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Should Tottenham look to Torres rather than Villa?

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Tony

There has been much speculation that David Villa is a target of AVB and Tottenham for the coming season but he will turn 32yrs of age soon after the season starts, will cost a pretty penny in fees and wages and has been a little too injury prone for my liking for some time. There is another Spanish striker plying his trade a little closer to home who is expert in the methods of Premiership football and who is also rumoured to be surplus to requirements at his current club, he is more than 3 years younger than Villa and is desperate to have a great season and put himself back into contention for the next World Cup in Brazil. Off the back of a season when he scored 23 goals might Fernando Torres be the striker to ignite Tottenham’s season to even greater heights?

There is no doubt that Torres has had a torrid time of it for a few seasons now but has retained his pace and workrate throughout that period. Once considered to be one of the greatest strikers in Europe he has lost his way a little but after a decent season at Chelsea boasting a good strike rate might AVB and Tottenham be the challenge he needs and the right working environment to re-establish himself?

Torres would probably command a fee only slightly more than that reportedly quoted for Villa but being more than 3 years his junior and with no fitness issues would seem to be less of a gamble and could well turn out to be one of the best purchases of the season. Whether Chelsea would entertain any overtures from Tottenham is another matter as they are are now considered direct competitors and a significant threat to them, but as they now seem desperate to offload him a bid might be considered.

Torres is not likely to be the clubs first or second choice but if push comes to shove he might just be worth consideration.


1 to “Should Tottenham look to Torres rather than Villa?”

  1. mancho says:

    Spuds can sign any player but the fact is they’ll still finish below arsenal… I hope spuds hate LAURENT KOSCIELNY! I will be watching u once again on thursdays in the europa league. Wahaa lol…

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