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Sherwood fails audition.

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

This game might just have told us a little more about what went on behind the scenes as well as confirm that Tim Sherwood is out of his depth. There have been rumours for weeks that those in the background have been trying to pressure AVB into switching to a 4 4 2 system and to play Adebayor, while the media and pundits like Jamie Redknapp  have been making the case for Jermain Defoe to start suggesting he is the one natural finisher in the squad, tonight we got some answers,  it was almost certainly true that there had been interference, 4 4 2 is not the answer and Defoe is not now nor ever a natural goalscorer and is no longer worth a place in the starting lineup.

A large section of our supporters had been asking for a return to a 4 4 2 with Defoe as an integral part of that plan, they also wanted the return of the the Tottenham style of playing, they got that tonight and once again we are out of a cup and have lost to an inferior team having led going into the last fifteen minutes. It was a great goal by Adebayor but it come from the one time a ball was delivered into the box that the big man was there, I lost count of the amount of times Defoe was flagged offside and can only recall one tame shot from him on target.

Sherwood, Ferdinand and Ramsay were appointed to take charge of the first team and between them they have not a minutes experience of actually doing the job at the highest level, some including Harry Redknapp have already recommended Sherwood for the job on a permanent basis and Daniel Levy would apparently like to see him successfully take over .

Tonight all of you who moaned and groaned that you wanted your Tottenham back got your wish, you got your 4 4 2, you got Defoe reinstated up front and you got the Tottenham of the last fifty years, pretty at times but rarely winners when it matters, away to Arsenal in the FA cup to come and I fear for us if we continue with the same outdated tactics. This season is as good as over for Tottenham now and yet just a few weeks ago we had a great defensive record and were competing for everything even though the goals were not flowing, then the moans, interference and media got to work and THE BEST performing coach we have had in over 100 years has been disposed of.

I admire Daniel Levy for the financial work he has performed for Tottenham but I have to question his judgement on football matters and the people he listens to, I cannot believe that a man who holds such power at the club is so naive as to listen to advisers who have had no experience of coaching at top level, of all his appointments only Martin Jol, Harry Redknapp and AVB have done reasonably well and AVB had far less time than all of the others and yet the best record by a fair way. We have been told that the players were with AVB by Brad Friedel but it seems that those that have taken over, Baldini and Levy tried to interfere, he had no say it seems on player acquisition and has paid the price for the failings of others.

Even though we were forced to sell our star player yet again the majority of supporters were still relatively satisfied with how the transfer market panned out and the teams progression, apart from some recent big defeats, we were still in the mix for everything even after Sundays defeat, now we are out of one cup, the team still don’t look capable of scoring goals and it looks as though we might now be without the services of Townsend for a while, Defoe is no natural goalscorer and while Adebayor worked hard as usual he rarely threatened where it really mattered, was not the target man that two up top demands, never got close to his strike partner and rarely won a ball in the air, while all this went on £26m man Soldado sat on his hands as he did when we last played West Ham.

It is with great sadness that it seems to have come to all this and there is still the hope that everything will come together and the team is successful this season, if it doesn’t happen then there is the likelihood that the last remaining top performers like Vertonghen for example will move on in the summer and we will be forced to start all over again. I feel like we have been nobbled, first by the media and now from within the club itself.


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  1. grant says:

    Defoe has got to go he has been a liability and was one of those responsible for chipping at AVB. he rarely plays for England even when ther is a striker crisis and has never been a good enough striker, please Toronto take him in January. Adebayor worked hard but the goal apart was never on the end of things in the box and played too deep. time for change including Lennon who flatters to deceive but brings nothing to the table apart from pace. Levy stick to finances and all those who stabbed AVb in the back go now. the season is over for us and the opportunity to grow as a club lost for year AGAIN. when will Levy learn.

  2. Jide says:

    As much as it hurts to say this, I agree with the writer. We’ve done ourselves in. No one saw it coming. Another season going to waste.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Yup everything about yesterday’s game had Redknapp’s fingerprints all over them. Watching the first 45 mins felt like i was taken back in time. Well, any team with a decent enough midfield would have been able to tear us apart. To all those who wanted their old spurs back, you got it. To all those crying for Redknapp back, you got a preview how our game will look like. Its so heartbreaking..

    • Tony says:

      Aint that the truth and the 3 chosen to take charge were all taken on by Redknapp, he even came out in support of Sherwood getting the job yesterday, him and his cronies are like a plague and seem to be everywhere.

  4. jay hickman says:

    not anyone saw this comin? i’ve been warnin about this for months but have been gettin slagged off… i said in march that the warnin signs were there… as for dfoe not bein a natural finisher- he is and always has been, dont turn on our established players, they arnt to blame… its all the new players along with sandro, kaboul, dembele adebayour and assou ekkotto that have been rockin the boat, i said about adebayour and ekkotto bein trouble makers but noone on here listens until the fallout begins… sherwood is nowhere near good enough to manage spurs lettalone manage any team, he proved that with his managers stint at blackburn years ago which was after 14days as spurs’ caretaker managers so more fool the fans on this forum that were claimin he would steady us… in all honesty its new fans that are bringin spurs down with their naive suggestions and opinions… real spurs fanslike me see our team for what it is- a mess full of talentless wasters, even lord sugar has said it on talksport… i get called an arsenal fan for bein totally honest about spurs but what would that make sugar as he slas them off daily, to slag off a team that you support doesnt mean you are an less of a supporter or not a supporter atall… its because as a fan you want your team to be winnin and bein the best they can be every match, fas that try makin excuses up dont do anythin but harm to a club… it gives false hope and expectation, spurs were once giants in football fron the early 1900’s to around 1964 when they started fizzlin out and became a cup only team, since then we havnt really achieved anythin apart from mid table finishes and its been that way until 2004… so as a spurs fans i always know not to expect alot as spurs alway end up dissapointin, i did say to the admin team on here to stop postin that we are title contenders but they just dont listen to anythin constructive or true until they are shown to be wrong

    • Boobaspur says:

      Maybe people don’t take your opinions serious because of your terrible punctuation and spelling. It’s actually an effort and hard work to read a wall of poorly constructed text like yours.

      We all make mistakes, but do you even read back what you wrote before posting, or is it like a kind of brain vomit?

    • tom says:

      If defoe is such a nwtural finisher why has he only ever averaged ten goals aseason and never even hit 20, sorry you talk rubbish at times and to suggest we have been midtable since 64 confirms it. Only 2 of the new players were out there lat night onebplaying out of position, no sandro, kaboul and ekotto those you blame. funny how most of those players got highest points total last year, idiot. I have seen no signs on this forum or any other for sherwood and its odd that there is no record of him ever being a coach before. Please copy us in on your warnings in march as ive gone back to then and can find nothing. When a team is close to the top as we were before sunday and still are really you can talk up your chances especially when you believe the team will improve and pleas tell me what part of your comment isconstuctive? Defoe is not good emough and yet you talk him up only, he is there toscore goals but doesnt even threaten.

    • lou says:

      Sugar is a knob and we all know it much like piers morgan

  5. jay hickman says:

    All this defence talk. We defended under AVB yes but who gives a damn. You do not win matches by defending, you win by scoring lots of goals. Football is about goals! You score then you win, if you don’t score you either get 0 – 0 or lose.

    • Boobaspur says:

      “You score then you win” – nonsense, Spurs 1 – W.H. 2

      It is much more true to say, ‘if you do not concede, you can not lose’.

      Of course football is about goals, but that is not the only aspect like you appear to profess.

    • Tony says:

      There lies the problem you do not win by scoring lots of goals but by scoring one more than the opposition amd you cant lose if you dont concede anf thats how teams win lots of silvereare.

  6. jay hickman says:

    btw im a big avb fan… his defensive style would’ve paid of if levy got in the players avb actually wanted i.e lopez, juan mata, lukaku, moutinho, hulk ect but unfortunately levy/lewis dont wanna pay the wages for these amazin players so instead buy lacklustre flops… the levy/lewis policy is- why pay out 107mil on 2-4 players who demand atleast 100,000 each a week? when you can buy upto over 7 players (holtby too) for just over 109mil who would only want small wages… nice policy if you’r a bank but we’re a club

  7. Eric says:

    No big deal,sack him and find another scapegoat.I mean isn’t that the spurs way

    • lou says:

      It seems so but doesn’t make it the right way, looks like Levy got this one horribly wrong and perhaps the majority wanted to see AVB given the season at least.
      I hope one day we find out what really happened but just like the media it seems like harrys cronies in camp Levy weaved their magic. Hope the next man through the door insists they go.

  8. jay hickman says:

    booba theres nothin wrong with my punctuation, its simplified for idiots to read it, besides this isnt a spellin bee… its a spurs forum and goals do win games if you can score alot of them like man city or liverpool provided you have a good defence, if you cant score atleast 2 goals per game then you’re defence starts to get torn apart… btw tom shows what you know as sherwood managed blackburn and was caretaker manager for spurs in 2008 (before redknapp) and in 2004… as for my warnings- go to “about us” on this forum where me and tony were discussin spurs in august- i was typin avb will get the sack cause the 7 new players are awful, i was sayin on the forums in march too…

    • Tony says:

      that was the first heard from you so your reference to march is way off the mark. I’ll bet you would have been one of those advocating getting rid of Bale when he first started, luckily Ekotto picked up an injury and he was needed or Redknapp might have sold him.
      Tim Sherwood Coaching career

      Tottenham Hotspur
      On 27 October 2008, Sherwood was reported to be considering a job offer as a coach with Tottenham Hotspur by new manager Harry Redknapp. He took up the offer and joined the Spurs coaching staff on 31 October 2008.[6] On 16 December 2013, Tottenham Hotspur announced that Sherwood would “assume first team coaching duties”, following the departure of Andre Villas Boas as the manager. He lost his first game in charge, 2-1 at home to West Ham in the fifth round of the 2013–14 Capital One Cup.[7]
      Obviously you are not as well informed as you think.

  9. jay hickman says:

    defoe is a natural finisher but unfortunately he averages 15 a season (not 10) so he falls down the order or backstabbed when a new player comes in like adebayour then soldado, if you kept gettin dropped from a team you scored over 100 goals for, would you be up for playin for them again? dont think so… spurs keep shootin themselves on player decisions… tony have you only just realised that you win a match by score 1 more than the opposition? thats why its best to score LOTS of goals to guaruntee you dont end up losin… most teams like to score 3 – 0 if they can which is whats referred to as ‘the perfect score’ in football…

    • Tony says:

      take another look he has scored 90 goals for us and this his 11th season add the 15 in 2 seasons at portsmouth and even 10 is generous. Think if your paid 60grand a week you should do exactly what your told i know i would. Here we go again, if you keep clean sheets and score you win simples. So 3-0 is the magic result i haven’t seen that in any manuals or heard that before so must bow to your wisdom, why is 4-0 not perfect I have to wonder when 1-0 will do. have you applied for the job yet or will Levy come to you do you think?

    • lou says:

      I googled “perfect score” in football and it keeps coming up “don’t be a dickhead.”

  10. jay hickman says:

    i meant after redknapp not before… uck sake

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