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Stunning Tottenham squad ready for glory.

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Tony

Last night AVB rotated his squad to such an extent that he was able to make eight changes to from Sundays fixture against Swansea and his team still dominated proceedings, considering that he will also have another three new squad members costing the best part of £50m available come the next fixture there can be little doubt that he now has one of the strongest squads in the premier league.

Yesterdays team included the likes of Sandro and Kaboul, both continuing their progression towards full fitness, while Lewis Holtby was involved in his first game back since injury in the summers U21 tournament. All three were extremely influential, Holtby was all action and especially creative, at long last he smashed his first Tottenham goal and injected some fun into the occasion with his tribute to Jurgen Klinsmann. Sandro was his usual colossus breaking up play and feeding his fellow midfielders and with a full 90 minutes in the tank he should soon be ready for the big games. Younes Kaboul was rarely troubled by yesterdays opponents but it was probably important to play the entire game with Jan Vertonghen alongside him as most believe that they will eventually be the strongest pairing in central defence. Kaboul was equally impressive with a couple of strong runs from the back into the opponents box, he is close to full fitness judging by last nights performance.

Andros Townsend got another 45 minutes in the tank and proved that his form is no flash in the pan with some impressive running down both flanks and a number of efforts on goal. Quite possibly one of the most effective and impressive performances came from Tom Carroll, he was the youngest and least experienced starter and there was the odd sloppy moment as you might expect but his overall performance included some amazing moments of invention and intricate passing, he really might become one of the best homegrown players ever produced.

All in all  another impressive night and a triumph for AVB and his players who all performed amazingly given that the tie was done and dusted following last weeks away victory, having such strength in depth ensures that every member of the squad is obligated to give their all in every fixture so as to catch the eye of AVB . It’s a great time to be a Tottenham supporter and that is now ten goals for and none against in competitive fixtures with the goals coming from six different players.

25 to “Stunning Tottenham squad ready for glory.”

  1. Spurs fan for life says:

    Ready for getting thrashed by arsenal a team with no new signings beat a team thats just splashed the cash 1 nil. Nice all those new spurs players are overated crap paulinho was rubbish against arsenal and so was soldado. Yet again the fans put their eggs all into one basket and look whats happened the bragging rights remain with arsenal and leaves the spurs fans avb and levy looking like total fools

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    Three games in two penaltys converted and a loss goal shy spurs will fail. Your an idiot tony your essays say it all your on here saying we are title contenders and we are better than arsenal. You’re full of shit tony we were totally out played by arsenal a team that hasnt made any new signings you muppet the facts are there

    • Tony says:

      you really are a complete tool, on the day arsenal deserved the win no argument but they were the home team and are no mugs and Tottenham still managed more possession and more shots. it will take a few weeks to fire on all cylinders whereas arsenal are having played together so long.The muppet is you.

  3. Spurs fan for life says:

    Spurs cant even muster a goal from the strikers or the midfielders you’re totally deluded tony you sum up most spurs fans you dont know anything about football. And since when did spurs have shots at arsenals goal i watched the whole game we had 2 shots on target all game. We were Totally outclassed by arsenal coupe was total rubbish and paulinho was so tierd he couldnt even keep up with the pace of the game. And soldado tryed to go down to earn spurs a cheap penalty. I suggest you follow another type of sport tony football isnt for you because you dont know how it works and the qualitys you need to break into the top four. Just because you spend money on 11 players that arent even worldclass you assume spurs will win the league your dreaming. The players avb has got in are bogus wait and see

    • Tony says:

      Look at the stats on the BBC and Sky website for the game and you will see Tottenham had more possession and shots. I have credited Arsenal with deserving to win but as wenger said Tottenham need time to gel. I don’t consider a close away defeat to Arsenal who were 4th and a CL team a disaster and expect for it all to click into place in a few weeks. i would have been more concerned if Swansea had outplayed us in the first game at home and we had lost , a little like arsenal did to villa. bought 7 players not 11. that was a great window for Tottenham by any standard 7 fantastic players without spending a penny.7 top earners out and 7, Levy probably managed to reduce the wage bill as well.

  4. Spurs fan for life says:

    I read your page on here when redknapp was in charge tony you said the same thing that we were going to win the title because redknapp spent 185 million on crap players yet again. You said we would consistantly get into the champions league but the season after we finished 5th again. So its clear for all to see you dont know what the hell your on about

    • Tony says:

      It’s clear to all that you are talking rubbish as this website only started a little over a year ago just about when redknapp was sacked. oh dear who’s a liar then. Let me now go on record to say that Tottenham will be top three this season in my opinion.

  5. Tony says:

    because wilshere says he is best signing of summer doesn’t make it so. where will he play at centre forward, defensive midfield, centre half and fullback, those were the players you wanted not another creative midfielder. Not seen any sign of Thiery I notice as your transfer window has rested on one overpriced, overpaid midfielder while all the other targets chose anything but Arsenal.

  6. Spurs fan for life says:

    They wont at all tony spurs will finish 5th again because no matter what you say arsenal always make tottenham look like total idiots finishing 4th with a pathetic squad

    • Tony says:

      finishing a point ahead and relying on last game last two seasons is nothing to brag about. spurs really don’t need support like yours as your obviously a gooner beginning to worry about the mighty spurs and ready to switch allegiance.

  7. Spurs fan for life says:

    Tony the 11 players that have been got in by avb are all foreign can you honestley say that you have heard of any of them ?. They are seriousley overrated none of them have even stood out or are even special signings they are crap. If you want to believe they will get spurs into the top four you going to look like a total fool. I’ve spoken to a few fans that live near me and even they have agreed that the players got by avb are poor. The only one true signing of any class that avb made was lloris and i dont know how he pulled that transfer off to be honest. Only erickson will make it for spurs because he was linked to man utd inter milan man city liverpool and real madrid. When a player is linked to those clubs you know hes worldclass but the 11 new players are usless and you can see it straight away. soldado and coupe and chalidi are poor signings along with paulinho

    • Tony says:

      It is only seven players brought in and apart from Chadli and chiriches the others were all well known and established internationals, to say that you hadn’t heard of soldado, paulinho,eriksen,capoue or Lamela is rubbish the only problem has been that they might have been out of our range (apart from Capoue who arry tried for). where do you live highbury? you really have no idea if you believe dembele and vertonghen would not walk into an arsenal team. I didnt realise that to be a success meant getting the nod from people who live near you and/or be linked to manchester clubs,liverpool,inter or madrid. If your a spurs supporter i’ll eat my hat a 100% gooner who knows nothing about football or a good player when he sees one.

  8. Spurs fan for life says:

    i live down the road from whl tony you muppet i drink in the billy nick pub i also have a spurs tattoo on my left arm so i am a gooner dont make me laugh. I bet your an ex gooner supporter that only started supporting spurs because they finished 4th. You must be you prased up gallas and adebayor and called them quality signings. No spurs fan would ever want ex scum at spurs bandwagon supporter

    • Tony says:

      I lived in Northumberland pk 100yds from the ground and supported them since b4 they won the league, thats over 50yrs and saw the double team. maybe I started supporting them because they were champions and double winners, the first and when it meant something.If they wear the shirt of Tottenham then I support them because that’s what you do. go find another team if you have to keep knocking them.

  9. Spurs fan for life says:

    I’m knocking them because it ends in dissapointments year after year key players are sold managers are sacked and it starts all over again. Most people that support spurs year after year would get the point of knocking them because thats the way it is with them. I bet your mates laugh at you tony when you bragg about how good spurs are and they will win the title and silverware where has it happened ?. The fans said we would win it under redknapp did we no he ended up getting the sack because he wanted the england job and spent too much money on overrated players. To date spurs have spent nearly 400million in transfer fees in 5 years with one league cup to show for it. And thats amazing is it tony

    • Tony says:

      You havn’t got a clue have you Spurs have spent £224m in last 5 seasons and have a £14m profit over that period, that is how to run a football club.It ends in disappointment for most teams but at least spurs have won a trophy since arsenal last did. Arsenal continue to get worse and spurs get better with 2 4ths and 2 5ths in 4 yrs, also highest points total. Arsenal have spent £172 m and have won nothing is that amazing as well? My mates that support spurs actually support them and expect to improve every year and can see it happening, so no they can see success around the corner. just find another team to slag off will you.

  10. Spurs fan for life says:

    man city and chelsea spent nearly that much and they won the title and fa cups because they signed worldclass players. Spurs havent thats why they wont get higher than 5th or 4th

    • Tony says:

      Chelsea have spent £370m in 5 yrs and city £513m and that’s why they have won silverware. correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t chelsea finish behind spurs the year before last, what you got to say about that, last year just 2 points behind. Muppet

  11. Spurs fan for life says:

    Chelsea won the champions league you fool spurs may of finished fourth but it doesnt matter because they more or less finished 5th and got demoted to the europa league

  12. Spurs fan for life says:

    Chelsea have won silverware you deluded muppet what have tottenham won ?. Chelsea have spent over 530 million won the title 3 times won the fa cup 6 times and won the league cup once champions league and the europa league. Spurs have spent 400 million in 5 years and won a league cup and finished 4th twice how the hell are spurs better then chelsea you idiot

  13. Spurs fan for life says:

    Arsenal continue to get worse but finished 4th last season you are pathetic tony wait till people read your messages you look like a total moron. If you look up the spending sprees of clubs in the premier league spurs are in 3rd place with a high spend of 500 million in the last 5 years

    • Tony says:

      I think it’s you who are pathetic and no spurs supporter.spurs have spent £224 in 5 years where are you getting your facts from the beano.

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