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Sherwood deserves time!

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Eddie S

I have to admit that Frank de Boer has opened a can of worms and should have remained silent on the prospect of being considered, and he probably is only under consideration at this time, for the Tottenham coaching position that seems likely to become available once the season is over. Before his “leak”  Tim Sherwood had already run to the press to speak out against the likes of Van Gaal and Hoddle expressing their interest in the job even though that was  in December!  The timing of Sherwood’s outburst

“Every press conference I do is about who is coming, whether it be about Van Gaal or Hoddle or whoever.

“Some of these managers are actually touting themselves for my job and I don’t think that’s right. That doesn’t sit well with me, so if someone asks me about another club I’ll say, ‘They already have a manager.’ And until they haven’t got a manager I haven’t got a job.”

is interesting as it came before the Frank de Boer story hit the news suggesting perhaps that he had been tipped off or was actually aware of the situation!  Though Tottenham have issued an official denial the fact that the Ajax Director of football Marc Overmars as well as De Boer have confirmed the approach is defining and it remains to be seen whether the “leak” will have a bearing upon the final decision. As somebody recently pointed out-

 “Wasn’t he touting himself for the technical director role a few months back though

The job Baldini is currently in.”   where was the official denial on that occasion?

Of course the Sherwood “disgust” has once again brought out the “Save Sherwood” brigade with Butch Wilkins, David Ginola and Ray Clemence all jumping on the bandwagon, Clemence went so far as to say that getting rid of Sherwood would be bad for English football though just why Tottenham should be blackmailed into trying to be the saviour is unexplained.

Statistics are being rolled out by the media in support of Sherwood, “the best record of any Tottenham manager” to “Tottenham would be 4th if the season started upon his appointment” , of course stats can also tell another story, if you consider that it took Sherwood a few weeks to get his feet under the table let’s consider how well he has done since the high point of the win at United, at that stage of the season Tottenham were in a position to achieve a top four position but since then Sherwoods record is not so clever and Tottenham would be 7th behind even United if they win their game in hand.

Of course stats do not tell the whole truth, the fact is that Sherwood does have good players to work with yet the team is rarely dominant and too often playing catch up, they have not won a point against the top four, have gone out of three cups with barely a whimper and even the two players he built his reputation upon have gone off the boil, Bentaleb considered ready to play in all the important games is nowhere to be seen, great potential but he should have been protected sooner and played in less high profile games, while Adebayor’s goals have all but dried up, only scoring a brace against Sunderland over the course of the last 10 league games played.

As a Tottenham supporter of many years I am not concerned about whether Sherwood is good for English football or not, if he is such a talent begin grooming him to replace Hodgson at some time in the future. The facts are that Sherwood does NOT have his Pro coaching licence, he has no coaching experience and needs to learn the trade at a much lower level and not at the 11th biggest club in the world currently the 5th best club in the Premiership with ambitions of more, he has shown that he is not the man manager that has been suggested, simply playing Adebayor in every minute of every game does not constitute turning around his career he has simply pandered to his ego, try asking Capoue, Sandro, Paulinho, Townsend and Soldado what they think of his man management and coaching skills!

I agree that the players have often done well to recover from adversity on a number occasions, 3-0 down to WBA, 2-0 to Southampton spring to mind, they have won a number of games despite being outplayed for long periods having had to win ugly, encouraging until you remember that Sherwood chose the players and set the team and tactics up to go behind and play so poorly so often or should that not be taken into overall consideration?

I am no longer so convinced that Frank de Boer will be handed the job, his leaking of the Tottenham approach might well now go against him and it is doubtful whether he is the only candidate in the frame at the current time, there is also the issue of compensation to negotiate and the Bergkamp connection to overcome if as is usual a new coach wishes to bring his assistant with him.

I can understand the suggestion that Sherwood is entitled to consideration but not that he is entitled to time, it was not afforded to AVB who had a far better record over many more games, had considerable experience, coaching qualifications and had also negotiated two cup competitions successfully until his demise.

Tottenham players and supporters are entitled to being given the best chance possible of success, they cannot compete at the very top of the financial tree, nor even the second tier so it is important that a coach be appointed that we can all believe in, unfortunately though at the outset it was hoped that Sherwood might prove to be “the one” it quickly became obvious that he was not. There can never be any cast iron guarantees as we Tottenham supporters know only too well, Gross, Santini, Ramos and a few others have proven to be major disappointments but as always we live in the hope that an appointment is made that finally generates the success that we crave so much, we all have our own ideas as to who that special coach might be, FDB, Benitez, LGV, Moyes, Sherwood, Pochettino or another, only time will tell.

7 to “Sherwood deserves time!”

  1. tom says:

    Merson has come out and defended his work and yet in the same article states Spurs have struggled. Well which is because sherwood had been in charge for 20 league games and had taken us out of sll 3 cups so have we struggled or has sherwood dine well it can’t be both.

  2. JL says:

    I think there’s an error with the article. . Spurs wont be 7th even if man utd win the game in hand.. spurs are 3 points clear of them and so long as they win their last 2 will finish 6th..

    As for Sherwood, its not a matter of if he’s the right one. I feel that he just does not have the rapport with the squad except for the few players he kept naming.. we need someone who’s not biased and gives every player a fair run in the team.. only then the team morale can improves.. in sports, positive morales will get you positive results.. look at Greece in 2004 and Denmark in 1992..

    • Tony says:

      No the point being made is that the media have said points achieved in sherwoods time was 4th best before today, the article makes the point that since beating United in January they have been 6th or perhaps 7th best if United win game in hand.

  3. eric says:

    For a moment there I thought Eddie was in favour of Tim,scary

    • Tony says:

      Nobody on the JTN team supports Sherwood though we were prepared to accept that we were wrong to back AVB if he turned things around, he did but not for the better and the team are a shambles. The quality within the squad got results against inferior teams in spite of Sherwood. All this best win percentage comment also hides the disastrous loss percentage and let’s not forget he only managed to win games because this IS a good squad.

  4. BigH says:

    Forget Shitwood. He is history. I still live in some vain hope we can lure Martinez to the Lane. End of season is nigh and what a season of woe. Shit leadership shown by Levy, sacking AVB with no plan B and then unleashing Shitwood on us. For me that is sufficient for him to go. Clubs name has been dragged through the mud and we fans have had our usual dose of torture. Some of the players also need shooting, attitude stinks. Credit to those who have at least battled on. For me Lloris deserves a real mention. He has been consistent, oozes class and although he has made a few mistakes has been outstanding. Always gives 100%, totally professional and has acted in a dignified way all season. Cue Levy who will sell him. God, doesn’t anyone know a rich Arab who wants to buy us….?

    • Tony says:

      That probably sums up the thoughts of the vast majority of Tottenham supporters and though nobody would be disappointed with Martinez in charge he probably has to much respect for his current employer to bail out so soon. There is too much talk from FDP to take him seriously now and he seems more intent on embarrassing Tottenham. It’s Pochettino for me, seems very dignified when handling all the speculation and has never once been out of order to southampton or spurs, more importantly in a little over a year he has established a newly promoted team in the top 8 quite comfortably, his team plays nice football and he has continued to develop and promote academy plays correctly.

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