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Sol Campbell continues to show shocking judgement and lack of class.

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Guest Writer

Just like all those years ago when Sol Campbell ( I can hardly say his name) treated Tottenham with utter contempt and destroyed his reputation forever he is now trying to do the same to our country and the FA, though I have no particular love of the FA myself the accusations are totally without foundation and have been made simply to court controversy and attempt to sell more copies of his autobiography, not a chance in one half of North London and I hope by his current actions it goes down like a lead balloon in the rest of the country.

We shall not dwell on this piece of work too long but he has apparently been shocked that he did not captain the England team for the ten years he was involved he feels because of the colour of his skin and accuses the FA of being racist! Now unless he expected to walk into the captaincy from day one the ten years is a bit far fetched in itself as for much of that time a certain Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Tony Adams were present in the team and all captained the side as well as Paul Ince, Stuart Pearce, Alan Shearer, and a certain David Beckham so for an individual bereft of personality to lead the England team ahead of those individuals is quite laughable.sol campbell

Sol Campbell became a joke when he did he signed for the “Gooners” something that he should never have done having come up through the ranks and having been given his chance at Tottenham, he was treated well and he “promised ” us all he would be staying! Had he gone to United or Liverpool his reputation would have remained intact but he chose to turn his back on the fans and club and will never be forgiven. Even now he is referring to fans and players spreading rumours about him, I can’t think what he might mean?

Perhaps he should have mentioned in his book that had a certain Ledley King not had such an awful injury record his last five years involved in the England setup might never have happened and a certain Spurs central defender might then well have led the England team for the ten years he mentions,though in Ledley’s case a player with class deserving of the honour.

Campbell has not been a player of note for several years now and the mere mention of his name offends me. He has failed to make it a s a pundit as he really has proven himself to be very boring in that job and so is trying to earn another buck from the hard pressed supporters, well good luck in that as I doubt you will find any Spurs, Notts County, Portsmouth or Newcastle fans rushing to spend their money on such rubbish.

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