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Sit back & relax as Spurs go about building their squad.

Posted on June 05, 2016 by Guest Writer

Several times a day Spurs are linked with players from across the globe as Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino and their scouting team go about adding the players needed to strengthen the squad for the coming season. With Champions League football to look forward to it is just as vital, more so in fact, not to lose sight of the need to win the right to qualify again next season and regularly thereafter, let’s be honest our coach and just as importantly the players will be looking to a title challenge once again next season and they will add the quality and depth to try to ensure it happens.

Only this week the talk has been of Hugo Lloris looking for a way out by refusing a new extended contract, the man himself has since confirmed that he has simply been awaiting confirmation that the club has the ambition to push on and Daniel Levy has personally confirmed to him it is the case and that Spurs will look to bring in the players needed to improve upon last season.

We have already seen Arsenal splash the cash and it seems that they are now about to plunder the champions Leicester for their top scorer Vardy, perhaps a central defender will also follow and Wenger will then hope he has done enough to earn the new contract, my guess is that their fans will fall for it yet again especially if they can pick up a domestic cup, probably the best that they might hope for.

United seem set to add Zlatan to their squad to sell lots of shirts and merchandise, his inclusion will stunt the ¬†advancement of Rashford for a while of course, let’s be honest Mourinho won’t rely upon youngsters to try and cement his reputation as a winner, he hasn’t done that for the past 10 years.

Tottenham are going about their business quietly but hopefully efficiently, Levy will not relent and pay ridiculously over the odds but in our opinion nor will he skimp in trying to deliver what Pochettino desires and what was agreed when signing a new, extended and improved contract, nor will he renege on what he told the club captain before he headed off to captain France at the Euros.

It appears at this stage that a couple of offensive players are on the agenda with one of them capable of leading the line when needed, another defensive midfield player and a right-sided central defender to take over from Toby when a rest is needed. Sources seem to suggest that Spurs have a list of potential additions apparently ranked in order of preference, acquiring one of them will be based upon availability, price and demands.

Saido Berahino once seemed nailed on to become one of the options up front, though not yet an entirely discounted option it does now seem unlikely that he will join and certainly any suggestion that he is still worth £25m is laughable, Dembele from Fulham on a free might still happen but as one for the future rather than for the here and now if it happens. Wanyama seems a logical possibility especially now that Koeman also seems set on moving to Everton.

United and City will spend an obscene amount of money in fees and wages so as to pander to the ego of their new coaches, Chelsea won’t be shy with their cheque book as they have a long way to go to regain their pride after an embarrassing season, Liverpool will look to press on after the bounce given them by Klopp. As for Tottenham their owners and the board know that this is their chance to establish themselves as one of the elite and I’m convinced that they will take it within reason as Levy does not do getting completely ripped off. The time to strike is now, with a new stadium to fill in a couple of seasons time our current stars must be retained, to do that the club must ensure that their ambitions are pandered to and that means bringing in some quality additions in this transfer window and challenging for silverware.

Tottenham tend to do their business quietly and efficiently, the only leaks tend to come from other clubs as was the case with WBA over the Berahino deal last summer, ITK’s and hacks will continue to link Spurs with many players in the coming weeks, often pitching them in battles for their services with Arsenal, Liverpool and West Ham just to drum up more interest.

Expect lots of speculation but until Tottenham have made an official announcement believe little.





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