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Sherwood already looking for new job!

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

After the second half capitulation at Chelsea Sherwood firstly placed the blame firmly at the feet of the players that he chose to start the game, something that is rarely effective and is always treated as the wrong thing to do if you wish to retain the hearts and souls of your squad, it is all very well to air your views and opinions behind closed doors but to publicly humiliate your own players probably spells the end for him and Tottenham’s entire season.

Though Tim doesn’t quite seem to see that his own position was harmed by the defeat as he still managed to appeal to  Daniel Levy to back him in the aftermath of another embarrassment, surely he must recognise that the performance and result was hardly worthy of praise, support and his public appointment in the longterm.

The situation with Tim Sherwood does appear a little strange, he seems to have driven his cause from the very beginning as at the outset he stated that he was not prepared to take the job as a caretaker and that it was all or nothing, an 18 month contract was a compromise on both sides. Since the game on Saturday he has spoken to reporters and some of his comments are both enlightening and a concern:-

“The silence is deafening isn’t it,” Sherwood told reporters after the Chelsea defeat. “It’s up to Daniel. It’s up to the club to make that decision. One thing I guarantee people is that no one cares more than me. I want the team to do very well and it hurts me when they don’t. I’m afraid I need people in that dressing room to be hurting like I am.

“I never want to be a No. 2. I’d be no good as a No. 2. I’m too opinionated. I wouldn’t want to do the job, but I do think there is a place for a technical director.

“I’m someone who sees the club from the bottom to the top on the training field. There’s a definite place for that. A lot of clubs need people like that otherwise you get no continuity and you just end up buying seven or ten players every window and your turnover of players is too great.”

Firstly I would think the club’s decision has been made and Sherwood knows that he will be replaced come the summer, he is positioning himself away from the position of assistant to the head coach probably knowing that he will not be offered the post. He is though touting himself for technical director a position currently held by Franco Baldini! bearing in mind his recent unhappiness at Van Gaal and a couple of others putting their names forward for the position of coach he manages to feel it acceptable to do the same thing.

Before being handed the job in December just what coaching role did sherwood hold at tottenham or anywhere else, he has no qualifications, he was not a major part of AVB’s set up, I cannot recall him being prominent in redknapp’s set up though he did appoint him on a part time basis early in his tenure, to my knowledge Sherwood was in charge of Youth Development, even then Ramsey was youth coach and before him it was Alex Inglethorpe!

Perhaps one day Sherwood will become a great coach but Tottenham should not be a part of that learning curve, his claim to fame it seems is recognising that Nabil Bentaleb is a decent young player and one of great potential for the future and he has managed to get a few performances from Adebayor, a player under contract and earning something like £170k from a combination of payments from Tottenham and City and with those payments from City due to finish this summer no doubt he will be looking for a new improved contract from Tottenham, a situation to BEWARE. Perhaps that is the reason for his renewed effort?

As a Tottenham supporter I wanted Sherwood to succeed just as I wanted AVB, Redknapp, Ramos and even Christian Gross to do so but it is clear now that for Sherwood it is a job  too much too soon irrespective of his points record in his 13 games in charge, when he took over we were 6 points behind both Chelsea and Liverpool and now it is 13 and 6 though the latter have a game in hand, we have lost to Arsenal, and now been thumped by City and Chelsea and been eliminated from 2 cups.

Not all the blame can be laid at Sherwoods door nor his predecessor though some answers would be most welcome, articles are written about the shambolic purchases of AVB but as was the case with previous Directors of Football the coach has very little say on incoming players and almost certainly did not request so many new additions and then didn’t get a left back so badly needed and missed with all the Rose injuries, such a huge squad with the only other experienced player in the position loaned to QPR!

Even Tottenham supporters are not exempt from criticism, away from White Hart Lane support is arguably second to none but at the Lane it has often been terribly muted and at times prior to AVB’s exit  downright disgraceful, calls for getting their team back have been rewarded with a few more goals but  less chances created, less possession and less shots on goal and on target.

Ultimately Daniel Levy makes the decisions and there have been far too many incorrect this season, other than extracting a ridiculous sum from Madrid for Gareth Bale it is hard to pick any pluses from his actions though we hope that a few of the purchases eventually come good, probably too late for this season but we still have high hopes for Eriksen, Chiriches, Paulinho, and even Lamela while all the others might yet surprise us in time.

A season that started with such high hopes has disintegrated before our eyes and there will be  more upheaval come the summer when the real work begins, again much will depend upon the decisions taken by Levy regarding the coaching position and in the transfer market and he has to get it right this time.


6 to “Sherwood already looking for new job!”

  1. 4everspurs says:

    Have to agree with the majority said, Sherwood is a devious piece of work who has positioned himself to take advantage of situations and now having failed miserably he is looking for Baldinis job and will probably get it. He has a good points record as head coach in spite of his efforts. when they win it’s his coaching that has done the trick but when they lose it’s the players fault. Clueless and boring.

  2. lou says:

    square pegs round holes so he started with 2 rightbacks 3 centre halves no left backs a winger as a playmaker and a playmaker as a winger and as far as Adebayor is concerned as the only forward he failed to challenge in the air and was rarely found up front but more as a roving midfielder. It was in fact only the players efforts that kept the team involved and on top for 45 minutes and to challenge them is unfair. Vertonghen and Sandro slipped Kabouls sending off and perhaps the pen were wrong and even though Walker did cock up for 4th his commitment can never be questioned.
    Now officially sick of listening to the same soundbites all that’s missing are the words spoken from the car window and it could easily be Redknapp.
    the season was over when he was appointed but was kept alive by the players despite Sherwood and his team decisions, the fella has no idea.

  3. Bigh says:

    Hate to say this, but its exactly what I predicted on this blog months ago. Sherwood is simply not good enough either tactically or in dealing with players. His public outburst on Saturday was naive in the least. Now we are hearing stories about Dembele not wanting to play, Paulinho and Vertonghan wanting to leave. Clearly there are issues in the dressing room. As predicted a poor version of Redknapp. Easy to blame Tim, but some of the players also need to take a good look at themselves. Vertonghan has not looked interested for some time and there are others, but hey I could go on all night. Reality is this is just another Levi inspired cock up of epic proportions and as usual it is the fans left to suffer, yet again. Anyone know any rich Arabs?

    • Tony says:

      You probably are aware very few on this site supported sherwoods appointment in the first place, this has been a shambles of a season beginning with so many purchases and not a left back amongst them. AVB might or might not have been the right man for the job but he should have been given the season rather than let him go and leave us in this ridiculous situation, even then Hoddle would have been the smart caretaker.
      Now it is being reported that Sherwoods remit was not top four so even less reason to let AVB go when we did. I am more and more convinced that AVB walked as he was being undermined by the likes of sherwood as nothing else makes sense. This blind obsession to play Bentaleb and Adebayor no matter what is getting ridiculous I haven’t heard those stories about those players myself as Dembele is a starter as well as Vertonghen and Paulinho came back late from South Africa but when Lennon is asked to play as playmaker, Sigi a winger, play 2 rightbacks, switch verts to LB when one is on bench and Naughton can play there then have townsend and chadli on bench is mind boggling. Absolutely clueless and still the media circus talks him up as the answer to our prayers!!!!!!

  4. Eric says:

    TIM is just an arrogant child

  5. mick says:

    I supported AVB who I did have faith in, I have and will support Sherwood until the end of the season even though I think he is cluless and I will support the new man whoever he might be and that’s because I’m a fan of the club first and foremost. Not happy with what’s going on but stuck with it until the summer when there will be renewed hope when this clown is relieved of the job.

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