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Should Tottenham renew interest in Benteke?

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Scraggs

With Jermain Defoe on his way come the end of February Tottenham will on the face of it need a replacement this month, even though Tim Sherwood believes that he has enough options in his absence to overcome his leaving it does seem a dangerous option, already both first choice forwards are hardly prolific and should an injury to either or both occur the most crucial of period of the season could be in tatters.

As far as we know over the summer transfer window Tottenham showed great interest in Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke who had ripped through the defences of all Premiership clubs last season, his first in the league. whether there was any truth to the rumours or not or whether Villa simply priced him out of the market I doubt we shall ever know but this season he has been anything but prolific or as dangerous but there are signs that he might be ready to rediscover his form, essential with the World Cup approaching and Lukaku outperforming him at present.

Should Tottenham look to show interest again this month? certainly his value has dropped considerably and gone are the ridiculous figures quoted of £25m and more, perhaps  £10 to £15m, always more realistic, is his current and probably his true value.

Is he the type of player that might again appeal to Tottenham? In a five man midfield with a sole forward under the tactical preferences of AVB he was not necessarily the type preferred but he was prolific enough to do the job, now in a different formation with Sherwood’s preference for two players up front his strengths might come from his ability to hold up play and more importantly his aerial ability. With balls coming into the box from two speedy wingers which will include the likes of Lennon, Townsend and Chadli as well as from two overlapping fullbacks Walker and Rose none of the three specialist forwards currently in our ranks are particularly adept at attacking and winning the ball in the air regularly enough, Benteke has been involved in just 16 fixtures in a relatively poor season by his standards and been involved in 215 aerial duels and won 100 of them, by contrast Soldado in 19 games has had 59 aerial duels and won just 8, Adebayor has fared slightly better  in his 6 games with 12 wins from 34 duels.

We know that Tottenham do not belong to the the long ball or hoof it up the middle brigade but nor would you put Villa in that category either, there is a time and a place of course and when playing two strikers it is important to have that ability at your disposal, not since Peter Crouch was the preferred option with Rafael Van de Vaart as his partner have Tottenham had that sort of ability and if that was good enough for Harry Redknapp then you would think that it would appeal to Tim Sherwood.


3 to “Should Tottenham renew interest in Benteke?”

  1. Eric says:

    Knowing Tim he will probably bench him in favor of kane or some other of his prodigy.So I say keep the purse strings tight till we get an experienced coach in the summer

    • Tony says:

      Lets hope Tim surprises us this weekend with a different selection or two. Would like to think Townsend migjt get his chance soon as well as Lamela. Obviously Vertonghen will be selected as soon as he is fit as well as Paulinho but really hoping he might surprise us with some creative ideas.Swansea takes on major importance with City up aftet that.

  2. BigH says:

    Yes but it isnt going to happen. Why do something sensible? It would totally go against the grain

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