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Should Adebayor be an option from the bench against City?

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Eddie S

Tottenham resume their season following an international break for the third time having had to endure defeat in the preceding games, firstly a 1-0 defeat to Arsenal following which Tottenham were accused of bringing in far to many players during the transfer window and therefore lacking any cohesion. Next up was West Ham and despite dominating for most of the game they were undone by three goals the last of which was truly impressive, on this occasion a fine defensive performance from the hammers who played without a recognised striker strangled Tottenham’s attacking play. The most recent outing and another home defeat to Newcastle was probably the most difficult to take as it could and should have been a game in which the goals for column substantially increased, as we now know Tim Krul produced THE goalkeeping performance of the past seven seasons to deny the Tottenham attack.

In each of those cases the team and in particular the ability of AVB to create a team capable of scoring goals has been brought into question. Creativity is about provididing goalscoring opportunities and shots on goal and in that department Tottenham actually have the best record in the division bar none, averaging almost 19 attempts on goal in every fixture. Whilst it has to be agreed that too few chances have been created for star striker Roberto Soldado allowances must surely be made and credit given to the opposition who now, without exception, set themselves up defensively against AVB’s team.

The return of Adebayor?

The return of Adebayor?

After each of the previous defeats Tottenham have bounced back after the break with victories, firstly it was at home to Norwich and then away to Aston Villa but this time they face the title favourites Manchester City who also need to make amends for an unexpectedly poor result in their last outing.

So with a difficult away fixture to Manchester City to come this brings us to the point of the article, should AVB  consider bringing Adebayor along for the trip  as backup to Soldado and as another option from the bench? We all know that Ade tends to enjoy playing against his former clubs, seeming to have a point to prove, and as he must surely now be fit and fresh he might just be the perfect alternative for the team from the bench, if the team needs a goal as an additional striker he offers something different, an aerial presence that could cause a City team without Kompany problems, or more hopefully help the team retain what they have by offering an outlet up front and an ability to retain possession further up field.

Jermain Defoe has been away with the national team as but as is usually the case has not started a game and been introduced late on to try to retrieve something from the game. Presumably Adebayor has been able to train and integrate with those left behind at Tottenham’s training facility which might just give him and the team an edge.

There is always the possibility that Adebayor is not fit as it has been hard to keep up with his situation so far this season,  if he is though there might not be a better time for him to return, the atmosphere at the Etihad will be extremely intimidating, some players crumble in those circumstances but Adebayor is no shrinking violet and seems the sort that would thrive on it.

I might be in the minority but I believe that Abedayor still has much to offer and is a better alternative to Defoe either as a starter or from the bench, he offers something totally different and while he is not a natural finisher he is a team player.

2 to “Should Adebayor be an option from the bench against City?”

  1. jay hickman says:

    goal keeper performance of 7 years?! wtf!? it wasnt about the keeper performance as they’ve been strugglin all season with pardew… it was to do with a total lack of finishin skill, composure and ability… we had 31 shots on goal, 21 were on target and nearly all were soldado shots, he couldnt even get a single goal out of it, he had shot after shot after shot and like alan shearer said on MoTD- spurs should have easily won but the striker needs to go to the trainin ground and learn how to finish, krull is good but hes not exactly a rensing, valdes, neuer, cassias etc so if spurs cant score against him wtf will they do when we get stronger teams in the europa league lol… all this lack of service is an excuse too, theres been plenty of balls comin in from the wings etc, the issue is that soldado cant score… all the hundreds of millions spent on the 7 new players has completely dissillusioned people on these forums, we could have got in 3 amazin players for all that money but instead we’ve got 7 wasters

    • Tony says:

      Of course you are right because every team has more than 30 shots every game so it’s nothing it?so thats 7 wasters this summer and together with the six the previous year just how did we manage to get a record points total and be ahead again this year so far. together with being knocked out of all the cups just what will become of us ?relegation beckons. But the article was about Adebayor what is your opinion on that?

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