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Sherwood appointed on 18month contract.

Posted on December 23, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

I have to express some surprise and no little concern at the appointment but nevertheless hope that Tim Sherwood can walk the walk just as well as he talks the talk. Nobody can possibly have seen sufficient of Sherwood in the role to make such a decision and yet Levy has jumped and made the call.

The contract is only until the end of next season hardly giving him enough time to build something special as he has been suggesting and so that tends to tell us that Levy etc. are not at all convinced in his ability to do the job but have been forced to accept the situation as a temporary measure and until the big names become available at the end of the season when the World Cup is over.

With so little experience, well none actually, there is some surprise that a wiser more experienced man was not brought in to stand alongside him, even dare I say Glenn Hoddle or someone of similar ilk, but Levy has decided to entrust the season to the novice in what is a massive gamble.

Will all the fans stand behind Tim Sherwood, YES of course as he is now responsible for leading the team no matter what we might think or prefer, we wish him well as his success is our clubs success.

Do I agree with the appointment, well I don’t think it unreasonable to suggest that I believe it to be a massive gamble and personally I cannot see it being of any benefit to Tottenham at all this season, I still firmly believe that the new man will arrive in the summer and is likely to be a countryman of Martin Jol, I foresee some problems keeping the squad happy and motivated especially if he persists with a 442 formation alone although I would be more than happy were he to prove to be an inspirational choice.

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  1. BigH says:

    It was always going to be hard top attract anyone mid season and with the reputation of our board and Levy no one is going to rush to us either. Good luck to sherwood, he will get my support while he fights for the club, but I cannot help feeling this is like a christian gross moment. Reality dictates he is literally the caretaker until we get a real manager in the summer. if that is the case I still would have picked hoddle.

    • Tony says:

      like you I am concerned but hope for the best. I make you right as it’s normally 3 year contract (30mths as mid season) same here Hoddle but Sherwood will get support and maybe if he has more than Ade and 442 up his sleeve he might surprise us all, let’s hope so.
      World Cup and champions league involvement was always a big problem at this stage of season

  2. Jide says:

    I was on my way home from work when I heard the news of Sherwood’s appointment. I stood there for a while, with rain lashing my face. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. One name poped into my head. Daniel Levy. Why has he done this I asked myself. Before I could answer that question, came the second surprise, it’s for this season and the whole of the next! What?! This cannot be happening. I stood there just laughing and shaking my head again. We have become the laughing stock after the AVB sacking, now those people laughing are now rolling on the floor! What on earth has Levy done? This is a coach with no PL experience, no qualification, yet he is now our manager after one game. Sherwood went gun-ho, all attack, no defence, Levy loved that, the so called ‘Tottenham way’. playing 442. Let’s just enjoy the ride while it lasts. Even though it’s pleasing that an Englishman has got a big job, it has disaster all over it in my view, and that is where Levy the businessman has played a blinder like Maradona, technically Sherwood has only this season, there will be a glut of coaches and managers after the Brazil WC, and if this experiment does not work, he can get someone else and the whole process starts again.

    The question needs to be asked, does Levy really know what he is doing or he just makes decision on the huff? Does he have a plan? If Sherwood is the man, why was AVB appointed and time, effort and resources wasted? I honestly do not know the answer to that question.

    As a Spurs fan, Tim Sherwood is our manager. I intend to support him with every bit of me, and I know that every Spurs fan will do the same. This will be one hell of a ride. I will enjoy it. Tim Sherwood is like a learner driver given a Ferrari, he will either drive straight on the PL motorway, or drive it straight into the wall! Either way, it will be an interesting journey. COYS!

    • mick says:

      nothing makes sense anymore, AVB a disaster with so many Spurs records to his name in short time and in adverse conditions, 6 points off top place, £100m plus £50m last year spent on his vision and one striker and five man midfield of abandon all that and give the job to a man hell bent on 442 who was supposed to have all the young players at the club playing the AVB method and doing it well based on last seasons results. So most of that £150m of talent all proven in 451 or 433 might have to be released for a fraction of their cost to embark back on the 442 ideology. Even if he is only there till this summer, as I believe, all those coaches we are linked to dismiss 442 and its all change again.Like you despair and disbelief BUT Spurs are our club Sherwood is our coach and just maybe he will prove us all wrong, just think he might be our Guardiola but just as easily our Steve Kean

    • Tony says:

      Lets hope the wheels don’t fall off before he gets up to speed.

  3. JL says:

    It’s an inevitable decision I see coming. No big name is going to come in mid season and give up on a world cup campaign. Honestly, Hoddle who’s available in the market is as bad a choice as TS is in my opinion.. between the 2 of them I would rather choose TS and do a gamble than appointing GH and possibly sacking him mid way thru next season.. I’m personally happy if we can achieve europa league qualification this season, and hopefully appoint a big name come July. I’m hoping we can get Klinsmann though it seems like a slim chance.. I have this strange feeling that Klinsy can actually motivate and bring the best out of our current squad with his deep connection with us..

    • Tony says:

      Hoddle said he would take it to the end of season only as a trial if you like and i have to say he would have been my preference with at least some experience and comfortable setting up teams in a variety of formations. Sherwood worries me if 4 4 2 is all he has, good enough for WBA and Stoke but United and Arsenal will be totally different.

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