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Should AVB switch to 3 at the back to break down defences?

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

It is not the first time the subject has been raised and it won’t be the last but perhaps AVB should experiment at times with playing three at the back as a means of breaking down defensive lineups, it is proving to be relatively successful for Liverpool and one or two other teams across Europe and he has the pace within his squad to make it work.

Playing the highline enabling the team to create overloads on the opposition in certain areas is often spoken of by AVB these days, how about an extra creative midfielder, forward or wide player to cause overloads against teams that set up to defend in depth. Nobody arrives at White Hart Lane set up to attack, a lone forward or none at all is now the norm so what is the point of four defenders, of course Walker and Rose once he regains fitness are no shrinking violets when it comes to getting forward but they are predominantly defenders and that will never change and shouldn’t. Perhaps by playing a 3 5 2 the opposition might actually be encouraged to change tack and be a little more adventurous, in those circumstances hopefully the quality we possess would shine through.

Obviously it is not a tactic to use in every fixture, especially away games or against the elite but it should still be a weapon available for when Tottenham come up against teams intent on strangling their offensive ambitions. We know that Soldado and Adebayor are able to perform well as a lone forward whereas Jermain Defoe was and always has been far more effective feeding off a big forward as in the day of Crouch alongside him. Are teams now capable of defending that situation having become used to competing against the lone striker?

How often do we see teams throw on another forward and remove a fullback toward the end of a game when they are chasing an equaliser, in those circumstances the opposition have something to defend and they counteract by defending even deeper or bringing on more defensive options something that they are unlikely to do in the early stages of a game.

We might possibly see Adebayor and Defoe start tonight’s game but the likelihood if that happens is that it will be in a 4 4 2 formation, perhaps tonight is the ideal opportunity to experiment although reaching the last eight of a cup competition might be too much to risk and it might just be a better option to wait for the remaining games in the Europa competition with qualification all but confirmed.

Tottenham have the quality of player in their ranks to cope with just about any tactical ploy AVB might want to implement or experiment with, before then he will wish to ensure that every member of the group has been fully integrated into his favoured system(s).

We all consider ourselves experts when it comes to picking the team but if it goes wrong AVB is the only one in the firing line, there has been no explanation as to why he started with Defoe rather than Soldado against West Ham, we have presumed it to be the number of goals Defoe had scored up to that point and all the talk of his unrest and need to play to ensure involvement in the England set up, if that was the case then hopefully AVB will not be swayed again, Defoe scored for fun against vastly inferior opposition but when it came to a higher level he brought far less to the table than Soldado.

Maybe I’m wrong but I believe that Adebayor needs to be given his chance as if he brings his A game he will be another vital ingredient in what is a fantastic squad of players.






7 to “Should AVB switch to 3 at the back to break down defences?”

  1. Eric says:

    I’d rather play without a dmf n play an extra striker instead

  2. Jide says:

    I got down on my knees and prayed that we win the penalty shoutout tonight after I saw that we have the opportunity to play West Ham in the last 8. Thank goodness my prayers were answered!

    I want us to do a real job on them this time at the Lane.

    • Tony says:

      You have to give credit to the players there was no sign of panic they did not lump the ball into the box but just kept the faith and their structure. The sign of a top team.. Revenge is coming.

  3. Jide says:

    I think it is time that AVB put aside whatever problem he has with Adebayor. We need a goalscorer. We need one that is more adaptable to the formation and tactics that we are currently playing.

  4. Eric says:

    He was injured

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