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Sherwood confirms Holtby has a Tottenham future but has the coach himself?

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

As it seems likely that this transfer window is likely to come and go without even a Tottenham whimper it is at least encouraging to hear that although Lewis Holtby has gone on loan to Fulham, it is confirmed that it is just until the summer and thereafter Fulham have no automatic right to buy him.  While at the moment Holtby might not be considered to be an automatic choice to start games most fans would not be upset to see him named in any starting lineup as he usually has an impact on games whenever he is involved, his attitude and effort can never be doubted, he is creative and he is capable of scoring a few goals, in fact the more I write and consider the impact he has had the more I am doubting the wisdom of this loan!

Daniel Levy has apparently asked Tim Sherwood just what he needs in this window to give him and the club their best chance of success in the pursuit of Champions League football and presumably a decent attempt at winning the Europa Cup, very politely Tim has told him “nobody thank you, I am happy with what we have”. Now on the one hand it is good to see that our Head Coach has confidence in the players at his disposal as they are all of great quality BUT has it actually sunk in that Jermain Defoe leaves in a little over 3 weeks and is probably

Holtby has the look of a Spurs player.

Holtby has the look of a Spurs player.

only staying for an emergency and to make a final appearance to say his goodbyes to the Tottenham faithful who have always appreciated him.

Does he know something we don’t about Kaboul’s injury, is he over the worst? can we now rely upon him for the remainder of the season and will he be as good as we know he was and can be? if so when will a new contract be offered to him and signed or is this simply a case of hoping for the best as so many times in the past with Ledley King.

We were without the services of Danny Rose for about 3 months before Xmas and had to make do with a right footed replacement in Kyle Naughton or as that rarely worked switching the best central defender at the club by a country mile to the position until such time as he picked up an injury lasting 2 months. Never again must we ask Jan Vertonghen to trade his position to help out, he can do it but he is needed in the centre to play alongside Chiriches or a fit Kaboul. On Wednesday Rose was wrongly dismissed and though the club have appealed and the right thing to do would be to rescind the red card if the FA make the wrong call as they are so likely to do we will struggle again for the 3 games he is missing.

So apart from aforementioned situations that need to be addressed there is also the possibility of injuries, as sure as eggs are eggs within days of the window slamming shut a key player will receive an injury ruling him out for some period of time and the club will rue releasing players on loan and not addressing important issues.

Paulinho and Dembele will be crucial.

Paulinho and Dembele will be crucial.

On the issue of Sherwood I of course want him to surprise us all and lead us to a trophy and a place in the top four, I believe he has taken onboard some of the tactical issues needed to overcome certain situations like the extra man in midfield but I am not happy that he seems to be blinded into picking certain players no matter what, we all know the ones I mean. One of his right hand men, Les Ferdinand, has suddenly found time to jump on the media circuit and talk about his coaching beliefs “I don’t like defensive midfielders” he says, so no room in the team for Sandro or Capoue is explained. Words of wisdom from an ex-player who has never coached at any level in his career!

I can accept Sherwood crediting the quality of Manchester City after the game on Wednesday, not enough coaches give the opposition credit for performances BUT I am not at all happy that he accepted the decisions of the officials with little more than a whimper, he should have been spitting feathers and turned it at the least into a positive by stating that had we been level at half time and had eleven on the pitch he trusted his players to go on and possibly win the game.

Jan Vertonghen needed in the centre

Jan Vertonghen needed in the centre

On the pitch, as the captain of title winning Blackburn, Sherwood was a winner and the type of player that Les Ferdinand so despises, I still hope he can produce the goods  but I can’t help thinking that he has the players to do so much better than they have produced so far, and that he should be learning his trade at a far lower level than a top 5 team in the Premiership with the squad and players to do so much better. Some in the Redknapp camp in particular would like to have us believe that he might be Tottenham’s equivalent of Pep Guardiola, while we all believe that Liverpool will regain their place amongst the elite or United will come through and pip us for fourth.

Sherwood is no Guardiola but he might be saved by having a great squad of players good enough to take the bull by the horns and drag us into contention, the return of Paulinho, Townsend and Vertonghen will help immensely and hopefully Lamela, Soldado and Chadli will find their form and the goals they can supply to help.


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