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Squawka stats confirm Tottenham superiority and Kyle Walker as the best fullback.

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Tony

We have posted on this site a number of articles lauding the ability of this Tottenham squad and the quality of team performances so far this season, on every occasion it is mainly Arsenal and Chelsea supporters who are the quickest to ridicule our claims. All the usual detrimental comments spew out and question some of our writers knowledge of the game when the facts are that all of our contributors have supported Tottenham for at least a decade or more, some have coached teams and all played the game so they have a better than average knowledge of football and are not limited to FIFA 13  or any other computer game like some of those commenting.

If anybody still doubts what we have been saying about the players as individuals and the team itself then I suggest that they take a look at the statistics as supplied by , it supplies plenty of information on every team in the Premiership and their squad members.

At the moment Tottenham are the top ranked team in the entire league ahead of Manchester City while Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal lie 4th, 5th and 6th respectively and are a long way back in accrued points. Tottenham are ranked 1st overall, 1st in shot accuracy, 1st in chances created and 3rd in passing and possession, not bad for a team still in a state of flux. Individual player performances for Tottenham show Jan Vertonghen leading the way followed by Kyle Walker, who is proving to be far from a weak link but in fact the best full back in the league, in fact the entire Tottenham back four and keeper feature in the best six playing stats, only broken up by the efforts of Moussa Dembele.

Compare the figures to Arsenal and only Ramsey would break into the top seven of Tottenham and not a single defender anywhere to be seen, Chelsea do fare much better in some areas but nine of their players do not even register a double figure score with six on a minus. When you consider that Kyle Walker, who has been castigated by all and sundry recently and has even had his ability questioned by some Tottenham supporters, has 167 points.

All you doubters take a look at some of the stats and tell me then that Tottenham are in a false position, it is not conclusive and will fluctuate as the season goes on but as of this moment it proves that Tottenham do have quality as a team and are credible competitors.

12 to “Squawka stats confirm Tottenham superiority and Kyle Walker as the best fullback.”

  1. wandering yid says:

    Sorry to disagree with you. Stats are very interesting BUT results are what count. Until we turn them over 5-2 then statistics mean little.

    • Tony says:

      we turned them over at home last season, 5-2 means nothing it’s still just 3 points, just don’t agree with you on that.spurs are getting results and putting performances together and thats the point. five wins in 6 games and one goal conceded so results and stats.

    • craig says:

      A win is a win be it 1-0 or 5-2 and with a win percentage of over 80% that’s good enough for me.

  2. Eric says:

    the defence has beena revelation for me.Fact that kaboul hasn’t played yet n rose keeps getting better feels good.We can still use fryers n naughton for cup n europa games

    • Tony says:

      I have been surprised at the stick Walker has been getting, many supporters hark back to form of 2 seasons ago. He has improved his defensive work immeasurably at the expense of the more gung ho style of then and as a defender he is now far more impressive a player. Rose is doing nicely and as you say I still think Kaboul is far better, quicker and stronger than Dawson even tho we admire Daws as well. noticeable that since we posted the facts and since chelsea lost it has been very quiet from the haters. Maybe it is finally sinking in?

  3. craig says:

    Looked at the stats and the so called weak links Walker and Rose are actually up at the top of their game. Get Kaboul back in there and it will be even stronger.COYS

  4. steve says:

    Vertonghen is just the top man, absolute class and getting better, what a buy.Priceless.

  5. steve says:

    By the way where have all the gooners and Chavs gone they were quick to knock but now the proof is there they have disappeared into their holes.Saddos

    • Toppy says:

      Trophies and ucl spot should be the proof and not this. If stats is all that matters then bale should have stayed. Man u,city and chelsea fans cant just stop laughing even arsenal fans are laughing. everton will catch spurs if care is not taking. Do the talking on the field not on paper or blog.

      • Tony says:

        Whats the point of UCL if you have no chance of winning it. for the past eight years have had no chance of winning anything and there is no chance of that changing soon. think that only the arrogant gooners and chavs are not taking spurs seriously and that is just fine as it will be all the sweeter when they finish behind us in the league. you ought to be worrying about liverpool as well as everton by the way. with 5 wins in 6 and only 1 goal conceded Spurs are doing their talking on the field, paper, blog and financially. you must all be bricking the thought that Spurs are on the rise and will dwarf your clubs with silverware and UCL, move aside a true London giant is coming through.

  6. Toppy says:

    You people will never learn. Man u, city and chelsea have been winning trophies year by year and you believe some useless stats.keep topping stats league while others win and play in UCL. Kyle the best fullback my ass? Kylopinaka would answer the question

    • Tony says:

      “You people ” the nerve. Notice that you were careful not to included arsenal in the winning trophies list. your very quick to use the stat of the final league table to consider yourselves better than spurs but not when it shows your inferiority. At the moment Walker is the most effective fullback in the league, it might not finish that way of course but as of now the figures don’t lie.

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