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Some Madrid players don’t want Bale!

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Guest Writer

For the past month or more player after player at Madrid has gone on record wanting, encouraging and talking up Gareth Bale in an attempt to turn his head and force a transfer to their club, they have followed the Perez and Zidane line, eventually it seemed that Bale also wanted it to happen and that it would just as soon as the money demanded was on the table. About a week or so ago the clubs supporters voted in huge numbers against spending more than 70m euros on Bale but instead continue to concentrate on their hero Ronaldo, even Ronaldo himself refused to sanction the need to sign Bale and since then both the new coach and more players have expressed their dissent on the issue.

There certainly seems to be a shift on the part of Real Madrid what with the supporters vote, Ronaldo’s lack of enthusiasm and now other players seemingly not so happy, even Perez himself has questioned spending such a huge amount on the player. This might be just an attempt to reduce Levy’s demands and pick up the player at a much lower fee or force payment over a long period, it might possibly be Real Madrid backtracking being unable or unwilling to pay the sum demanded by Levy. Di Maria has been very vocal in refusing to be a part of any deal and is determined to stay in Madrid, Ancelotti seems intent on refusing any of the younger players be a part of any deal and if true then surely Bale cannot really be that vital to them.

This entire attempt to secure the services of Bale has been unbelievable from the very beginning, nobody believed the articles started by Marca some of which ultimately proved to be accurate, now nobody seems to have any idea what is true and what is not, the only thing we do know is that Bale is still a Tottenham player so either Levy is still refusing to sell,or Madrid have not come up with the funds wanted.

Bale wants to go and Levy will now probably let him but not unless Madrid come up with the money and that is probably where it all hinges, whatever Perez might think it will take a world record fee to get the deal done or Bale will remain a Tottenham player.

2 to “Some Madrid players don’t want Bale!”

  1. Spurs fan for life says:

    Some fans real players dont want bale this is just blind bitterness aimed at him just because he wants to further his carrer. Some spurs fans need to grow up

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