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Sergio “Bale belongs at 2 trophies in 5 years Madrid” Ramos.

Posted on May 23, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

There have been many articles written urging Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham in order to become a great in football terms, most of these also seem to suggest that Real Madrid is his best and more likely option. If it is truly trophies and success that he needs to fulfil his career why would Madrid actually be a valid option?

In a league that has traditionally been about just 2 teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, Real have managed to have been bettered by Atletico Madrid recently, despite having Jose Mourinho as their coach who is acknowledged as one of the best around. Ramos has been with the club for some time as has Christiano Ronaldo a player likened to Bale in ability, but both only have 1 league title and 1 Copa del Rey cup to their name in 5 years, hardly amazing success, as for the European Cup, no wins, no runners -up no finals.The other team in Spain over the same period has won 4 titles, 2 Copa del Reys and 2 European Cups,

Clearly if it’s all about winning lots of competitions Real Madrid is not the way forward, even David Beckham managed just 1 title in his time there and in all honesty it wasn’t enormously successful for him other than by selling lots of merchandising. Madrid have not won a single European trophy since 2002, hardly inspiring. Players go to Madrid for money and the name these days and not because they are hugely successful, that does not actually add up as the trophy count proves.

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  1. tom says:

    Perhaps Ramos should consider a transfer to Spurs as that is the only way he could be on same team as Bale. When will players realise Madrid = mercenaries = in fighting = 2nd team in Spain = spent force.

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