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Soldado omission from Spain squad could be a blessing for Tottenham.

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Guest Writer

Roberto Soldado finally signed for Tottenham late into the transfer window partially because of ongoing negotiations with his club of the time Valencia and also in part due to his involvement in the Confederations Cup with Spain which meant a late return to training. He eventually joined Tottenham on the 5th August and less than two weeks later and after just one pre-season friendly he was to make his league debut scoring the only goal of the game as we all know. Another couple of weeks passed and he was off again with Spain for the next round of International fixtures and more time away from his new club.

Soldado being congratulated after scoring his first goal for Tottenham. Expect many more such moments.

Soldado being congratulated after scoring his first goal for Tottenham. Expect many more such moments.

Although his lack of involvement with his national team on this occasion will be of great personal concern to Soldado with the World Cup coming up next summer, for Tottenham and ultimately the player himself it could turn out to be the beginning of something special, he will finally have time to settle in his new home and place of work with no travelling to worry about and even though many of his teammates will be off on international duty those that remain will be able to work with him for a time, one of them will be Aaron Lennon a player who should certainly help to create opportunities for the £26m man.

It has been just a little over two months since Soldado joined Tottenham and in that short space of time he has had trips to Tbilisi and Anzhi with Tottenham as well as Finland and Spain for International fixtures, all of that has hardly allowed his new teammates or himself to work together very much in order to get the best of his striking talents, he also needs to settle in London with his family and probably for the first time has the opportunity to relax a little and allow him the time and space to do so.

Soldado is a twenty goal a season man and he will soon prove any doubters wrong.

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