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Scandalous David Moyes rant papers over the cracks.

Posted on January 03, 2014 by Scraggs

New Years Day’s Tottenham victory, their second in successive visits to Old Trafford, has been remembered more it seems for the headlines prompted by David Moyes, not once did he give credit to Tottenham or their new coach for an outstanding performance, instead he aimed all his angst toward Howard Webb, who himself had in many games past had been the perpetrator of decisions to have benefited United. As was the case last season when Fergie bemoaned only five minutes of extra time which prevented them winning the game, so Moyes seems to have relied upon a possible poor decision in not awarding a penalty towards the end of the game! As usual the biased pundits have chosen to ignore the fact thay Young had completed his pass and nobody has yet explained how a keeper doing his job in wet conditions can then put the brakes on. So often these cheating players simply run into the keeper or defender and have started their dive even before contact has been made as was the case with Wellbeck when he actually kicked Chiriches outstretched leg. I would also like to see the possible handball by Smalling just before halftime which seemed the most clearcut decision of them all, even Smalling’s expression seemed to suggest he had got away with it, as usual no mention or review on MOTD.

Of course the rant was only to divert attention away from yet another inept United performance who have now lost at home to three of the clubs around them trying to force their way into the elite echelons of the game, Newcatle, Everton and Tottenham. They have still to travel to five of the teams in the top nine in the division while City and Liverpool visit them soon.

Manchester United are a team in crisis, they have lost the fear factor, Moyes is a coach with no track record in winning any sort of competition and he has dismissed the backroom staff of his predecessor.  It is common knowledge that Rooney wanted out and now it seems their only other star Van Persie might be following suit. It’s not like nobody saw this coming as we at JTN said in September what we thought was around the corner as can be seen from articles mentioned below:-

As has been said on many occasions on this site United have plenty of problems, we have said that perhaps Fergie left what he saw as a sinking ship needing lots of investment and time before they reach the very top again. Is there any area of the team in which United have real quality, defensively they are still reliant on veterans Ferdinand and Vidic with nobody making any sort of statement that they are ready to replace them, Carrick plods along, Fellaini has come in but is never going to control a game like Scholes did for years, Cleverley is not so clever in my opinion, Welbeck doesn’t score enough goals, it is doubtful even the United supporters want Nani and Young in the team, Rooney puts in the effort but really doesn’t want to be there and without goals Van Persie simply takes the place of Hernandez. Ask yourself would any United player be a certain starter in the City, Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal teams, RVP if he gets his goals and Rooney apart. JTN 29/09/13.”
“Manchester United have been linked to a number of creative midfielders in the mould of Fabregas, Modric and the Barcelona youngster who eventually plumped for Bayern Munich rather. Efforts to sign Anders Herrera and then Khedira from Madrid both failed as did a last ditch attempt to sign De Rossi from Roma until eventually they were forced into paying way over the odds for Fellaini. When you consider that his buyout clause was only £23m until a month ago, to finally be forced into paying about £28m as a last resort clearly points to a purchase simply for the sake of it. Fellaini is a decent player but he is nothing like the type of players targeted who were all in the playmaker mould,. What happened to Leighton Baines? He was the first player that they bid for and United even made a joint bid for the two of them for a combined fee of £28m.” JTN 3/09/13

This is a strange season in many aspects, going into the New Year nothing is crystal clear at either end of the table but it is at the top where there is everything still to play for as only eight points separate the top six teams and none of those teams include the current champions and standout team of the last twenty years. Try and pick the title winners now and you couldn’t with any conviction and choosing next years entrants to the Champions League is far more difficult, but unless Manchester United are prepared to spend a shedload of money on some top players and more importantly, can actually attract them when most are still involved in the Champions League, they will not be taking part in the most prestigious of club tournaments next season.

We have said it before and we shall say it again, Rooney apart, who in the United lineup that started or finished the game would be a guaranteed starter in any team in the top eight of the Premiership? speaking as a Tottenham supporter none would get into our squad let alone team and although perhaps that might not be entirely the case with Everton and Newcastle, I would still argue that both of them have players that United would love to have and maybe even one or two capable of playing for any team in the league, that would include Cabaye, Krul, Barkley and Baines amongst others.

This is the squad that Fergie led to the title by a considerable margin last season, quite how I am not entirely sure, but even then the writing was on the wall, the manager and his coaching team were so important as was Paul Scholes, Ferdinand, Vidic and Giggs who a year older have either retired or perhaps should have. An ageing squad bereft of top class talent is now in need of massive investment after years of relative neglect. Not since 2008 when they signed Berbatov have United spent the really big bucks, RVP at £22m last season was a short term option, while the Fellaini buy was a move of pure panic and to placate their supporters who had stood by and watched as all the top players turned their nose up at joining them.

Are United a busted Flush? Are you disappointed that an institution like United are in such a state of decline and that it might be years before they recover as was the case after Matt Busby, or are you one of those pleased to give another team the opportunity to enjoy the big time, perhaps Liverpool will regain their place at the expense of one of their great rivals or perhaps it is the turn of Everton or Tottenham, two great names from the past surely due a break.

With only eighteen league games remaining and everything to play for this promises to be one of those epic seasons that only come around once in a while.



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