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Sorry Tim I’m not buying it.

Posted on March 09, 2014 by Scraggs

Some of us probably guessed what was likely to happen when the team was announced yesterday with what was a very strange lineup partially forced upon the coach by the unexpected absence of Moussa Dembele and the continuing injury problems of Christian Eriksen. The starting lineup and positions that the players were asked to take up meant that no less than four of those starting were played out of position andyet though they could have found themselves a goal or two down after only five minutes up until the first goal the performance was encouraging as Tottenham dominated possession though made little of it as usual.

I did find it strange that Sherwood had asked Lennon, Walker, Vertonghen and Sigurdson to take up positions that were not best suited to them when simply by moving Naughton across to the left all of the other players could have taken up their best positions with Sigurdsson playing just behind Adebayor the purpose of his original purchase, Walker at right back, Lennon ahead of him and Vertonghen in the centre, on the bench was a left back in the form of Fryers, though he looked exposed when forced to come on. With so many other options on the bench for wide positions like  Chadli or Townsend and no less than three other offensive players, Soldado, Kane and Paulinho, Sherwood retained the services of an ineffective Adebayor for the entire period!

After the game in his post match interview Sherwood was scathing of some of the players character and commitment a sure sign of trying to deflect any blame from his door and not the way to treat his players with an even more crucial game coming up next week. Does he not realise that if those facts are at all true it reflects badly on him as their leader and the person responsible for picking the team, if true they have shown that they are NOT playing for him and he is no judge of character when picking the team. Perhaps he should have concentrated on examples of errors and no shortage of bad luck, Vertonghen did  set up Chelsea for the first goal but it arose from an unfortunate slip as did the third when Sandro also did so in the box, the penalty, if it really was one, was once again the final straw along with the sending off and the fourth goal was a comedy of errors but by then the game was over.

Now we begin the lead up to what is a crucial must win game against Arsenal, nothing less than three points will now do and it will be a true test of Sherwood’s leadership qualities, I have no problem with showing anger at poor or sloppy performances but he might just have shot himself in the foot with his comments on air as surely that is something for behind closed doors. All the talk of his man management skills and of his knowing the club and the players so well were made to look very very wide of the mark with his own comments, every one of the players chosen have been with the club for at least two years, some many more and yet he apparently chose a team lacking in character! Well whose fault is that Tim?

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  1. Jide says:

    Sorry Scraggs, I completely disagree with you. Sherwood is not my favourite person, but whatever his tactical or technical deficiency, the players did not show any pride in wearing that shirt yesterday. To give away goal after goal with for example Kaboul tying his boots while play is still going on around him and Walker throwing his hands up after that silly header can’t be blamed on the manager. Those are player’s faults.

    He will not be there next season, but those players need to take a good look at themselves.

    The season is over as far as I am concerned.

  2. Stantheman says:

    You have to say that Scraggs makes some valid points, Sherwood got the job because “he knows the players and the club” so why pick players with no bottle if he believes that they have all been at the club for years? Sherwood is devoid of the ability needed to lead a top 5/6 team, AVB was sacked after narrowly losing to Arsenal and a thrashing from Liverpool and City Sherwood has a decent league record but has already lost three cup fixtures and three league games and that is one more than AVB. AVB 25 games 5 defeats and in all the cups, Sherwood 18 games 6 defeats out of 2 cups. 20% v 33.3%.
    the players should be inspired by the coach and the possibility of CL and by sherwoods confession they were not proving he is not the man to do the job.

    • Jide says:

      I can go along with some of your views. But it boils down to players on the day. Those errors were worse than school boy errors playing Sunday league football on Hackney Marsh. The manager cannot be blamed for that. Believe me, I am not one of Sherwood’s supporters. The players let us all down yesterday.

      • Tony says:

        Tottenham supporters have been let down by the club all season starting with the sacking of AVB WITHOUT a secondary plan in place, we all knew the final outcome once sherwood was appointed though there was hope that he might turn out to be the exception. He is not and to be honest the team is far less offensive than when AVB was in charge. It’s a shambles and this month will see us out of europe and out of contention for any european competition next season which might be a blessing.
        Players might have made errors but unintentionally, Sherwood chose that team, they played for him and if he didn’t feel that they had the bottle for it he should have chosen others, even then other than enforced substitutions he did nothing with other players at his disposal.

  3. 5th again says:

    100million wasted on deadwood

    • Tony says:

      At the moment 5th is unlikely. Don’t quite agree with your comment as Chiriches, Eriksen and Paulinho have been good buys, Lamela has the potenetial to be the best of the lot we shall see while the other three have done ok. We will lose money on Soldado and Lamela if we sell them in the summer though doubt they will.but won’t lose out financially on Capoue and Chadli so it’s not quite like you make out.too many new players at once has been the problem.

      • 5th again says:

        Agreed 7 players is too much too try an adjust to each other an prem league while also trying to break into the top four. Your also right about the players was just tormented the last few days with the club cannot lose the weekend 3 points is a must been very disappointed with soldado I must say.

        • Tony says:

          At best a draw this weekend but with so many defensive problems fear worse is set to hit us. Soldado needs width and players knocking the ball to him early from wide areas or through the middle but there has been precious little of that.

  4. 5th again says:

    Ya especially if arseholes get any kind of result can’t see them going through but a positive result would help there confidence but if bayern thrash them it could play into or hands.
    As for soldado I agree with you about width but he just doesn do enough for me how many goals has he scored were he has created himself

  5. Bob says:

    soldado is not like aguerro or van persie who can make something from nothing but a predator who makes runs into clever positions, you see him making runs all the time but nobody seems on his wavelength.
    Unless he is given a chance we might never know but would like to see him played with 2 widemen on their favourd side and eriksen ahead of two of dembele, sandro and paulinho.

    • 5th again says:

      People keep telling me he is a predator but I have seen him miss some sitters as for being like aguero or van persie he’s not on that class were fooling ourselves if we think other wise

      • Tony says:

        I said HE IS NOT like aguero and Van Persie who make their own chances, Soldado is dependant on others. Don’t think that they don’t miss chances because they do especially VP who has missed some sitters but they get lots more opportunities to score.

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