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Soldado set on Tottenham transfer.

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Eddie S

It seems from reports in Spain and the UK that it is not only Tottenham keen on Roberto Soldado but the player himself is also very keen to join Tottenham and joins the list of players choosing the challenge for honours that AVB seems intent on and promises for the near future.

At the moment the hierarchy at Valencia have said things that seems to suggest that until Tottenham agree to pay the full asking price nothing will happen, based upon the figures suggested surrounding the transfer of Negredo to City the sum suggested does seem a little on the high side although as a contracted player the club are entitled to ask what they want and it is for Tottenham to negotiate or ultimately pay the price for the player.

In this particular instance Valencia are a club with extreme financial difficulties at this time, they are probably relying on an auction for the services of the player ensuing which according to the press could possibly involve Tottenham and Liverpool. If the player has now set his heart on joining Tottenham, irrespective of the Liverpool interest if in fact true, then it can only be a matter of time before he is holding the new Tottenham shirt, it will probably eventually consist of some sort of compromise from both parties but it must surely happen.

It would seem that Soldado might have been the one player that Tottenham wanted all along, he certainly fits the profile in terms of style, a silky smooth assassin in the mould of someone like Dimitar Berbatov but with a bit more pace and graft about him. It took him some time but he now seems the favoured front man in the Spanish lineup and is finding goals in that environment as well as the league fairly easy to come by.

This transfer should now happen fairly soon it would seem especially as the player has now decided he too is open to a move.

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