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Should Tottenham make a bid for Fabregas?

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

If the figures are true and Manchester United have made a £25m bid for Cesc Fabregas maybe Tottenham should also be putting themselves in the frame for his services. There has been much talk of the need of a playmaker and however difficult it is to say Fabregas was and is exceptional. There would of course be the stigma of his association with the woolwich invaders that Tottenham supporters would have to overcome, but we Tottenham supporters never lost affection for Pat Jennings, the ex Spurs captain SC is a different matter of course.

Perhaps now is the time to put all those unhappy moments behind us and attempt to buy one of their favourites, he is affordable, his wages are not prohibitive it seems and whilst we cannot provide him with Champions  League football this coming season AVB is putting together a team that will hopefully achieve even better than just 4th position.

Fabregas in a Tottenham shirt would not go down well with most Tottenham supporters and a similar situation to the George Graham period might arise, but if he helps Tottenham to achieve what they desire then possibly all would be forgiven.

What am I saying, good as Fabregas is he could never wear a Tottenham shirt, Arsenal supporters saw some fun in SC joining them and the circumstances surrounding his treacherous behaviour, but Fabregas in a Tottenham kit would just not be right and there are now others out there who would do a far better job for Tottenham.

It should read “Posted by Random Spurs Supporter who has lost his marbles”

14 to “Should Tottenham make a bid for Fabregas?”

  1. tom says:

    no thanks but good for a laugh and wind up.

  2. steve says:

    tommy Carroll can do what he does and will be exceptional himself in a few years.

  3. JL says:

    He’s a good player.. And will fit into any team.. But tbh, I’m sure spurs is te last team he will join.. Haha.. I would suggest we go for Ibrahimovic instead as he has been make available by PSG.. But his wages will be a mountain to climb though.. Just wishful thinking on my part.. Lol

    • Tony says:

      Spurs and Madrid are the only 2 no nos , Ibrahimovic is a good player but colossal wages, a definite mercenary and now getting past it. Players with hunger and a burning desire to win are whats needed, Kyle Walker has it and you can see it in every performance.

  4. lol says:

    ManU can not buy him at 25M, because Arsenal will pay just the same, moreover he will not be available for sale after Thiago left. Just in case someone can pay 40M+ then Barca might consider, and Arsenal will not match price. But 50% of it Arsenal will get. Logically, if, and if, he is for sale, for Barcelona, Arsenal buying at 15M is better than ManU buying at 25M lol. Its a joke that we feed Arsenal the 15M money from Fab transfer.

    • Tony says:

      didn’t realise that Arsenal had sell on clause, but as you say now Thiago has gone it will never happen. Fabregas is just 26 and his time will come to take over from xavi.

  5. GoonerPower says:

    You guys are so delusional it’s not even funny?? You are playing in Europa league for gods sake, tiny club, why should he leave barca for spurs, he can only leave barca for an arsenal or hard to say a Man U. Jeez get a grip n write sth realistic

    • Tony says:

      Please do not even consider Arsenal as on a similar level to United they are now miles behind them, city and chelsea in terms of success, arsenal are fighting hard not to be swept aside by Spurs.

      • lol says:

        Lets not talk success, else we can count last 25 years. Minus SAF I see a weak United, a weak City anyway with new manager this year. Chelsea, yes, strong. Arsenal, yes, strong. Spurs, yes, almost there.

        • Tony says:

          I can see that things are not as they seem at OT what with Rooney and losing out on Thiago and some of their important players are knocking on in football terms, RVP is the star performer by a distance at the moment and they need players . I have always fancied Chelsea, City and like it or lump it Spurs as the top 3 for this coming season with City still needing some rebuilding work yet. It might seem crazy but Spurs have a reasonably settled squad of improving players and if the centre forward joins(Benteke) real improvement will have been made.

  6. Thierry says:

    Hahahaha what aload of tosh. Fabregas would NEVER join tottenahm, not only because he loves arsenal but because their tottenham lol. You lot really know nothing, fabregas is not xavis replacement, fabregas isnt wanted by barca, thats why he started less than 60% of games last season and was left out of the starting line up in ALL big games. He is not as highly rated over there as he is over here, he wants to play week in week out in the lead up to the world cup and has told wenger as much, plus his partner and new born daughter live in london. Sergio roberto today has been promoted to the first team(CAM) with neymar playing wide left, it pushes iniesta into the middle leaving even less room for fabregas. Stop believeing what the papers say its laughable. Cesc is coming back to arsenal, and when he does, he will be joined by suarez or higuain, and we will push for the title 100%.

  7. Iyke says:

    Funny spurs

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