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Second place beckons for Tottenham or Everton.

Posted on November 03, 2013 by Eddie S

Yesterdays set of results gives both Tottenham and Everton the opportunity to leapfrog a number of clubs into second place in the division, to take advantage of slip ups by Chelsea, Liverpool and southampton and more importantly keep the Manchester duo at bay for another week or so.

Today might just be one of the defining moments in the season for one of these clubs the opportunity to settle the issue as to whether they are true contenders for a place in the top four elite or perhaps even more. for Tottenham it is the chance to finally nail the idea thar they are a team of true potential as this is the first opportunity since the away trip to Arsenal that they have played a top tier club. With big games coming up against United and City  in the not too distant future it would be much more stress free going into those games ahead of them in the table.

Everton have been pushing hard and steadily building toward a concerted challenge on the top four, they seem to be in the chase right up until the last month of the season but generally leaving themselves with a little too much to do, now that David Moyes has departed and a coach with a little more style and substance has taken over Everton might just improve sufficiently to bridge the gap, they have some exceptional footballers and Tottenham will have to be wary of the likes of Baines, Lukaku, Mirallas and Barkley as well as a fair few others.

This game today is going to be no walk in the park and the tottenham midfield will have to be strong and use the pace within the team to make the difference, very few of this Everton team has blistering pace and AVB will surely set the team up to take advantage of the situation. Much will depend on how the Tottenham defence handle the Everton loanee Lukaku and whether they in turn can give sufficient service to their own striker Soldado. AVB has mentioned the possibility of Younes Kaboul possibly being a starter for this game which in normal circumstances would make sense, Kaboom is more than a match for Lukaku in pace and strength and is when at his peak the strongest aerial competitor at Tottenham, AVB has to weigh up whether it is a gamble worth taking and if Kaboul is actually sufficiently far along the road to recovery to take on the task.

Tottenham have been in these moments too often to mention over the past four or five seasons and the only time that I can remember them taking the opportunity to make them count was the season that they qualified for the Champions League with mighty wins over Arsenal and Chelsea in quick succession.

A draw would not be a disaster as they would remain right up with all the others but allow Arsenal the chance to create a points gap, but a win might finally galvanise  the entire squad into believing that they are the team to beat rather than possible competitors, that is a tottally different concept for other teams to contend with and it would also concentrate the minds of the supporters after an October when some doubts started to creep in, most of them unrealistic.

It is only game ten of a long hard season and Tottenham remain in contention for success on all fronts as we speak, today’s result won’t decide anything of course but it could concentrate minds. Last season you might say that Everton cost us as in the first encounter two injury time goals cost three points and only a late equaliser enabled us to earn a point at the Lane, one point from a possible six resulted in a fifth place finish when it could and should have been far better.

Second place is up for grabs but in my view neither team will take advantage of the situation leaving Chelsea immediately behind Arsenal although a couple of lucky penalty decisions for Tottenham are well overdue!!!!



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  1. craig says:

    good first half don’t ruin it now.

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