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Sources report Levy tells friends that Bale won’t wear Madrid shirt this year.

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Scraggs

The fantasy continues as more friends and international teammates spill the beans to the newspapers as to Gareth Bales thoughts on his hoped for transfer, the upcoming internationals provided newspapers, so called journalists and pundits the golden opportunity to modify old stories and stir up the current situation still further. Bale is apparently confused and upset that Tottenham have not yet agreed to sell him to Real Madrid , so much so that he has confided in his Welsh teammates that he will never wear the Tottenham shirt again.Next we shall hear that he has not submitted a transfer request out of respect for the club, which we all know is complete rubbish.

The problem with a story like this is that by now it must be clear to everybody that for the next three seasons the decision as to what shirt he wears is not his, he has a contract to play for Tottenham and until such time as Levy agrees to release him from that contract his only choice is a three year retirement plan. It does appear that Tottenham might be prepared to release him but only if Madrid pay an extortionate fee and possibly include one of their young players in the deal. Whether Levy is playing hardball and not selling, as was the case with Modric, or Madrid are not prepared to ante up we really don’t know at this stage, we do know that Bale has not issued a transfer request and remains a Tottenham player until 2016 or Levy says otherwise.

Obviously the current situation also gives the opportunity to report on Rooney and Suarez, the former has confided in Steven Gerrard and that is the big news on him, whereas Suarez who has also refused to wear the shirt of Liverpool again, has threatened to take legal action against them, has threatened to hand in transfer request(laughable) and has leaked details of his contract to Arsenal has spoken in Uruguay and suggested that he might now sign a new Liverpool contract! you really couldn’t make it up.

The situation regarding these three players is now becoming more disrespectful by the day, their refusal to take part in pre-season with their clubs and yet miraculously recover for a meaningless international is disgraceful. Bale is apparently unfit to take part but that is debatable and could be more a case of the Welsh playing ball rather than reality.

How we must all wish for an end to this farcical situation which has dominated the media for an eternity, fortunately the season is about to get underway and we shall have the opportunity to read and write about the real thing rather than the fantasy world of transfer ins and outs.

3 to “Sources report Levy tells friends that Bale won’t wear Madrid shirt this year.”

  1. tom says:

    really annoys when I read stories that players are, dictating what happens, luckily, as proved when Modric wanted to go to Chelsea, Levy has ended the myth that players always get their way. No sympathy from me if bale is made to stay there are £5m reasons why it is no hardship as he is very well paid.

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    Levy says bale wont be wearing a real shirt this year pmsl what a muppet you are tony i think you will find its bale who told his friends that he will never wear a spurs shirt ever again get your facts write

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