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Sherwood continues to take on Tottenham players!

Posted on April 04, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Although it is by now abundantly clear that Tim Sherwood is not up to the task of coaching Tottenham it still seems that he is intent on marginalising some of the squad and by being retained, even in the short term,  is probably setting up a summer of unrest. Though Daniel Levy has stated that there will be very few changes come the summer there are likely to be a fair few of the players feeling let down by the club and look for the exit door.

After the defeat to Manchester City rather than defend his players from two very poor decisions from officials he went down the route of talking up the quality of the opposition and simply said that his own players were nowhere near their standard, not the way to build confidence of individuals or the squad and not something an experienced coach would react in public. Soon after that came another big defeat to Chelsea and yet again a terrible decision cost the team at a crucial time, did he use that to defend his players? of course not he instead laid into his players calling them gutless cowards who failed to fight for the shirt.

Of course some mistakes and performances have been laughable and poor in equal proportion at times but to ridicule and belittle performances rarely has the affect of improving matters. Team spirit seems to have gone out of the window as expensive experienced players have been ridiculed by some strange team selections and formations. Today he has reacted to news that Paulinho is unhappy at a lack of involvement since Sherwood took charge by implying that he trains poorly, again he has gone public and has shown absolutely no respect for the player.

It seems at the moment that all we have is an angry inexperienced coach unable to handle the modern footballer, he has by his own admission withdrawn himself from a place in the technical area preferring to sit high in the stands so as not to embarrass himself or the club further. Though it is obvious to almost everybody still some areas of the media is maintaining support for Sherwood, a couple of days back it was Ian Wright and today it is Paul Merson turning on the players blaming a lack of heart and though that does seem true Sherwood still has to take responsibility as getting the players up for the battle as well as choosing tactics, formation and the team for any given game, his failures are there for all to see.

It is obvious as to why Wright and Merson would prefer Sherwood to remain as arsenal again begin to flounder while it is becoming clear that the Redknapp’s have a longer lasting connection to Sherwood  with Jamie and Tim having launched a magazine more than 10 yrs ago though it is no longer in their control having run into financial troubles a few years back.

Redknapp had his favourites and some of his squad eventually became so disillusioned that they sought a way out, AVB managed to settle the group but in just a few short months under Sherwood the attitude, body language of players and comments being made  strongly suggests that all is not well, though Adebayor and Bentaleb are happy to be chosen whenever fit others are not quite in the same privileged position and heads are dropping as results continue to deteriorate.

The fans are not happy, the players are not happy but the one person charged with solving the problem sits in the stands shaking his head unable to find the solution and picking battles with his own players. Monday sees Tottenham take on a Sunderland team fighting for their survival and a lethargic Tottenham might well find themselves struggling to cope and if they do and  supporters turn then Levy might find that he needs to act sooner rather than later.

This has been a thoroughly disappointing season with no high point that I can recall and the sooner the misery is over and we settle down to the World Cup the better.







7 to “Sherwood continues to take on Tottenham players!”

  1. tom says:

    now he’s on Hoddle, this fella really is trouble he seems to want to take on the world when he might be better served trying to pick the right team with players chosen in their best position. clown.

  2. Jide says:

    I wonder where the head shaking buffoon will sit on Monday for the game against Sunderland. He has no clue, he has lost the plot and has shown how inadequate he is as a manager. I am finding it hard to believe Sherwood was in a dressing room, played top class football and even won the Premier League after all the shenanigans against the Scousers and the aftermath. I blame one man for this, our chairman, Daniel Levy. He has a duty and responsibility most importantly to the team and also to the fans to do something about this mess. He and other members of the board can try and pull a fast one by announcing the financial report, the stadium and God bless him, our Ledley’s testimonial (really looking forward to that!) to calm things down. But it is clear that Tim Sherwood has lost not only the dressing room, but also the confidence of the fans. Things will only get worse if he is still there as our manager next season. He has to be shown the exit door.

    • Tony says:

      Sherwood seems intent on proving himself to be a thoroughly repulsive individual and though I don’t know him in the slightest and might be totally wrong all his actions suggest my first impressions are not wrong. Would feel more comfortable if he left now to be honest and he might just be a poor result and performance from being shown the door.

  3. Bigh says:

    The man continues in his usual pathetic way, blaming everyone but himself. Remember he is the one with Ferdinand who after watching suarez said he wasn’t up to the premiership. He has single handedly pissed off everyone and that really takes some doing. Quite frankly I often contribute here, but I am getting fed up to the back teeth of all of this. Agreed Levi is in the centre of this mess and throwing us bits of good news hoping he can appease us. Clearly he thinks as little of us as does Sherwood. Thankfully we will soon see the back of Sherwood, but if Levy is really sorry then he should reduce or freeze the price of season ticket renewals as a gesture to the fans. Of course being Levi he will sell a couple of our best players to pay for it

    • Tony says:

      I believe season ticket prices haqve been frozen and for the fans that is welcome but can’t say that I am particularly happy to become the harlem globetrotters of football mooching round various grounds while waiting for the new stadium.
      I am not normally an admirer of testimonials as as usual the fans contribute to millionaire footballers wealth BUT if Carlsberg did testimonials they would do one for Ledley-LEGEND.

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