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Spurs beginning to make their moves.

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Guest Writer

Though there has still been no announcement regarding the deals for Davies and Vorm it is likely that they will happen soon and that Gylfi Sigurdsson , the first signing of the last new era, will head in the opposite direction. Along with the sale of Jake Livermore for ¬£6.5m it seems that after the first bout of trading Tottenham will still be ahead by about ¬£4m just as Daniel Levy likes. It doesn’t look like it is going to end there though, ¬†contrary to Pochettino recently suggesting that he expected a quiet transfer window it actually appears that a great deal of work is going on to ensure that he has everything in place to bring success to the club.

Destro a young striker from Roma, Benatia a highly rated rightsided central defender also from Roma and most surprisingly of all Antoine Griezman the French winger currently doing so well in La Liga and reportedly a target for many top clubs. These players are all hitting the headlines and associated with Tottenham, all of these possible targets actually fit the bill as far as most Tottenham supporters are concerned but to accommodate them will mean that a number of the current squad will have to be sacrificed.

Michael Dawson is probably on his way along with, and I can’t believe I am writing this, Sandro, but there will be others set to depart, many on the current tour to the USA and Canada and those set to return from World Cup duty will all be trying to impress the new coach and ensure a place in his squad going forward, but it is inevitable that a fair few of them will fail and will have to be sacrificed for the good of the club going forward.

Unfortunately a couple of fans favourites will probably go elsewhere if some of the developing players are to be given their chance and the squad is finally balanced out and created in the style of Pochettino. This is going to be a telling time for the new man as some of his decisions will be criticised but the squad is immense, it is not possible that all can be retained if the players believed necessary to improve the team are to be acquired.

Now is the time for change rather than in the middle of a plan so expect some exciting additions as well as disappointing departures.

8 to “Spurs beginning to make their moves.”

  1. Gunner says:

    Vorm and Davies wow how exciting and getting rid of sandro spurs hitting the self destruct button again

    • Tony says:

      strange you have picked those two no mention of Griezmann, Destro , Schneiderlin or Benatia, Be just as happy if Sandro stays provided he is over his injury and it could be any of several others that leave to make way if purchases are made.Same as you really you have brought in Sanchez hoping he is an upgrade on walcott, you brought in Ozil hoping he was an upgrade on wilshire but as it turned out there wasn’t much between the two they both disappoint too often and are weak physically.
      Don’t see it as a Tottenham self destruct button but for what it is, another stepping stone in overtaking the gooners.

      • Caleb says:

        I think the main reason he didn’t pick out greizman, schneiderlin, benatia and destro is because they are not close to completion simply rumours. Form and Davies are virtually done deals with fees, personal terms etc agreed

  2. Gunner says:

    Good man caleb they are no where near being done just paper talk I’m afraid tony as for your comments about Sanchez being a replacement for Walcott they are far from true why do we want to replace Walcott when fit last year he was on fire just an unfortunate injury in one of our victories against you lot upset his season plus Sanchez can play as striker never played wide right at udinase often played up front of behind the striker. As for these players being another stepping stone to over take us I think I heard this last summer and the summer before and the summer before but it’s plain to see we are getting stronger while ye are going backwards

  3. Tom says:

    we shall see, so you are reverting back to his pre barca days to make a point. do you realise he has been with them for 3 years and in all that time has almost exclusively played on the right. sorry mate but what do you expect it takes a bit of time or with all your enormous wealth you would be buying the players to win the double and the champions league wouldn’t you. I wish you lot would grow up and perhaps give a bit of credit for what Spurs have achieved, only 6/7 years ago we were 30-40 points behind you but now we are close.
    It might be plain to see in goonerland where all the loyal subjects are braindead but in the real world there is not much between us.

  4. Arsenaltan says:

    Spurs have improved over the years but they are still the second team in north london

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