fact a couple of promotions is about it.

Though there was almost certain contact with a few candidates immediately after the AVB fiasco it is likely that the coach of any International team would be unlikely to pass up the opportunity of leading his country in Brazil this summer, similarly any high profile coach with a club still involved in the Champions League and going well domestically would have steered well clear of the Tottenham “project” mid term.

With Tottenham currently in the midst of a good run of results and seriously challenging the top four once more it would be extremely foolish and unlikely that Levy would rock the boat by trying to broker any sort of deal behind Sherwoods back just now.

Other rumours have appeared in the Mirror relating to Baldini, which if believed seem to suggest that he himself is in danger of leaving Tottenham having apparently clashed with both Levy and Sherwood over the failures of Lamela and some of his buys in the summer.Is this simply a case of the rags trying to destabilise Tottenham yet again as they begin to threaten the top four once more? Now I am not a fan of a DoF probably because I really don’t know the precise nature of the job they do, are they responsible for choosing players to purchase? maybe youngsters but Baldini would not have had sole control over purchases last summer as he had only arrived a matter of weeks before it all began.

I was not best pleased with the appointment of Sherwood and his team but can now see the sense of it until after the World Cup when some exceptional, experienced coaches will become available, I was not at all happy that Tim Sherwood was handed the reigns at the fifth best club in the country to learn the trade, i was not happy to see a rigid 4 4 2 formation and a throwback to the Redknapp days without the quality of a Bale, a Modric and a Van de Vaart to make it work, as well as that there have been very few exciting performances from the team, BUT results have been fairly respectable and the gap to the top has closed a little, Sherwood has reacted to tactical mistakes made e.g. a five man midfield against stronger teams and more recently the use of a defensive midfielder against Newcastle which led to our most emphatic performance so far.

Though I don’t see Sherwood leading us into next season if he does manage to achieve his ambitions with the team then he will of course deserve his chance and rightly so, recent talk of him being prepared to work with Van Gaal would make considerable sense and give him the chance to earn the coaching badges he still needs. I think that too much is being read into the Italian connection at the moment and is an unlikely scenario, the Spanish connection did not work with Juande Ramos nor the French, Argentinian, Swiss and Portuguese options over the years, but everyone still speaks highly of the Dutchman Martin Jol who  started the push for the top four.

It will probably be time to go Dutch again with Tim deserving to stand alongside to learn the ropes properly.

7 to “Rumours of done deal for new Tottenham coach way off the mark.”

  1. Eric says:

    Gotta get this one right

    • Tony says:

      so true and yet much will depend on what happens the rest of the season. Get the feeling Levy will ensure the coaching team remain at the club and work with any new man who comes in.

  2. BigH says:

    I’m sick of the press constantly looking for anything to destabilise us. They cannot wait to get stuck in. Problem also lies with Levy. Honesty and transparency have always been in short supply and until he gets his bloody act together we are always a target to be shot down. Credit to Sherwood as I have given him some right stick, but he clearly has been reading our comments and played a powerful midfield against Newcastle. Hopefully he can continue to learn that a rigid system will not work in the modern game. I do think a more experienced coach will be installed, but it is important we keep the coaching team for the stability it will bring

    • Tony says:

      Absolutely agree with everything you have said including sherwoods improvement.Like you I have been a massive sceptic but he is picking the team and tactics to get the job done and above all he is “lucky” vital if we are to get 4th spot.

  3. Eric says:

    No the same coaching team would be a disaster according to me. Wasn’t Tim accused of a coup against Avb probably why he wasn’t allowed during training ? if we get a new coach may be they will resort to that again since he would be irritated by not getting the full time job

  4. Jide says:

    If this is true I will be extremely disappointed with Baldini and our board. Why can’t this stay under wraps until the end of the season at least? The team is just getting it together and we then undermine ourselves. I do not believe that we will undermine our team and manager at this crucial stage of the season. But I will not put anything passs the press and media in trying to sabotage the harmony and development in the team. We are doing well, Sherwood and the squad have to turn a blind eye and mind and just focus. There is a possibility of great rewards at the end of this tough journey. We cannot afford to fail now.

    The Ferrari is revving vroom! vroom! on high octane fuel and moving forward on that highway I keep going on about. We cannot allow the media or anyone for that matter to pour diesel down the tank and slow us down. This rumour needs to be nicked in the bud urgently. COYS!

    • Tony says:

      Haha the ferrari has got the slick tyres on at the moment and is going through the gears, lets hope those tyres last the distance and don’t deteriorate before the season is over.

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