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Should Soldado start against Sheriff?

Posted on November 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

We all know that Roberto Soldado is the number one striker at Tottenham and the go too centre forward for AVB, not because of his huge transfer fee and salary but because he is the clubs top striker by a country mile. Jermain Defoe is attracting all the plaudits because of his goals so far this season and because his last effort tied him with the all time record holder at Tottenham Martin Chivers, but the truth of the matter is that all those goals have come against vastly inferior opposition rather than the banks of top defenders set up to prevent Tottenham and Soldado from scoring this season.

Soldado is new to Tottenham and there is little doubt that the team as a whole is still adapting to his strengths in order to get the best return from him and so benefit themselves in terms of results, in his only outing away in Europe he scored two goals typical of his ability both from within the box, clinical finishes from crosses by Townsend and Chadli, his other strength is runs down the channel typical of most of the goals scored by Defoe so far this season.

Tottenham's number one

Tottenham’s number one

Decision time.

Decision time.

No matter which team starts in any given competition the formation is basically the same and so perhaps the time has come to start Soldado in one or two of these games against opposition that will give him and the team the opportunity to grow more quickly into the roles needed to extract more goals from him and sharpen his skills. Short of abandoning all hope of progressing in cup competitions, as we have done in past seasons, with the current situation surrounding Adebayor AVB has been forced to operate all season with just two specialist strikers and in all honesty has done remarkably well, Tottenham are still flying high in the league and involved in both cups, the squad is being rotated so allowing rest for players between matches and the whole thing is being handled well so far.

There might be a temptation to play Soldado but until such time as the bigger more important cup games come around, and by that I mean the knockout stages, then AVB must and will resist, the clubs number one priority IS qualification for the Champions League.

chasing the record

chasing the record

Come next year Soldado will be expected to start more of the big midweek games as the club progress to the knockout stages in Europe, he should probably start against West Ham in the quarter finals of the Capital One Cup as Defoe had his chance and failed miserably recently against the Hammers. come the end of January Tottenham must have in place the three strikers to see out the season, if Adebayor is not fit and ready then a replacement is essential, if Defoe is still whining about needing to play more regularly to go to the World Cup then find a team who will play him and get a replacement, if Harry Kane is ready then say so and play him more if not a good loan should do the trick in time for next season.

When Tottenham did have strikers to choose from Redknapp did not know how to rotate players and they

Is Harry ready to step up?

Is Harry ready to step up?

were wasted, but for the past couple of years it has been a case of striker problems either because of form or fitness. There is far to much at stake for this issue to continue any longer, that and the left back problem must be addressed, the loss of Danny rose has been a bit of an embarrassment having loaned out Benni to QPR. The time has come to resolve all issues and complete this squad, hard decisions might have to be taken but taken they must be.

With the goalscoring record at stake it will almost certainlybe Defoe for tonight but I would hope that Kane will get half hour or more to show what he can do, the prospect of Kane, Lamela , Townsend and Eriksen with an average age of 21 yrs is an exciting possibility that could one day become an effective offensive unit.


13 to “Should Soldado start against Sheriff?”

  1. Alee says:

    To answer the title, no. Unless AVB is planning a radical tactical rejig where our wingers might play as proper wingers and not inverted ones.

    Otherwise, play Kane. Why not? These Europa group games are boring and individually inconsequential. Avb really should use these remaining 3 games to do some serious tactical experimenting because our offensive ability is really handicapped at the moment.

    • Tony says:

      Avb has already confirmed no chance of reverting to 4 4 2 so one striker only. With three Europa games to play and qualification all but confirmed time to let Kane Kane loose.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    A tiny bit unfair to talk to JD whining given the service he has for Tottenham over so many years. It’s not like Soldado is keeping him bench warning with much more than the price paid for him (no disrespect to either of them).

    Of course Defoe wants to play and hope to impress for a World Cup place, wouldn’t you? In any case I just think we should be a little less derogatory here seen as we are all so aware and vocal about everyone else having a pop.

    It’s such a tough one to know who to play up top tonight. Soldado can’t need that much resting and could benefit with extra game time to bed in, and also get used to the demands of mid-week as mentioned.

    Does JD deserve the game tonight though and rest RS for the weekend.

    I would like to see what Adebayor would do with his chance, but I think that should be an away start and not home which tonight is. Maybe the next away EL match.

    To me it seems most likely that JD will start and Harry Kane might get on for the last 20 depending on what the score is. I’d like to see two up top.

    Let’s just hope it’s a good entertaining game with plenty of goals and a great atmosphere.

    Come on you Spurs!

    • Tony says:

      No problem him wanting to play regularly but in all the years he has played for spurs 15 is the best he has achieved. All the leaks come from somewhere and in all honesty it is time to accept cups and sub appearances is the best he can do. Apart from San Marino when did he last start for England. Jd has been good for spurs and them for him but he is 32 next birthday and all good things come to an end.avb will probably give Defoe the chance to break the record tonight and then bring on Kane but like you I cannot wait to see ade get his chance, if he is on song he will be a big player for us this season.

      • Boobaspur says:

        I understand JD isn’t going to be 20-30 goals for us most likely, and cups and subs might be his last efforts for us. If he has to move then thanks for the service and best of luck to him – but while he’s one of ours, let’s not perpetuate any notions of whining.

        That’s just my 2 cents, is all…

        • Tony says:

          We have every respect forJD and for what he has done but there can be no sentiment in football and unfortunately his days are numbered.He has a couple of good years left but not as an automatic starter and he really has to accept that and stop mentioning in interviews etc. that he feels he is doing enough to start. Settle for what he has and all is good but he is not the future and unfortunately that is a fact of life.

  3. Tom says:

    Kane please he needs games so that avb can judge whether he should be loaned or become a valued member of the squad now.

  4. Eric says:

    If we can go through Nov n Dec without any casualties we can then offload Ade n get in a proper replacement.Most of u want him but remember he did the same things at Monaco Arsenal Madrid City n Spurs.He won’t change no matter what.For the time being we should use Defoe n kane cause he will destroy the fantastic team spirit we have atm

    • Boobaspur says:

      I just want to see what Ade’s work rate is like if and when he gets a chance, particularly in a match AVB could risk chancing him. I just want to see what our options are – I’ve not forget his performance last season and I’m not his biggest fan.

    • Tony says:

      another decent cameo for Kane he is looking strong and a handfull for defenders.

  5. Caleb says:

    To start off lamela is looking great tonight. This spurs team reminds me of when moutinho first took over Chelsea a strong, quick, disciplined side who are tough to beat. But, and I’m not saying soldado can’t be this, unless spurs find a goal scorer and a striker who fits them perfectly I don’t think they can reach the heights that the Chelsea team did.

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