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Save Grass Roots Football- Petition NOW! Here’s how.

Posted on January 10, 2014 by Eddie S

It’s important that we do as much as we can for the new generation of footballers and football lovers as well as maintain future investment for our children and our children’s children. With so many green spaces disappearing it is vital that the Premier League, which is awash with money, distributes some of their great wealth back into grass roots football at such a level that will make a difference to every child or youth player who loves to participate in this great sport.

It’s not just the responsibility of Local Government to provide and fund the facilities for any amateur to play, watch or be involved in some capacity in what is our national sport, when grassroots football is struggling just a small percentage of the billions earned in broadcasting rights would make a huge difference.

Some of our writers at JTN have not only been ardent followers of Tottenham through the years but have seen their children play and been involved with local youth teams, they speak of the great friendships built up with other like minded families and their children who also build life long friendships, quite apart from the fitness, fresh air and the hope that they might also follow a similar path with their own children one day.

This then is an important opportunity to make your own small contribution, just click the link and sign the e-petition, it costs nothing and your children or your grandchildren might benefit themselves one day.


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3 to “Save Grass Roots Football- Petition NOW! Here’s how.”

  1. dan says:

    good cause easy to follow. Done.

  2. Eric says:

    I’m not English but I won’t be wrong if I said this is a global issue,especially in the developing countries where more land these days are allowed to malls and residential buildings.Anyways good cause and hope u get overwhelming support

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