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Soldado needs the outing against Anji.

Posted on October 01, 2013 by Tony

Roberto Soldado is probably in need of a game like Anji on Thursday so as to ignite his goalscoring fortunes, nobody should doubt his special talent in that respect as well his undoubted ability in and around the box, but he needs another open game like the first leg of the qualifying fixture against Tiblisi, a game in which he scored a couple of real poachers goals.

It is probably fair to assume that strikers rely immensely upon the service that the team provides them and so in turn it is the final piece of the jigsaw when cementing the pieces of a fully functional team, the rest of the team need to know all about the movement and runs of Soldado that makes him so good at what he does, efforts on goal, defending and midfield ability is functioning very well at the moment but creating clear cut opportunities and putting Soldado in one on ones with the keeper is still to happen.

Needs an outing against Anji on Thursday in order to build closer understanding with his teammates.

Needs an outing against Anji on Thursday in order to build closer understanding with his teammates.

Apart from Saturdays second half showing against Chelsea and one of the early outings against an established Arsenal team, Tottenham and Soldado have had to contend with teams content to defend in numbers, many have had nine or ten players back to defend against an extremely dominant Tottenham team, Cardiff and Palace were the home teams and yet defended in huge numbers, as did Chelsea in the first half at the weekend and Norwich before them. It is extremely likely that Anji would fancy their chances against Tottenham on Thursday and present a far more open game which in turn could benefit Soldado and the team immensely.

Tottenham have many players within their ranks who would relish exploiting teams on the break, the pace of some players is amazing and that together with their quality should help with the integration and understanding of Soldado’s requirements as a striker. AVB is very likely to make a number of changes for the upcoming fixture but the team will still be extremely strong, a win would go a long way toward guaranteeing progression to the knockout stages as after just one game they head the table by two points.

Soldado does not look the type of player who will worry too much about a short run without scoring, he has still been extremely instrumental in making chances and goals, still gets into incredible positions in the box, but is suffering from a lack of opportunities supplied by teammates. To put matters right he needs games and Thursdays away day outing might be the ideal opportunity for all concerned.


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  1. Eric says:

    Injuring himself to an unimportant game would be disaster.Also then where n when will u play the likes of defoe n Kane? He’s doing well so far in controlling,assisting,etc.He’s experienced enough to not let the goal drought affect him.

  2. whlspur says:

    Have to say Eric has a point.

  3. Jide says:

    This is the kind of game that Adebayor should be playing and not Soldado. I bet he scores against West Ham on Sunday!

  4. Eric says:

    last season at Valencia he scored only 4 goals in the opening 10 games but ended up with around 25 for the season.It’s a case of slow start

    • tom says:

      Don’t think he is helped by either Townsend or Sigurdsson to be honest. Sigi is scoring goals but not creating much as far as I can see(goals good)townsend is trying to score at every opportunity and as he isn’t and not creating Soldado is not getting the service he needs. Chadli might help he seems to put crosses in that he might thrive on.

  5. Eric says:

    once Chadli lamela lennon settle in I feel we can judge him

    • Tony says:

      Nobody rates soldado more highly than me and I am sure he is not the problem, he is just not getting the service needed from wide areas or balls in behind the defence, these are the areas he thrives on and Chadli, Lennon and Lamela seem the most likely to supply it. sigi and townsend have been very good, sigi with his goals and townsend with his attempts but neither sets up soldado enough in the right places.

  6. Jide says:

    When that guy start banging in those goals, we will start begging to slow down and give others the chance lol! He is that good. Any CF who hardly get caught offside will surely score plenty of goals. I have no doubt that some teams are in for a drubbing. It may start this Sunday with West Ham!

    • Tony says:

      your right for the most offensive team in the country to only be averaging 0.7 offsides a game is incredible and shows class and an awareness of what is required of a striker. He will do the job no fear.

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