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Soldado is all we expected despite slow start.

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Scraggs

Whenever you read that Tottenham still have a striker problem the reality is that nothing could actually be further from the truth, many tend to regard the defence as perhaps the main attribute of the team what with them having conceded just a solitary goal all season in all competitions, of course there is little doubt that the defensive unit is working extremely well, aided of course by a robust hardworking midfield, but to suggest that it is the only area in which Tottenham excel is clearly wrong.

Roberto Soldado is the man brought in at great expense to turn chances into goals, despite already having four goals in just six appearances there are still many who doubt either him or the teams ability to supply the chances he needs. How wrong these doubts are was summed up in yesterdays performance against Cardiff, Soldado had five attempts on goal from within the box, no long range speculative efforts but genuine strikes on goal, four shots struck with venom and precision and each bringing a stunning save from the keeper, his fifth was a deft header from a cross which again was tipped around for a corner, that is not the form of a striker in crisis. Just look at his record over the past four seasons in particular.

Getafe 2008–09 34 13 0 0 34 13
2009–10 26 16 6 4 32 20
Total 60 29 6 4 66 33
Valencia 2010–11 34 18 3 1 7 6 44 25
2011–12 32 17 6 3 13 7 51 27
2012–13 35 24 4 2 7 4 46 30
Total 101 59 13 6 27 17 141 81

On MOTD last night Kilbane when confronted with the statistic of 29 Tottenham shots, the best in the league all season, he suggested that most were from outside the box when the truth is that 16 were from within the area. When you consider that Cardiff had ten men behind the ball for most of the game to create so many opportunities from within the box is nothing short of incredible. Michael Owen pointed to the fact that Tottenham still missed the width that Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale provided, based on that comment it is clear that he had not even watched the game as 33 crosses rained in from Tottenham.

At this moment in time Tottenham are so aggressive in midfield and from an attacking point of view that their defence is reaping the benefits, you might say attack is the best form of defence, the truth of the matter is that the whole team is growing as a complete unit from back to front.

There should be no doubting that Soldado will again reach his target of twenty goals or more, he is at the top of his game, even watching the highlights of yesterdays fixture he seemed to have a knack of finding acres of space in a crowded area and as pointed out earlier hit the target every time.

Come the end of the season there should be little doubt that Soldado and Defoe will have a very respectable haul of goals each and several of the midfielders will have chipped in to bolster the total, this is a very special squad assembled and working hard for AVB, there seems to be a hunger and belief growing from within that something special could await them come the end of the season, and that does not mean a transfer to Real Madrid.



8 to “Soldado is all we expected despite slow start.”

  1. tom says:

    Somebody is going to be on the end of a thrashing soon, Chelsea next week!!!!!

  2. eric says:

    Mighty impressed with kane yesterday.If we sell ade benny lennon n get in butner pastore n niang I belive we would be serious challengers on all front.Niang is struggling for gametime at milan n I Mata at psg in jan.We can get pastore at a cut price deal n with united trying for a lb butner would be available.Imagine defoe kane soldado niang,will allow us to challenge on all fronts.

    • tom says:

      Kane looked comfortable and was a threat, also impressed with Holtby in 6 minutes he helped create 3 chances with balls picking out advanced players. Naughton let himself down but he’s cover for Walker and that’s it now, need to sort out LB cover.

    • craig says:

      Kane came on in the 82nd minute and stats say he created 7 chances, impressive.

  3. eric says:

    Exactly y I have been asking to play him in cup n d odd pl games n loan ade for now.It will give vital experience n improve him when playing alongside the likes of paulinho lamela eriksen etc

  4. Tony says:

    Don’t even know what you mean but if it’s spurs to beat chelsea I agree.

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